Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dr B.V. Raman's Astrological Magazine

The Astrological Magazine nurtured by Dr BV Raman has been revived for a year now by his son Sri Niranjan Babu.

Initially brought out as an e-magazine by name The Astrological eMagazine, the magazine is available in print since January this year as well as on the net for subscribers. In all humbleness let me state that my research articles in astrology can be read in this magazine.
In the current issue (Sep, 2010) you can read my detailed astrological analysis on balding problems - an outline of which was earlier posted in this blog. 

The previous magazines can be viewed in this link.

For subscription of print edition, kindly click this page and furnish the details.

For online magazine, bulk su and for any queries regarding the magazine and astrological services, kindly contact Sri Niranjan Babu in the following address / phone number / e mail ID.

The Astrological eMagazine

101C, #48, 13th Cross,
Bangalore - 560 003 INDIA
Email: info@astrologicalmagazine.com
Phone: +91-80-23366864
Chief Editor - Niranjan Babu Bangalore -


surya said...

Namastay mam,

Tq for your articles. I want know whether you written any on floods in our neighbour country. Really heavy floods. What do you think of them astrologically and also on karma philosophy aspect.

NVS Prakasam.

jayasree said...

Welcome back Mr Prakasam.

I expected a tsunami - read my old posts on probable quakes, volcanoes and tsunami at the present times. The regions are south (Indonesia) and Northwest and north east too.

Last Sunday, a long dormant volcano in Indonesia erupted.
A few days ago a quake was felt in Australia.
Pak & Afghan are reeling under mud slides. The floods have been triggered by slides.

shekher said...

I am an old reader of Astro. Magazine by Dr B V Raman's Office, but in these 12-13 years, the reading got disconnected. However, being equipped with his old readings,wish to submit as under:

There was a heavy earth quake in jabalpur City on 22.05.1997 at 04.20 am (early morning. This city is situated in centre of India (MP).The specific day was Budh Pournima.

I wish a horoscope of this incidental muhurt is cast by our office and a short note is published in the ensuing astrological magazines as deemed fit.

Hope do be done needful.

Shekher Iyer.

shekher said...

The instant submission I had made based on my thorough critical reading of the book THE LIFE OF VARAHA MIHIR published by our Dr B V Raman Office, some 15 years back, hence i had come up with a view that the modern generation is taught our old ancient culture of accurate prediction in its proper perspective.

submitted with regards, please.

shekher iyer.