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Terror attacks at election time in India 2014.

Based on the astrological analysis of terror attacks that occurred in India since 1990, I wrote an article in an Astrological Magazine in January 2014, of the high probability of terror attacks at the fag end of the election times starting from 29th April 2014 to 10th May 2014. On May 1st, two bombs went off in a Guwahati- bound train waiting in Chennai Central station. On 2nd May brutal terror attacks were witnessed in Assam. While the same period is beset with natural calamities too, the threat from terror attacks is high in India at this period. The full article on how to predict these attacks can be read here.

Excerpts from the article are reproduced below.

Indian Natal chart

August 15, 12:00 AM, 1947. New Delhi

Vimshotthari Dasa-antar dasa- wise classification of terror attacks with more than  50 casualties from 1993 to November 2013


Dasa- antar dasa  

number of terror attacks.

Date & place of terror attack.

 Ven – Ven        





Ven – Sun       




Ven –Rahu      





Ven – Jupiter    




Godhra train burning  

Ven – Saturn



10-09-2002, Rafiganj.

25-08-2003, Mumbai  

Ven – Mercury        



29-10-2005, South Delhi.  

11-07-2006, Mumbai.

18-02-2007, Samjhautha Express.

13-05-2008, Jaipur   

Venus - Ketu



26-07-2008, Ahmadabad.

30-10-2008, Guwahati, Assam.

26-11-2008, Mumbai   


The above table shows that Venus Maha dasa had been the worst hit with terrorism.

Dasa – antar dasa with high number of terror attacks irrespective of the casualties.

Ven – Sat = 9

Ven- Mer = 13

Ven- Ketu = 11

This figure shows that Saturn, Mercury and Ketu antar dasas had been more dreadful. All these three, including Dasa lord Venus are in Sarpa drekkana in the Indian natal chart. Venus, Mars and Mercury were in the asterism of Aslesha. Sun also was in Aslesha in the natal chart. But it is in 4th and own bhava in the bhava chart. That seems to have reduced its malevolence. The Sun Mahadasa (currently running) has so far seen many terror attacks, but fortunately the intensity had been low and casualties had been low. The following data shows that.

Sun Dasa with antar dasa.

Sun – Moon =1(number of terror attacks)

Sun – Rahu = 2

Sun – Jup = 1

Sun – Sat = 6

Sun – Mer = 3

Here again we can see a predominant presence of Mercury and Saturn in the form of antar dasa. Generally when Mercury is the antar or pratyantar dasa at the time of terror attack, use of vehicles for bomb blasts had caused greater havoc. Non-use of them had reduced the havoc.

Currently Sun Dasa – Mercury antar dasa continued till 02-05-2014 when the elections were on. Just a day before that, twin bombs went off in a train in Chennai. So far 3 terror attacks had taken place in this antar dasa which started on 27th June 2013. Adding the Chennai train blast, 4 terror attacks had happened in Mercury antardasa.  After 2nd May 2014,  Ketu antar dasa started. A powerful terror attack occurred in Assam on the day Ketu antar dasa started.

During the last phase of elections, Ketu antar dasa will be running in Sun Mahadasa. Around the same time, from 10-05-2014 onwards, Venus pratyantar dasa will be running in Sun- Ketu Vimshotthari dasa. On 10th May, 2014 Sun and Saturn will be in direct opposition. At that time retrograde Saturn will be moving through Mruthu Bhaga in Libra. It is the same location of Jupiter in Indian Independence chart. This is a cause of concern.


The sun- Saturn opposition with Saturn in Mruthyu bhaga comes within the paksha after this eclipse. At the same time Ketu transiting Aswini will be aspecting Chitra which reminds us of Vyasa's concern in Mahabharata on Ketu's affliction to Chitra indicating death of the ruler.

Around the day of solar eclipse, retrograde Mars – a malefic in enemy's house will be transiting the antiscion of the Sun. Around 10th May, Mars will be casting its aspect on Bhrigu Bindu.  Bhrigu Bindu is transited by Venus in Pisces and receives Mar's direct aspect. Mars is joined with Moon on 10th May and will continue to be casting its 8th aspect on Sun. The 4 malefics will be in 2-12 and 6-8 axis at that time. All these are indicative of some terrible event of bomb blasts.

However Jupiter is not afflicted by any planets is a point of relief. It is in its own asterism. Jupiter is fairly fortified except that it is in enemy's house. It does cast its 5th aspect is on Saturn and Rahu but not on Mars. Mars goes unchecked during this time. By all this  it is inferred that Martian effect in the form of a bomb blast can be expected on that day or in that Paksha. Since Jupiter is safe, the extent of damage may not be grave, but restricted to some leaders as indicated by affliction to Sun and its antiscion and retro Saturn in Mruthyu bhaga,

By and large, Sun Maha dasa of India has to go on fairly peaceful. Let us pray that with Rudra's blessings, any untoward incident will be averted at the most crucial moment of the upcoming elections. Let interested persons do Mruthyunjana homa for the well being of their leaders.




Ramakrishna Rao said...

