Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A "Weak" Prime Minister despite a strong mandate!

The Prime Minister has failed in his first test of his new term in failing to have his choice of ministers. He succumbed to the pressures of Mr Karunannidhi and went to the extenet of eating back his words on the desirability of having T.R. Baalu and A. Raja.
This indeed shows him as the "weak" Prime Minister.

(from Deccan Chronicle)

If he thinks that the numbers brought in by Karunanidhi must be respected in this way, let him think about the way the numbers were got!! From the experience of the elections just held, it is known that the DMK is going to win every election from now on. Even if some x or y or z is going to be in the CM chair, the DMK will win becasue it has established a strong 'organisational network' at the grass roots who have mastered the 'technique' of winning any election, no matter what the public prefers. When the reality check at Tamilnadu is like this, it is a tarmple-down on democratic principles to have a party like DMK, score a thumping victory at the hustings and a so-called sensible Prime minister to accomodate them in his cabinet. With the tainted ministers back in action, it remains to be seen how the PM is going to run the show with a clean administration.

By giving in to DMK's wish list, he has harmed Tamilnadu. There is no way that Tamilnadu is going to be freed from this one -family's greed. I am only reminded of Rajinikanth's dialogue which is more relevant now than when it was delivered.

இனி தமிழ் நாட்டைக் காப்பாற்ற முடியாது", said he long ago on the prospect of voiting back Ms Jayalalithaa to power. He is wrong. His dialogue suits only the present day Tamilnaadu.
Even God can not save Tamilnadu.

(from Times of Inida)


விஜய் said...

You said it. The situation in Tamil Nadu is no different from what it was in 1996. It is ruled by goons, who have absolutely no care for public welfare. karunanidhi is concerned only about his family.

But 2011 elections cannot be the same. If Vijayakanth nourishes his party well, there could be a hung assembly as well. Who knows???!!!

விஜய் said...

I can't understand, why the TN congressman don't demand Ministerial berths in the State Assembly? Are these guys so spineless not to raise their voice?

jayasree said...

Vijayakanth??? Then I have absolutely no hope for Tamilnadu.