Friday, July 15, 2011

Online Petition to Save Padmanabha Swami Temple and its Properties

This is an online petition related to saving the Sripadmanabhaswami temple properties.


The  appeal is made to The Prime Minister of India, The Chief Minister of Kerala, Cabinet Minsiters Govt.of India, Ministers of State Govt.of India, Ministers Kerala State to take steps to entrust the treasure to Lord Padmanabha swamy temple and also to free all Hindu temples from Government  control. Readers are requested to read the petition and sign it and also spread word to others.



Bala said...

I have signed the petition.


nutwit said...

Just wanted to know, how many of these petitions reach the President/PM/CM et al. How is it esnsured that it reaches these people?

I have signed the petition though.

jayasree said...

@ nutwit.

It does reach. Though I get many forwards of such online petitions, I am selective in posting them in my blog. This particular petition was forwarded to me by a journalist - activist who works for Hindu cause. So I am confident that this petition will be taken to its logical conclusion. Moreover petitions like this create an awareness which is very much needed in the present times.

Skandan said...

Respected Madam,

just thought of sharing it with you if you had missed this news.