Respected Madam,

Thank you so much for your enlightening articles. I was drawn to your site through your articles "God and I", Tiruppavai, Tamil New Year day and your predictions on Jayalalitha's win more than one year ahead of the TamilNadu elections.

Now that the election results just few days away, can you make a prediction on the outcome and estimated number of seats the major parties would manage. That would help in reinforcing the accuracy and validity of Jotisha Sahstram.

My humble pranams to you.


jayasree said...

Dear Mr Ramakrishna.

There are no rules in astrology to predict election results and the number of seats to be won. Elections are modern day phenomena which were not there in olden days. We have to see how the existing astrological rules can be used to find answers to these issues.

In a Presidential form of govt, like in the USA, it is possible to check the horoscope of the contenders to give the outcome of the election. In a multi party system like ours where any one may get into PM's chair (eg MMS becoming PM while he was nowhere in the reckoning), there is no concrete rule to say who becomes the PM. In this backdrop I devised a method to find out which I published last year. It can be read here:-


In the case of last assembly elections in TN, the competition was between MK and JJ. By assessing and comparing their horoscopes, it was possible to say who could become CM.
But there is no method to tell how many seats they would win. One can resort to Prasna method to reply that, but the norms of that have to be evolved (based on existing rules of Prasna) and apply them to election results by checking with minimum 50 election results of high winning CMs or parties. Any prediction done after this only would give near accurate results. No one had done such an analysis. As we have many number of states, it is possible to collect data to prepare adequate number of case studies. May be sometime in future, when I am bereft of any other topic I will take this up and work out:)

Kudanthaiamudhan said...

Two years ago, when the topic of astrological predictions came, you wrote in yr posting that modi chances to become P M is bleak but chances are bright for sushma. I hope you still hold your view same. i have been predicting for the past two years even before modis name was not in air for P M post that he would be the next P M. let us see the results on 16th may.

jayasree said...

@ Kudanthai amuthan

Even now I tell you that there is no principle or method to ascertain who will be the PM of India. Any method that is used, must be replicated and must work on other times too. As such, your prediction does not apply to other leaders and other PMs. What makes one the PM but does not make others with good Raja yogas and good times? Show me your analysis for other leaders and PMs to justify.

Let me repost here what I wrote on 27th April in the comment section of


//@ sri5

Predictions have to be based on rules of astrology and not on what we see in the electoral scenario now. As such I have the same thing to offer as what I wrote in my article on PM probables. By that Modi wont be the PM!!!!!

There is no other way to ascertain PM probable than the methodology I had written. If Modi becomes PM, it would mean that this methodology is wrong and we have to look for other methods.

BJP's time is good now and therefore I foresee a BJP led govt in the centre. Since BJP has an adverse antar dasa running until 27th May 2014 - a time that covers the date of results, I foresee that NDA would not make a majority but has to depend on support from others. BJP's present good dasa for power and authority runs till May 2018.

India's time is inching towards a chaotic and rebellious phase that starts from Sep 2015 onwards.

Among BJP men, I foresee Arun Jaitley to become the PM. Modi's time as per dasa-bhkthi and gochara are not good now. His lagna is Libra as I have been maintaining. For that Lagna, Modi is a married man. For Scorpio lagna which many people are thinking, it is marriage denied for Modi. For further discussions and arguments that is currently going on in my recent article, read here:- http://jayasreesaranathan.blogspot.in/2014/04/tamilnadu-must-vote-for-jayalalithaa.html

AAP and Kejriwal horoscopes show good times presently though they would not last long in politics. Looking at the political scenario now, I expect AAP to do what it did in Delhi elections in checking BJP. I expect the current elections as the first election in Independent India where Muslims influenced the electoral outcome thereby deciding who not to rule according to them.

I may have to repeat the ideas expressed in the above article after the election results are out. Waiting with crossed fingers. //

Kudanthaiamudhan said...

modi lagna is scorpian and not Libra as it was informed to me by an astrologer in gujarat who knows modi family very well. i have business dealings in that region.

jayasree said...

Modi's birth time falling in Libra was given to me by the editor of Saptharishi astrology dot com who got it from Modi's brother. If we take Scorpio as his lagna, then current period must be more malicious. Moon is a Baadhak then and posited in Maranavastha, it is highly malicious. Is it so now?

Kudanthaiamudhan said...

Reg Modis horoscope,for a man of such autocratic mentality with firm decision, one has to have mars in lagna .so in Scorpio lagna he has both neecha moon ( 9th house Badhaga is neecha and attains neecha bhanga Raga yoga ) 9th house moon badhaga aspecting 7th sign already damaged modis personal life. Lagna lord mars will help him to be power.Modi is running the dasa of moon and bukthi of rahu for which he came to tirumala and also to kalahasti to perform some rituals to appease those grahas. i am sure that This dasa-bukthi will give him surprise results as rahu is the graha of gambling and gains as being aspected by sun and mercury both from 11th sign house of gain.
sun is the lord of 10th profession and ruler of country and mercury is the lord of 11th gain. rest can be discussed after the results.

Anonymous said...

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