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If Sonia Govt is supportive of gay rights, are they ready to debate the Gandhi- Kallenbach relationship in the open? (plus some astrology on homosexuality)

Sonia is disappointed with the SC ruling on gay sex and Rahul thinks it is matter of personal freedom. But the BJP continues to be silent. Congress has made the right noises on the gay rights– will Modi follow suit?, screams an article in Firstpost.

In the hullabaloo over the so-called ‘right noises’ on the SC ruling on gay sex is forgotten the Sonia Government’s rush to purchase the Gandhi letters that contained his interaction of homosexual nature with Kallenbach in an apparent bid to stop them from getting publicity. If the Sonia Congress and the media are so supportive of gay rights, would they be ready to debate the Gandhi- Kallenbach letters in the open?

The book "Great soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His struggle with India" written by a Pulitzer winning author that suggested that Gandhi might have been a gay was banned in the home state of Gandhi by none other than Modi. Why the Congress and its cronies in the media didn’t criticize Modi then asking him to recall the ban? If being a gay was a birth right, what is there for the Congresswallahs to be concerned about the suggested gay relationship of Gandhi from coming into public scrutiny?  

The only reason is that the value system for which Gandhi is remembered even today does not consider gay sex as a virtue. It is for the same reason the Congress Govt hurried to purchase the controversial Gandhi letters before they were about to be auctioned. It is for the same reason the Congress Govt was silent on Modi Govt’s ban on the controversial book and did not whisper anything on the book. Silence is golden in such situations. The only plausible explanation is that any word on the book or the ban would have attracted undue attention which would have dented Gandhi’s image. But now Congress has conveniently forgotten the Gandhi letters as they are in its control (Govt’s). We would only get to see “classified” ones if we attempt to get a glimpse of those letters. People must understand the hypocrisy of the Congress.

It would be an interesting guess what Gandhi would have said on gay relationship if he were to be with us now. In his times he could have conveniently justified his controversial behavior as an experiment with celibacy that he is no longer attracted by females! In the present times if gay relationship is decriminalized, it would become a virtue. By criminalizing it, such a tendency is restricted to fringe elements and stopped from invading unrestrictedly the psyche of the gullible.

With this on the current state of hypocrisy, let me move on to some astrology on the planetary combinations that make one a homosexual. Already I had posted 2 articles in 2009

Hindu Thought on Gay rights and Transgenders.
Any role for Manmatha in homosexuality??

Let me encapsulate some of the salient features from those articles and continue on astrological pointers with case studies on prominent personalities of the West who were known homosexuals. At the end of it I am giving the horoscope of Gandhi for the readers to deduce whether there is any truth in Gandhi- Kallenbach coziness.

The Indian tradition which laid emphasis on right conduct did not support homosexual relationship. Our sages knew that a tendency towards homosexuality did exist in nature but they did not give importance to it. This issue is discussed in astrological texts in the context of female horoscopy. 

A separate set of clauses have been given by sages about the peculiar ways that some women behave. Such behavior is to do with the sexual desires. One such behavior has been pointed out by most of our ancient writers of astrology. Let me quote them from Varahamihira and Narada samhita. 

In Chapter 24-7 of Brihad Jhathaka, Varahamihira gives the combination of planets that make the person behave in a way different from normal.

“If Saturn and Venus are in each other’s navamsas, aspecting mutually, or if the birth falls in Taurus or Libra, with the Navamsa rising in Aquarius, the woman will get satisfaction from females dressed in male attire”

Verse 303 & 304 0f Samhita skanda of Narada Purana –II-55, says,
“If Venus and Saturn should occupy each other’s Navamsa or if Venus be in Aquarius  Navamsa, the woman concerned would get highly inflamed by sexual congress with members of her own sex.”

Two insights are drawn from these verses.

(1) What is at first understood from these verses is that certain combination of planets do make the native born under the combination seek sexual gratification in abnormal ways. These abnormal practices have been there at all times but they were very much limited to only those born under these astrological combinations. Even in the US where gay marriages have been legalized, there are only 0.42% households that are same-sex households according to the year 2000 Census. Only 1-2% have admitted themselves as gays or lesbians in the US, France and Canada. This shows that the astrological combination for such behavior is very rare to occur. 

(2) The above mentioned astrological yoga also indicates that there is a predominance of female factor in homosexual relationships. No astrological text tells about astrological combination of a female becoming a male. Whenever that has happened, the changed male is considered as a female only. 

