Monday, February 15, 2016

There will be rains on Gokulashtami on 25th August 2016!

Today Chennaiites are experiencing a mixed weather of hot day with a cloudy sky, with dark clouds often hiding the Sun and a cool breeze blowing from east and north east. The 195th day from today is the day of Gokulashtami, the day of Krishna’s birth. That day is supposed to have incessant rainfall as happened at the time of Krishna’s birth. The good Garbottam features of today shows that Chennai and its suburbs will receive good rainfall on the night of 25th August.

Another important feature of the days we are crossing now is that the corresponding days in August (AvaNi) must have just thunder bolts. This is known as “AvaNi Muzhakkam”. On the day of AvaNi muzhakkam, huge rolling sound of thunderbolts must be heard. It may not be accompanied with rainfall. But the occurrence of the high decibel thunderbolt is one of the signs of good monsoon rains later.

There are 2 schools of thought regarding the day of AvaNi muzhakkam. One is that it is the 6th day of AvaNi.  Another is that it must occur after the 6th day of AvaNi and not before. The observation date for 6th day of Avani is 12th February 2016. It was dry indicating no rainfall or even cloud movement on the 6th day of AvaNi (22nd August 2016). 

12-02-2016. Hot sun. Though clouds were there they seemed to be evaporating.

But on 13 the February there was good Garbottam of clouds and winds. The corresponding 195th day is 23rd August 2016. That day is likely to have showers raising the scope for thunderbolts on that day.

13-02-2016 - 9-30 AM. Sun behind the clouds.

13-02-2016. 10 AM. Whitish solar disc seen through the clouds.

13-02-2016. clouds in aquatic shapes (here turtle).
On 14th February (yesterday) a peculiar line-up of small bundles of clouds (பொதிப் பொதியாக) often tinted with grey shades was noticed. These bundles were going on a procession in the eastern sky after 2 PM. It looked so beautiful to see this procession. 

14-02-2016. Bundles of clouds in procession- 2 PM. Looks like shoals of fish. 

14-02-2016- Another view of Shoals of cloud bundles.
Though there were clouds close to the sun they never crossed the sun even once. 
14-02-2016. 2 PM.
I am curious to see how this gets manifest on 24th August 2016. Will this create just thunderbolts?

Today right from morning 8 AM onwards there are surging clouds everywhere. Beautiful blue sky could be seen in between. It was ecstatic watching them move in huge bird like shapes and hiding the sun often. While checking the corresponding date on the 195th day, it was found to be Gokulashtami day!

15-02-2016 - 10-15 AM.Sun hidden. 

15-02-2016. Very huge bird like clouds. Beautiful bluish sky at the background.

15-02-2016 - Sun at Noon.

15-02-2016. Noon. Surging layers of dark clouds in the southern sky.
It may be raining at some other place at this moment. But if it is very mild, those places will receive abundant rainfall on 25th August. If it is heavy, there wont be any rainfall on 25th August. In Chennai at my place of observation there is no rain and not even a drizzle. The clouds and breeze at the moment are enough to cause good rainfall on the night of 25th August. 
However there are 2 dampeners at the impact time (August 24- 26th 2016). Venus will be in Uttra Phalguni (Nirjala nadi) and Saturn in Anusha (Vayu nadi). These two conditions indicate clouds, but no rains. A redeeming feature is that Mercury is in the lead in front of Jupiter and Venus at that time showing windy conditions or rains accompanied with wind circulation. The close conjunction of Mercury, Jupiter and Venus within 4 degrees at that time must override the dryness indicated by the star dispositors of Venus and Saturn. Let’s wait and see.

Another feature is that today is Kritthika star and it is going to last till early morning tomorrow. After that Rohini comes. Good cloud cover on Rohini will ensure very good rainfall on the 195th day (26th August 2016). So far in my observation for this season, this is the 2nd time Kritthika with good cloud cover is noticed, followed by good Garbottam on Rohini, the next day (19th and 20th January 2016)

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