Monday, September 29, 2008

Vishnu at Thailand airport

Display of Samudra Manthan (churning of the milky ocean) at Thailand airport!

Can this happen in India!?



Ravikumar said...

Hi Jaysree,
Greetings for the Day!
I've been reading your blogs for quite some time..a good work indeed..and some of the amazing links and resources shared in this pages will be useful..for many to approach the hindu religion and practices in rational and scientific way..
I strongly believe hindu way of life had strong rational in each and every element of it's practices.. for ex.i read abt the myth of non performing functions and rituals during the month of December-Jan (margazhi)calling it shoonya masa.but if u see the real reason..behind this..earlier the prime occupation was agriculture..and it's during december Jan period it's peak time before this mandated people to be in their place and take care of crops..incase if there is a those days commuting to one place to another itself was a tough task..topping it with a occasion like marriage or any other function..would have lot effort and work associated with the function which distract people and impact agriculture..hence they institutionalized the practise of non performing functions during the month of margazhi..otherwise the month which is claimed to be Sriman Narayana himself in Bagavad can it be considered inauspicious. So the Hindu practices are driven more by rational than anythingelse..

I've two requests from my end..
Could you blog about the significance of Navratri and reasoning behind the concept of Golu.
and other is little bit off the topic..but based on current affairs.. Do you think Rajni will make it to Politics..will he be able to bring a social change in tamilnadu. I ask this question b'coz.. i feel Rajni is one person we know who has gr8 admiration and following from people not only a society which feels atheism is rational .. he is one person who comes out and say's it's divine intervention that has shaped his destiny..and stands as an epitome for bagavan sri ramana's words " The ordainer controls the fate of souls in accordance with their prarabdhakarma. Whatever is destined not to happen will not happen, try as you may. Whatever is destined to happen will happen, do what you may to prevent it. This is certain. The best course, therefore is to remain silent. The meaning of silence i think is to meditate because the only way to kill your karma is meditation"
The way he had handled the post Kuselan issues and current issues shows he's is a matured problem solver ,..and i remember a naadi leaf reader telling me.. some 6 years back in (2003).. it's for sure Rajni will become Chief Minister of tamilnadu ..even if not now.. certainly in future..though i have seen sevral times there is an hype around it and it fades off..and he never got into the politics..but the point is the topic never vanishes..and comes out with greater momentum like sun every time ..could you shed some light on Rajni's horoscope and what it say's.. will rajni come to politics and how far he will be successful..

jayasree said...

Dear Ravikumar,
Thanks for your response / feed back.

You are perhaps right in your assessment of why Margazhi (Dec- Jan) was considered shoonya maasa or inauspicious. That is one way of looking at this.

There are however reasons assigned in astrology.
It is because, maargazhi along with 3 other months that occupy the corners of the horoscope, namely the Dual signs (ubhaya rasi) do not produce results on mundane affairs. Surya Siddhnatha (the translation is available online) identifies certain locations in the sky based on the cumulative distance traveled by the sun and the moon that are ideal times for drawing better results for certain actions such as pitru shraddha.

The prohibition in Margazhi is on those lines as per astrology, which is primarily about finding out suitable times for various actions.
I hope to write on this in future posts.

About your query on Kolu, I suggest a reading of the link given here from Pandit Dakshinamoorthy’s blog.

About your second query, I don’t have the birth details of Rajini kanth to cast his horoscope for reading. I will give my opinion once I get the reliable information on his birth details.

I share your opinion on Rajini’s good intentions, but I have my own reservations on how he can bring about a change in Tamilnadu.
Being compassionate is not the only pre-requisite to rule this state.
One must have sound socio-economic wisdom and run the govt with intellectuals and up-right beaurocrats. How much choice and reserves he has in these areas is a question.

No doubt, his entry will help in stamping down the current crop of mafia group that operates in the name of politicians. But unless he has a vision and policy to make the state robust in all spheres and have the acumen to make it a reality, it will be the same like it is now. It is for this reason, I don’t have any hope in Vijay kanth , who can not think / do anything beyond filmi dialogues.

jayasree said...

On Rajini and his bail-out of kuselan distributors-

That episode showed how Rajini is still a long way to go in handling even his long time profession.

First of all why did he take a huge amount - disproportionate to his contribution to the film- as his salary? Without Rajini or the money given to him, the film would have made a decent success story.

Why did he contribute to the hype about the movie even before it was released?

His conscious seems to have pricked him in taking such a huge amount as salary that formed a major part of the production cost of the movie. It is because of this he has opted to bail out the buyers of the movie. But in the process he has set a bad precedence in the movie industry as has been voiced by many in the industry - including Cho.

This is one instance of 'oru soru padam for oru paanai soru'.

He is impulsive and that is not good for a leader to lead the state / people.
Other instances of impulsive nature has been periodically exhibited by him in his rare public utterances.
One such instance was when he mouthed a good word about a leader of unworthiness in terms of larger interests of the nation and people - in the presence of Karunanidhi which was tactfully used by Karunanidhi to his own benefit. Rajini must have been bowled by the way it was used by Karunanidhi immediately in front of him.

The moral is never speak good of one whose larger policy goal was unacceptable.
One's good or bad nature is decided by the long term implication they can create by their demeanor.

It is for God to recognize the good in bad and help in the upliftment of the person. We, the mortals should not do it. We should only glorify that which stands for larger good.

A Duryodhana or Ravana, though good in many respects, should not be glorified by us in view of the larger interest of the society. But God remembers their goodness and rewards them accordingly.

This is one of the morals we must know. Rajini unfortunately has exhibited himself on the wrong side of this moral- not just once but twice.

Ravikumar said...

Hi Jaysree,
Thanks ..for the elaborate reply on Mr Rajni.I was looking for the detail you had asked of my friends gave me these details from the recent book on Rajni as everyone knows his date of Birth is 12/12/1950..9:45 PM Bangalore , Karnataka
Day Tuesday
Lat: 012-58 N
Lon: 077-038 E
Lagna Karkata
Rasi Makara
Star Srvana 1Pada
Thithi Chathurthi (Sukla)
Yoga: Dhruva
Birth No: 3
Life No: 3
Hope this info is suffice..wanted to post it y'day night itself but could not get connected to internet for some reason or other today being holiday thought will do it first thing in the morning.

jayasree said...

Dear Ravikumar,
Thank you for the information.
Please read my latest post on this