Thursday, August 1, 2013

Can Telangana flourish with its Triangular shape?

Creation of Telangana is not a solution. This Telangan issue was discussed twice before in this blogspot. An astrological analysis was done in this article : "Andhra splits – Saturn effect?" in 2009, saying that

"These combinations foretell political problems, strained relations within the people, disputes and parting of ways between those who were together until then.

Its woes will not end but continue after that when Saturn and Rahu joins in the 8th house (Libra) for Andhra in 2013.

This is not a good time for Indian internal scenario too as this combination happens in the 4th house to Indian natal moon."

In another article I wondered whether there is any Christian agenda behind Telangana demand?


I came across views both for and against the formation of Telangana which can be read under these two articles.


The main reason that Telangana supporters were saying was that they did not flourish and they were a neglected lot in the larger picture of Andhra Pradesh. If that was there problem, the solution lies not in seceding away. Better management right up to the grass root level must be and can be done.


In a country of Durga Nagpals who are penalised by the political masters for doing their jobs, the excuse of administrative reason does not hold water. If a part of a State does not show development, it is because the political rulers have no stake in that part.  By seceding that part as a solution, we are actually dividing the people on the basis of their own wraths, anger, self interests and so on which would be further nurtured by vested interests to keep that part as their pocket borough so that the people cling on to them as their saviour as long as their problems still remain unaddressed. The result is that their problems would not be solved or how else the politicians can continue to survive?


The British policy of divide and rule is exactly aimed at keeping sections of people pitted against each other for ever so that their exploitation can continue without being challenged. Such a division on the basis of castes and religion had been happening ever since Independence. Now when those issues have started showing diminishing returns, newer divisions are being resorted to. The division of Andhra Pradesh comes under this category.


This is demonstrated in the way Digvijay Singh has reminded TRS of its offer to merge with the Congress if its demand for Telangana is met with. With election around the corner, the congress has offered Telangana formation. It is shocking that this crass opportunism has not been criticised but just termed as political expediency by our lame media. Are we a commodity to be divided and bartered to fulfil the ambitions of politicians and political parties?  The motive of the politicians for division, defeats the so-called aspirations of the people for division.


We are not like the United States where many states are there with better administration for themselves. There the culture is the same, the language is the same and there are hardly any elements that differentiate one from the other. Moreover there are only two parties throughout the United States with less scope for multiple posturing. But in India within every 100 km you find a difference in the identity of people.  The differences in caste, language and religion are being kept alive by politicians and those with political ambitions. The result is that there are many islands within a state working with cross purpose with others around them. If these islands are going to get legitimacy by becoming a state, then also the frictions are going to be there with an unchallenged scope of igniting chauvinism and self interest which would have less space for accommodation for others from rest of India.


Today the nation is facing the prospect of a fractured mandate in the hustings and instability in the Centre after 2014 elections. With more states in the kitty, there is going to be more regional parties who cannot work for a United India. Continuing instability at the national level is going to be the result of all this.  It seems my oft repeated fear of bad patch for India in Moon dasa from 2015 to 2025 to be a period of instability, internal bickering and external threats will have its genesis in Telangna formation.  Andhra Pradesh already had a notorious name as the forerunner in linguistic division of India. Now again it is leading another round of division which is going to make India an Africa!


Telangana is going to give legitimacy to all notorious secessionist elements in the country. Even peaceful states are going to bear the brunt of Telangana mania. In Tamilnadu, Telangana echo can be heard in Ramdoss,  Seeman and the Kongu leaders who had expressed their wish for separate states from Tamilnadu. Ramdoss would ask for a Vanniyar state saying that Vanniars are the deprived lot and are poor ever addicted to boozing. Karnunanidhi would want South Tamilnadu to become a separate state to satisfy his Son Alagiri. The Christians would ask for secession of Kanya kumara and Nagarkoil saying that they are backward states. Already the converted Christians of these districts have raised an objection to the building up of the Tirupati like  Balaji temple in the district. How crooked and narrow their agenda is! Will this kind of attitude promote Nationalism or unity among the people?


The underlying reason for these demands is that they would all become the fiefdoms of politicians who could find it easier to keep a smaller state under their grip. It is like the Pancha Tantra film dialogue of "Chinna kallu, peddha laabham" .  With little efforts they can make huge profits. When the politicians have to operate in a smaller region or for a select group of people, their effort and expenditure are less and rewarding than working on larger region with more interferences to their focussed regions. This is the exact reason behind the clamour for division into smaller states.


The aims and ambitions of these smaller states would always be in clash with neighbouring states. Already every state is having problems with neighbouring states.  The politicians would keep whipping up emotions against other states to keep their grip strong. Presently this is happening between the states where chauvinism of sorts is being developed in the name of democracy and voicing people'e aspirations. This is mis-use of democracy.


Coming to Telangana issue, one of the reasons put forward by the supporters is that they have a historical past that gives them an identity which they can preserve and nurture if they have their own State. They obviously refer to the Muslim rule in the recent past. There is also news that Urdu is going to be the first language in Telangana. Didn't they have a past before that? Their history started from Trilinga kshetras that gave them an identity as Trilinga – Tailinga – Telanga! It was a Linga kshetra bound by a triangular land. The shape of Telangana tells it all!


Let people know that a trianglular land is prohibited for living as per Vastu sastra. It is called as TrikONAkAra BhUmi. According to Raja Martanda, "Raja bhIthi strI kONasya suta saukhya vinAshanam". In present day terms, this means threat from (kings) employers and loss of employment and loss of well being of children! Triangular site will take a toll on children. Triangular site would not allow material progress.


I have said in so many times in my previous articles how a triangular land is a place of manifestation of unknown energies. These energies can be trapped and tapped only by worship and consecration done in the Hindu way! When done in that way, the land would prosper with peace and knowledge.


India also is triangular in shape and its people in the past were guided well to lead a pious life so that the defects arising out of the triangle were warded off by the force of energies that were trapped as Gods.


There was a triangular bhumi  in India similar to the present shape of Telangana. It has been found out by archaeological excavations during the British period.  It had a triangular shape bound by walls and by towns on three sides. This place is known as Ahichhatra, corrupted from Ahi- Kshetra, the capital of Panchala country of Drupada of the Mahabharata period.


An important information related to this site is that it is here the Yajna was held from which Draupadi emerged. It is unbelievable that a person can appear or be born out of a Yajna kunda. But the shape of the city itself in a triangle makes me say that any wonder is possible in a triangle provided people know how to extract the benefits of a triangle.


There are triangle shaped places in the world where wonders have been witnessed. For example England that is experiencing many crop circles every year is triangle in shape. It is because of the presence of energies unknown to science.


Sicily which experiences many crop circles is also triangular in shape.


The Bermuda Triangle is a triangular part of the Ocean where unknown energies are at play.