Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Aryan Debate: A 200 Year Old Question -- NS Rajaram (Nov. 2013)


A paradigm change from the eurocentric approaches to civilization studies. This approach should result in the promotion of multi-disciplinary studies into the roots of and civilizational continuum in Indian and later Eurasian cultures.


Published on Nov 30, 2013

Dr. N S Rajaram talks about how Aryan Debate no longer exists now. He says, "It's not a debate anymore". Sharing latest research on Genetics and Human migration -- he claims that Aryan Invasion never happened in India. He shares that Africa is the original homeland of Human (homo sapient) from where humans have migrated across the world. This new Genetic research shows that how first few migrations from Africa brought Humans in India where it give rise to great Indic civilization.

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Redheartkid said...

Rightly said, there is no need of an AIT debate anymore since there is not a single evidence to prove its existence in both Vedic literature and Sangam literature.