Monday, November 22, 2010

Karthigai deepam - cosmological and cultural significance

An analysis of Karthigai deepam festival of Tamilnadu from my old postings :-

Kaarthigai – the month of lamps.

Is Kaarthigai deepam a Tamil festival?

Kaarthigai – why worship by oil-wick lamps?


Anonymous said...

Dear Madam

I have a quick query. Is the veneration of Vishnu the best antidote to a particularly malefic Saturn in one's natal chart? This was my understanding - but I wanted to double check with you.

Your's sincerely

jayasree said...

Not necessarily.
There are issues to see such as the lordship of saturn, where it is posited, the bhava affected, the star lord of Saturn, and the dasa for fructification of the result. In the absence of these issues, I can only recommend you to see the star in which saturn is posited. Check the panchnaga or the web for the lord of that star. Worship that lord.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. I value the information you have provided.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jayasree,

I liked your subsequent analysis on the Bihar election as it pertained to Tamil Nadu. I had feared the DMK would be emboldened by the Congress loss. The Tamil future demands that it gets defeated - lock, stock and barrel -at the 2011 polls.

I would like to follow up on Raja's point on this comments thread. The subject is of interest to me.

Let's refer to the natal chart. If one were to assume that the planet Saturn is placed in a nakshatra ruled by the planet Mars, does it mean that we venerate Amman or does it mean that we need to worship Murukan to counter the malefic Saturn impact?

This analysis is relevant to an individuals recommended sadhana in life.

Do continue the good work that you are doing in your blog.

Best regards

jayasree said...

Thanks for the comment Mr Romseh.

On Mr Raja's doubt, you seem to have assumed that it is the planetary lord. But I meant the lord of the star in the sense that each of the 27 stars are allotted a specific devatha, tree, bird and animal. This list is usually given in panchangas and may be available on the net. One must refer to this lord and pray to it. The corresponding tree, bird and animal must also be cared well.

This is one of the core ideas to arrive at the lord to be appeased when the planet that is posited on a star is not in good stead in the horoscope.

There are other things to be noted - like how the planetary is posited, how the planet itself is posited in D-9 and D-16 and so on. That is why i said that I can not just like that say.

As far as the devatha of the star is concerned, it does good to oneself to know the lord of the birth star, the tree, bird and animal and protect them always. In that way one increases the life energy of oneself. The idea is the groups of these pertaining to the star share the same principles of body and mind with the person. By nurturing them, one nurtures oneself well.

To give you examples, for ashwini, the devatha is Saraswathy. For Bharani it is Durga and so on. In some cases the bird or animal may not be common ones that you can do something about them. But all the 27 trees for 27 stars will be available anyway. Grow that tree that is of your star.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jayasree. The link between nature, self and divinity that you illustrate is profound.

My sincere nanri.

I hope you would one day consider publishing all this to guide the youth of tomorrow. They need a simple compass to navigate the journey of life. You can help provide that.

jayasree said...

Thanks for this encouraging comment Mr Romesh. I wish to do that someday. Currently I am concentrating on Thamizhan, dravidanaa series which will take me 2 months to complete. The link is given in the sidebar. After finishing that I want to concentrate on astrology oriented dharma sastra.