There is an episode in Mahabharata of a female becoming a male. Shikandini became Shikandi to fight with Bheeshma. But when Shikandi stood face to face with Bheeshma in the battle field, Bheeshma did not fight with him because he considered him as a female only. 

This is because even if a person changes his / her gender, the actual genotype identifies him/ her as the original entity that one is born (as male or female). 

Similarly if a male changes into female, his genotype does not change with the sex change. This is an issue noted in sports where there are legal provisions to determine the gender of a person on the basis of genotype, though the phenotype (physical resemblance) may be of the other gender. 

The above mentioned astrological combination makes a woman desire a woman in a male form / changed from a male (transgender).

In the case of homosexual relationship between males, it is usually believed that a male is attracted to another male. If a male has a male feeling in him, he will desire only a female. That is the way Nature works. If he desires another male, it means that he has a female orientation in him. His partner in relationship also must be having the female orientation in him in such a way that he can not accept a female as his partner. 

This is ingrained in the above quoted verse of Varahamihira. Applying that verse to gay relationship, it is understood that the woman in a male desires the woman in another male. If one exhibits maleness then he would desire a female and not a female in a male. If two men desire each other, then it means / fulfils Varahamihira’s verse of a female (in a male) desiring a female found in another male

Change of sex at the fetal level.

 Astrology explains transgender issue separately as this is something that happens at the fetal level. The recognition of gender begins at the 3rd month of conception when the planet Jupiter rules. Hindu seers have known that this period is vulnerable to make a change in the sex of the baby. The manipulation of the sex of the fetus can happen with a ceremony called “pumsavanam”. (Dr BV Raman has explained in detail the herbal usage on this occasion in his book on Electional astrology).

Vediks permitted sex change at this 3rd month of pregnancy for the first child only, for the sake of getting a male progeny. The male progeny born in the consummation of marriage of young and healthy couple at the most auspicious moment of Nisheka –muhurtha is said to be most virtuous and desirable one who can shoulder the mantle of the family and continue the lineage to the satisfaction of everyone by discharging the 3 debts that one is born with (pithru, deva and rishi runa).

If the planetary combination at the time of sex formation in the baby is unfavorable and if Jupiter is afflicted at that moment, the problem of sex identity arises in the fetus.

Some astrological combinations identifying such a birth are given in texts such as Brihad Jathaka, Saravali, Jathaka Parijatha etc. They are applicable to the time of conception and / or the query time. They are as follows:-

(1)   The sun and the moon aspect each other. (possible on Full moon day and the day before and after Full moon)
(2)   Mercury and Saturn aspect each other.
(3)   Mars aspects sun in an even rasi.
(4)   Mars aspects lagna and moon in odd rasis.
(5)   Mars aspects moon in an even rasi ands mercury in an odd sign.
(6)   Mars aspects odd Navamsa lagna. 

The child conceived at the time of any of these yogas is likely to be born as a eunuch. Prudence dictates that those desiring to have a child must watch out for the above combinations and avoid them. 

More astrological information on identifying homosexual tendencies is needed today in the Indian context because a person with gay instincts may marry a girl out of social pressure. The failure of such a marriage can be avoided if the tendency is detected at the time of matching horoscopes. Drawing inputs from the above mentioned verses, we can set some basic conditions for homosexual tendencies.

(1)   Saturn and Venus must exchange their houses in the Navamsa.
(2)   Saturn and Venus must be in mutual aspect.
(3)   The rising lagna must be Taurus or Libra and the namavasa lagna must be Aquarius.
(4)   Venus in Aquarius.

When this writer applied these parameters in various charts of persons who have openly claimed themselves as homosexuals, it was found out that a combination of these factors were present. Trimsasmsa also is checked because it shows the innate behavioral tendencies. There were other combinations in addition

The most prominent were as follows:

(1)   Saturn – Venus exchange can happen in Rasi
(2)   Saturn – Venus conjunction
(3)   Jaimini aspect of Saturn – Venus.
(4)   Debility of Venus and Saturn
(5)   Navamsa lagna occurring in Saturn sign
(6)   Conjunction or opposition or Saturn - Mercury and Saturn- Venus
(7)   Saturn, Venus or mercury joining or separate in saturnine Navamsa.
(8)   Trimsamsa lagna falling in Saturnine signs.
(9)   Opposition or conjunction of Sun and moon with Mars afflicting them.
(10) Uranus, the planet for unconventional behavior joining or opposing any of the combinations mentioned above. 

