Wednesday, October 1, 2008

RTI to know what is happening at the Big Temple (Tanjore)

“It is almost one year since the ASI has started working in Thanjavur Big Temple in the name of 'Renovation & Restoration', which has become an issue of utmost concern for historians, research scholars, religious scholars and the local people. They feel that the great historical temple is at peril and that the timeless inscriptions, sculptures and paintings are under imminent threat……

In this context, all the concerned people are entitled to collect the following details under the Right to Information Act:

1.Whether the details of planning and execution of year long work of the ASI was discussed with the Tamilnadu government and its HR & CE Department

2.Whether the prescribed norms of the 1958 Act were strictly followed and adhered to

3.Whether the persons employed belong to the traditionally worshipping community and no person non-tolerant towards Hindus, their faith and their institutions is employed

4.Whether the ritual of 'Bhaalaalayam' performed before commencing the renovation works particularly at the Vimaanam and the Mandapams inside and whether the regular worships have been allowed to lapse because of the renovation works.

The Tamilnadu government cannot brush aside the History of Chola Empire as 'mythology' like how it ignored the historicity of Ramayana and the existence of Rama Sethu. Being a government claiming to serve the interests of Tamil language, Tamil people and Tamilnadu, it must use its good offices with the central government and ensure the preservation of the sculptural splendour of Thanjavur Big Temple and its protection. The Tamil people are hopeful that the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, being a Tamil scholar himself, would take up the matter with the central government in his personal capacity for the protection of the Great World Heritage Monument.”

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