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Monuments for national heroes (Rashtriya Yodha Smarak Samiti)

The writer of this open letter has a valid point that there is a mis-placed recognition of the invaders - completely sidelining the sons of the soil who shed blood for this country - Bharath.
It is shame on the rulers that they continue to patronize this trend for vote bank politics.

The suppressed glory of the Iron pillar - the only marvel of its kind in the world - stands as a testimony not only to the invaders acrimony in having erected tombs around it but also the government and ASI's partisan outlook towards anything glorious that is of indigenous India.

There is no plaque near this non-rusting monument that has weathered every season. A translation of the inscription has been put up in place away from it, embedded in a dilapidated wall, whereas every dilapidated structure done by the invaders whose primary aim to belittle this Iron structure by converting this area into a graveyard has been protected well, accompanied with plaques stating every kind of unnecessary detail about them.

Most of the so-called marvels by the muslim invaders are graveyards or structures done by demolishing the olden Hindu structures of reverence.
Let people realize this and demand restoration of dignity to everything of Bharath and her sons.





Darshan Lal Jain,

(Rashtriya Yodha Smarak Samiti )

"Dear Countryman,


Kindly permit me to share my mental agony with you.

A news - item published in a Hindi daily just pierced my heart. It asked passers-by (our own countrymen) to "Walk gently - the Sultan of Delhi , Ibraham Lodi, sleeps here".

Who is Ibrahim Lodi? The invader who attacked Mewar and was defeated by Rana Sanga.

His father, Sikander Lodi, prohibited Hindus from bathing in the holy tank in Kurukshetra and desecrated the Jwalamukhi temple in Himachal.

He executed Bodhan Pandit for saying all religions are equal. His grandfather, Bahlol Lodi, came from Afghanistan and exploited the political turmoil in India and through manipulation occupied the Delhi throne.

Yet the Government has granted Rs. 25 lakhs for the repair and maintenance of the grave of the invader's grandson - a monument to our slavish mentality.

A little later, an English daily carried a report:

"Where the ancient and the modern are in harmony". The story says: "The burial site of Ibraham Lodi, killed by Babur in the First Battle of Panipat, is protected,
while a mosque has overtaken the memorial to Hemu, challenger of Akbar in the Second Battle (of Panipat)".

'Hemu' refers to Hem Chander of Rewari, Haryana, a gallant warrior who fought 22 battles and won all, and acquired the title of Vikramaditya in a coronation ceremony held in Purana Qila, Delhi.

He fought against Akbar and drove him first out of Agra and then even out of Delhi.

Akbar had made up his mind to go back to Kabul but his guardian Bairam Khan persuaded him to take another chance in the battle field of Panipat. Akbar's father Humayun was also fleeing India when he took shelter in a fort 'Amar Kot' in Sindh owned by Rana Amarchand; there his wife gave birth to Akbar.

Humayun's father, Babur, attacked India from Afghanistan and defeated Ibrahim Lodi in the 1st battle of Panipat.

In the 2nd battle of Panipat Hemchand was about to win that an arrow pierced his eye and he fell unconscious. Bairam Khan, brought Hema Chander to Akbar and goaded him to behead the infidel with his sword to earn the title of 'Ghazi'. Hem Chander's head was taken to Kabul and his trunk gibbeted at the gates of Delhi. This national shame cannot be designated as harmony.

It is sad that India is building memorials to the invaders Ibrahim Lodi, Babur, and Akbar, and ignoring valiant sons of the soil who laid down their lives while defending our territory and civilization.

In the Third Battle of Panipat, Sadashiv Bhau lost to the brutal Ahmed Shah Abdali and sacrificed his life alongwith his 75,000 soldiers. Yet there is no worthy memorial commemorating the young Sadashiv Bhau nor is Hema Chander Vikramaditya acknowledged with respect. Even the brave warrior Maharaj Prithviraj Chauhan seems to have been forgotten altogether.

More deplorable is the news that our Prime Minister visited the Baghe Babur Complex in Kabul, which houses the tomb and mosque of Mughal ruler Babur, and was sad to see its dilapidated condition. Babur died in Agra in 1530, but his mortal remains were taken to his 'beloved Kabul' as per his Will.

It is pertinent that all foreigners from Alexander onwards, Greeks, Turks, Mughals, Portuguese, British, French and Dutch, were rightly designated as invaders by Bharat Ratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in his famous speech in Hyderabad. Yet, we are honouring these foreigners and denigrating our own Heroes. Roads and hotels have been named after Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir and even Aurangzeb; few are aware of Indian martyrs like Hema Chander Vikramaditya, Sadashiv Bhau and Prithvi Raj Chauhan. This outlook reflects a loss of national consciousness and self-respect and has a demoralising effect even on the fighting spirit and skill of our armed forces.

Recently, some British nationals visited Meerut to pay homage to their forefathers who won the 1857 war for the British Empire. China on the other hand made Japan offer a public apology for atrocities committed by Japanese troops in the Second World War.

It would be in the fitness of things for the civil society to come forward and build memorials to honour the brave warriors who gave their lives for their motherland. It is time for the youth to rise and initiate a campaign to revive the spirit of National Self-Respect and confer due recognition and honour to our National Heroes".

The above letter was issued to several dignitaries in the country. The weekly 'Organiser', New Delhi carried the letter in full and placed it on their website also. Its Hindi version was carried by the weekly 'Panchjanya'.

I am glad to write that the public response to this letter has been very encouraging and several leading personalities from all sections of the society have blessed this movement. Consequently, a body under the title 'Rashtriya Yodha Samarak Samiti' has been formed which has undertaken to build two memorials at Panipat to commemorate Sh. Hemchand Vikrimaditya and Sh. Sadashiv Bhau. A third memorial is also proposed at Taraori near Kurukshetra, the battle - field where Shri Prithvi Raj Chauhan lost to the looter Mohammad Ghouri in his 17th attack in the year 1192. A campaign has also been started to rename the monuments after the National Heroes instead of the invaders.

The inaugural function was held at Panipat on 6th April, 2008 (Vikrami Varshprati Pada) to commemorate Hemchand Vikrmaditya. A 2nd function was also held on 15th June, 2008 to celebrate the Chattarpati Shivaji Rajyabhishek Diwas in memory of Shri Sadashiv Bhau, the Hero of 2nd battle of Panipat. Now a 3rd function is planned at Tarori/Karnal on 16th November, 2008 (Prithvi Raj Chauhan Martyrdom Day) to be celebrated as 'Sameeksha Diwas'.

A suggestion has also been made to the Government of India as also the State Government to name the newly built flyover at Panipat as 'Hemchand Vikrmaditya Setu'.

I hope you will please give the above subject a serious thought and favour me with your response at an early date.

With regards

Yours in the service of the Nation,

Darshan Lal Jain,

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Anonymous said...

India is perhaps the only country in the world which glorifies its foreign invaders who not only destroyed its culture or 'Sanskriti', but were the epitomes of barbarism.

Hem Chandra Vikramaditya, the native Hindu king, who defeated Akbar's forces twice, at Agra and Delhi, and was in all, winner of twenty-two battles during Oct.1553-Oct.1556,from Punjab to Bengal has no monument worth the name in his memory in North India.However, the monuments of invaders like Akbar,Babur,Aurengzeb and others are given huge sums for maintenance.

This is shameful for Indian Govt.

jayasree said...

Thank you anonymous for sharing your views.
What you said is true.
I request you to send your opinion and information on forgotten heroes to the President of Rashtriya Yodha Smarak samiti at, the person working for recognition for national heroes.