When most of these combinations occur with reference to Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Mars  and sun / Moon, (in the absence of availability of the natal lagna), homosexual tendencies are noted. In the case of sex-change, Jupiter is connected with Uranus and has a benefic aspect on the above mentioned afflicting combinations. 

Case study -1

Taking up the case of the popular singer Ricky Martin who claimed that he is a homosexual, the above combinations are fulfilled in his horoscope.

December 24, 1971, Puerto Rico

(click the image to see the details)

Saturn and Venus have exchanged their houses in Rasi while they have conjoined in an even Navamsa ands Trimsamsa.  Saturn opposes Mercury in rasi and Trimsamsa. Venus is in debility in Trimsamsa. 

Case study -2

Popular Boyzone singer, Stephen Gately was the first one to enter into gay- marriage after it was legalized in UK. 

March 17, 1976, Dublin

Sun – Moon opposition with moon being aspected by Mars and Saturn.
Saturn in chara rasi aspects Venus in sthira rasi.
Venus and mercury join in Saturnine Aquarius.
Exchange of Saturn and Venus in Trimsamsa.

Case study -3

Kevin McDaid, a  popular singer of British Boyband V also declared himself as a gay.

March 7, 1984 in Nigeria

Saturn – Venus exchanged their houses.
Venus in debility in the Navamsa.
All the main planets mentioned above including Uranus are connected to each other

Case study -4

Another celebrity is the American actor of Richard Chamberlin who has acted in films like My Fair Lady and The Towering Inferno. He has written in his autobiography about his long time gay relationship with Martin Rabbert. His horoscope also shows the maximum presence of the above parameters.

March 31, 1934 in Beverly Hills, CA

Saturn and Venus conjoin in Aquarius in the rasi, in Libra in the Navamsa and in Aries in Trimsamsa.
Sun – moon opposition takes place in even signs with Mars conjoining Sun.

Mahatma Gandhi

October 2, 1869, 7=20 am, Porbandar


Aravamudhan Gopalaswamy said...

I saw the horoscope of Gandhiji and found the association of venus with mercury in the lagna aspected by jupiter and moon with rahu combination on 8th house the secret perversional mind indicates every possiblity as athma karaghan sun in the 12th sign will drive him to this tendency of being Homo mentality.
saturn will not drive him since he is for isolated and secluded menality. Mercury and venus are the main culprits for this homo tendency.

R.Ramanathan said...

Really did not expect that homosexuality had astrology behind it!!! :-). Found it slightly amusing. But as usual a different unique article


Sheela said...

dear madam,

saddest part is marketing done by various agencies & media to make this a large community.

i had few comments in firstpost to few articles indicating its a tendency in most cases which can be overcome & our families do not treat this as a crime or person as criminal. so need not worry much about this sec 377.

all my comments were deleted and
spammed from further comments on this issue.


jayasree said...

Dear Mr Aravamudhan Gopalaswamy,

Thanks for your explanation. I agree with you that Gandhi did have homosexual tendencies. However I differ from your reasoning. I wish to rely on indicators given by Brihad samhita and Narada samhita which say (1) Saturn and Venus must exchange their houses (2) Lagna in Libra or Taurus (Venetian signs) and (3) Navamsa lagna in Saturine sign

All these three are fulfilled in Gandhi's horoscope. In addition, his Trimsamsa lagna is saturine sign.

For the kind of combinations you have pointed out in Gandhi's rashi, perversion is indicated. One can see one of them in every second horoscope. But when more indicators are present in the horoscope along with the above mentioned three factors, it is sure case of homosexual relationship. In the case studies, saturn - Venus exchange is there either in rashi or in Navamsa in addition to two or more other factors.

In people where one or two factors are present without saturn - Venus exchange or mutual aspect or conjunction between them in Venetian to saturine sign, we can see signs of perversion in sex. In the absence of saturn - Venus connection as told above, I think the person can be influenced to have normal sex.

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Ramanathan,

Astrology can be used to decipher any issue under the sun :)

jayasree said...

Dear Ms Sheela.

Thanks for sharing.

jayaraman said...

What about the danger of these GAYS getting the dreaded AIDS? While we spend Millions to contain and eradicate the evils of AIDS why this fuss about approving GAY culture in India?

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Jayaraman.

What you say is true. The initial petition in the lower court was motivated by concerns to reach out to HIV infested homosexuals. The original issue is lost in the din of propaganda by a miniscule section consisting of so-called intellectuals and "right- activists" and west-influenced urbanites. I would like to analyse horoscopes of HIV patients but so far had not got any.