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Meditate on Lakshmi ( தாயார் ) - says Valmiki Siddhar in his 'Valmiki -16' –


This is in continuation of the 2 posts on Valmiki's connection to Tamil. The earlier posts can be read in the following links.

Purananuru contains Vaalmiki's Tamil poem

Valmiki of Ramayana and Valmiki of Purananuru are the same.

In this post we will be seeing the interesting portions from the composition by Valmiki, identified as one of the 18 siddhars.
Like the Purananuru verse, this composition also places importance on Lakshmi and Vishnu.
This is unique because the siddha tradition always hails Shiva as the Supreme being.

Valmiki has been identified as one among the 18 siddhas. He is also mentioned as a hunter - reiterating that this Valmiki was the same Valmiki who wrote the immortal Ramayana.

All the siddars have composed thought provoking verses on Siddhi and Shivam.
Valmiki's composition is just 16 verses which he himself calls as 'vaalmeekan pathinaaru' (வால்மீகன்  பதினாறு) in the 11th verse of this composition.
Though he begins with a salutation to Shiva, he continues to tell in the first verse itself that 'shiva sakthi' is the form of Vishnu!
'சிவசக்தி திருமாலின் ரூபமாகும்.'

Like other siddha- compositions, he continues to tell about the kind of mind control, yogic breathing etc for realizing siddhi.
But in the 11th verse he makes some strong statements.
He says that this comsposiiton of 'vaalmeekan pathinaaru' (வால்மீகன்  பதினாறு) unlocks the compositions of all the 18  siddhars. Those siddhars  were displeased with his composition and complained to Shiva. But Shiva was angry with them and approved his (Valmiki's) work. As a result, Valmiki exposed his composition for the sake of the world.
His message starts with t the 9 grahas. Here the 9 grahas mean the 9 exits in the body which are controlled for the sake of Contemplation and Yogic meditation.

சிவசிவா பதினெண்பேர் பாடற் கெல்லாம்
திறவுகோல் வால்மீகன் பதினாறாகும்:
சிவம்பெத்த சித்தரேல்லா மென்னூல் பார்த்துச்
சிவனோடே கோள் சொன்னார் சினந்தான் நாதன்:
அவமாகிப் போகாமல் சிவனுத் தார
அருளினால் திறந்து சொன்னேன் உலகுக்காக:
நவமான நவக்கிரகம் தன்னுளேயே
நாக்கு வாய் செவி மூக்கு மத்திக்கப்பால்.

He continues to say that one must concentrate on Thaayaar (Maha Lakshmi of Sree, the Consort of Narayana is known as தாயார்  or Mother)  at the Top of the head.

நாக்கு வாய் செவி மூக்கு மத்திக் கப்பால்
நடுவீதி குய்ய முதல் உச்சி தொட்டுத்
தாக்குவாய் அங்கென்ற அதிலே முட்டுத்
தாயாரைப் பூசித்து வேதம் ஓது:

This is a departure from the instructions given by other siddhars.
But this has been approved by Shiva who is extolled as the authority for granting siddhi!
Moreover Valmiki calims  that his view is superior to those of others.
His methodology involves meditation on Sri or Lakshmi for Realising the Him, the Supreme Brahman.
His concluding words are
கோனவனாய் இருக்கவென்று  குறியைச் சொன்னேன்.
குவலயத்தில் பதினாறும் குறுகத் தானே.

He does not mention the name of the supreme being to be realised.
This is also a departure from other siddhars.
Other siddhars identify that Being as Shiva.
But Valmiki does not do so.
In the beginning he mentions the Siva sakthi roopam but further goes on to say that it is Vishnu roopam.

This view is the Ultimate  vedanthic view.
The Created worlds exist infinitely in the womb of the Supreme Brahman.
One fourth of it is manifest while three- fourths of it is unmanifest.
The Trinities (Four faced Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) are the keepers of the manifest worlds and they are the authority (Adhikaari) for granting Moksha.

(These details can be read in my previous articles in )



But the end does not come with Moksha at this level.
The Released souls remain in the manifest worlds until Brahma completes the age of 100 years of Paramaayul. After that they all exit and get fixed in the Supreme Brahman in whose womb these universes are revolve.
This means there is yet another realm to be reached by the Released Souls.
That Level is the One without a Second.
According to Sruti texts that Level is Nara-Ayana - where everything dwells and which dwells in everything.
That is the Parama padam.
It is in this Realm all those who reached Narayana and all those who reached the Formless Supreme Being are fixed (12th chapter in Gita)

All the Released Souls -  attain this realm as the Final abode.
The Supreme Being of this Realm has only one other component - that is His Will.
Initially He / It existed.
Then It willed - may I become many - and became many.
The Will and It were inseparable.
That Will is personified as Lakshmi - down the process of Creation.
(I have written long ago in some Yahoo gropus on how this is justified. I will post them soon in this blog)

Valmiki recommends to meditate on this Will as Thaayaar or Lakshmi, so that the Communion with It will become easy and direct.

Narayana as the Supreme Being is the Final word of Vedantha.
The route to Him lies beyond the Created worlds and Mukthi in Created worlds.
This is indicated by Valmiki but it  was not acceptable to other Siddhars who concentrated on the 5 -fold Rudra swaroopam of the Chakra of the Created Universe.
But approved by Shiva Himself.

Since this Ultimate concept has been voiced only by Valmiki and not by other siddhars, Valmiki chose to call his way as the Key - திறவு கோல்.

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