Sunday, January 5, 2014

Why Sonia is soft on Islamic terror – article by Dr NS Rajaram.

A 2 part article authored by Dr N.S. Rajaram is reproduced here. He is looking at the psychological reason for Mrs Sonia to not to irritate Islamists at any time, fearing that she and her family would become their target. What he has left out is that such a soft treatment comes with an electoral advantage too which makes a vicious cycle of continuous appeasement of Muslims. Time is not far off when the world community would look at India as a soil grooming Jihadi terror. It seems the Russian President Mr Putin has already expressed that India would become a safe haven for Talibans in future. I didn't read this view myself, but read it in a question put to "Cho" Ramasamy in Thuglak magazine  in a recent issue for which Cho replied that India had already become a safe haven for them.

Cho was not afraid to say this in public. Countless people objecting to the way Sonia led congress party and government are feeding Islamic terrorism are afraid to say that in public. They too run the risk of being the target of Islamists. But they are all patriots first and love this soil as their mother. So they take a stance. But Sonia and her family are not so. That is the difference.


People like her who are throwing this country to the terrorists for whatever reason – psychological or otherwise would have to live in fear of a violent death. And they would face such an end not once but again and again in countless future births. Their misdeeds are more confounded for debasing the ancient culture of our country and becoming instrumental in abetting the enemies of this culture to carry out their agenda. In the immediate future, India is going to come under the radar of world countries – the first alarm already raised by Mr Putin. India is training Islamists in ideology, Saudis are funding and Pakistan is training in execution. I will not be surprised if Bin-laden type precision attack by the US is carried out in the centres in India that is preaching Jihadi fundamentalism. 





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