Monday, May 22, 2023

Free download of my book in Tamil on "When was the First Vedic Homa done?"

Proponents of the theory of 'Aryan migration' (also called Aryan invasion) suggest that homa was brought to India by Aryan Europeans. Since we do not know that the beginning of homa is mentioned in our scriptures, we have been unable to respond to it. To overcome that shortcoming, this booklet, first published in English is now brought to the readers in Tamil 

To reach all the people who know Tamil, I have given this Tamil version for free download.

Please read and share with your friends.

Key points of the book:

* Details of the period of Tamil Sangam

* History of Tamil and Sanskrit appearing and growing together

* The place where the first Vedic Homa was done, its period, and how it spread further

* The astronomy features prevalent at that time

* Period of Manu and the place where he lived

* Ramayana period

* History of  how Skanda started Vedic Homa

* Traces of Skanda's clan spread all over Europe

Download here முதல் வேத ஹோமம் எப்பொழுது யாரால் செய்யப்பட்டது?

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