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Malaysian plane disaster – any clues from astrology?

After seeing the prolonged search for the missing Malaysian air craft, I think we have to look for clues of its destiny from astrology. Already I have uploaded my research article on aviation disasters here from which the basics found in such disasters can be read. Let’s take a brief look at them before analysing this missing aircraft. 

In the case of aviation disasters the following features are noticed:

·         The accident time lagna must be in malefic drekkans. The drekkana of the time of last contact / supposed disaster is taken into account. {A chart of these drekkanas for quick reference is given in my article for which the link is given above}.

·         The upagrahas namely Gulika, Dhooma, Kaala, Vyatipada and Upaketu must be afflicting the planets of importance for aviation disasters.

·          Mercury stands for transportation. The affliction to mercury must be there.

·         The 3rd house in the Natural zodiac stands for short trips. This is Gemini. Gemini also signifies airy sign. Affliction to Gemini must be there.

·         The 3rd house from Mercury must be afflicted.

·         The 3rd house from lagna must be afflicted.

·         The afflicting planet in most cases is Mars signifying explosion and fire. It must be implicating Mercury or 3rd lord or 3rd house etc.

·          Saturn as airy planet also has a role in air mishaps.

·         If moon is afflicted by malefics and is devoid of positive Jovian influence at the time of mishap, fatalities are certain.

·         Saturnine connection to Mercury or moon is also seen in most air mishaps denoting a hazard in the air.
Now to analyse these features, let us take a look at the chart constructed for the time of last contact / detection by radar. It is at that time something has gone wrong.

 The ascendant is Scorpio with lagna in 2nd drekkana. It is malefic. 

·         Among the upagrahas of importance Upaketu and Kala are in shravana nakshatra conjoined with Mercury and Venus. Gulika is close to the ascendant in Jyeshta (Mercury star) within 2 degrees. Dhooma is at Pushya’s end (Saturn star) from where it is apsecting Mecrury and Venus. Vyatipada is in Sagittarius aspecting the 2nd (maraka) lord Jupiter posted in Gemini (3rd house in Natural zodiac). It is a sign of enmity for Jupiter and it happens to be the the 8th house. 

·         Mercury is in the 3rd house from the lagna. It is aspected by Mars (4th aspect)

·         The 3rd in the Natural zodiac is occupied by 2nd lord Jupiter which receives the aspect of Ketu and Vyatipada.

·         The 3rd house from Mercury is Pisces which is Papa karthari. Its lord Jupiter is in 8th in opposition to Vyatipada.

·         The 3rd house from lagna is aspected by Mars and this house is not redeemed by Jupiter’s aspect.

·         Moon is in Rohini – a vulnerable star for disasters- and is receiving 8th aspect of Mars. Saturn and Rahu are towing after this Mars.

Thus the indicators of a disaster are complete at this time.

This can be further cross-checked with prasna derivatives.

Per this, the lagna signifies the pilot and the 7th house signifies passengers.

The fourth house signifies the plane and the 7th from it, i.e., the 10th house signifies its destination or destiny. These can be expressed as follows:

The lagna lord Mars has gone into the 12th house of loss showing that the pilot has lost control.
The 4th lord Saturn joins it in retrogression showing that the plane had gone with him and lost. Rahu joining them shows that the plane is lost forever. 

The 7th lord (passengers) had joined Mercury (factor for transport) in the 3rd house (aviation disasters) and is aspected by Mars that is conjoined with Saturn and Rahu. Mars signifies explosion, violence and bloodshed. The fate of the passengers need not be explained further.

The 4th lord Saturn (plane) in the 12th house and the 10th lord Sun in the 4th house make this chart a perfect picture for aviation disaster. The destiny of the flight is where the plane was at the time of last contact. It is Aquarius, a sign that is frequently connected with aviation disasters. 

Now to see what had happened to the flight:

The Lagna lord (pilot) and the 4th lord (plane) in the 12th house which happens to be the airy sign shows that some component of air (gas) and explosion (Mars) had happened to the plane in the air (Saturn)
The direction of this sign is west. The plane was cruising towards North east at the time of last sighting. It had turned left / west. Further on Mars is moving towards Virgo due to retrogression. That sign indicates south.

This shows that the most probable location of its final place is on south west direction. This is the opposite of the direction of cruise. It is also possible that the plane had cruised towards west for some time and turned south before disintegrating. 

Based on this the plausible cause for the disaster seems to be decompression of the plane. If that is so, it is a very serious issue in flight safety. 

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narayana said...

Namaskara Smt. Jayasree,

In light of the new developments surrounding this plane disaster, can we draw any preliminary conclusions about the disaster? We are hearing that the communication system was deliberately switched off and that the plane was off-track for almost 6 hours. Based on astrological indications, could this be a hijack or a terrorist activity?

Narayana Achar

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Narayana,

I have not studied the hijack charts, so not sure about it. But this chart shows affliction by Mars (pilot) to Passengers (Venus & Moon) and the mode of transport (Mercury). In most aviation disasters affliction to moon / air craft (Mercury) will be there by minimum 2 or more malefics. In this chart affliction is by only one planet, i.e., Mars (pilot). You can note that I had not mentioned anything on saturn in the set of features from this horoscope but had mentioned it in the first set of features that are commonly found in all the air disaster charts. That is an unexplianable feature which we can know how to interpret only when we know the details of the disaster.

From the chart what is seen is that retro Mars at 3 degrees is leading Saturn and Rahu as though pulling them along with it. Some pilot error in handling the flight is shown by this. The direction to west (Libra) is confirmed and the chart shows further deviation towards south which is also confirmed just now through satellite recordings. The last detected place is somewhere near Australia which is south / south west of the position at the time of loss of contact.

If this is true then this horoscope is true and I would say that the plane had crash landed on land and not water. Mars at 3 degrees in retrogression is deemed to have entered Virgo whose direction is south. Virgo is earthy sign and therefore it is deemed that the aircraft had landed at some remote place in the south / south west.

There is no connection with water in this chart. All the planets involved are not in watery signs. Only saturn is throwing 10th aspect on watery sign of cancer. But then that sign is not involved in prasna chart but is opposite to Venus & Mercury.

Mars the planet that afflicts is moving towards Virgo which is an earthy sign. My interpretation is that some disaster had happened in the air - with reference to air or gas. Because the primary affliction happening in Libra has all airy components. Mars in Chitra aspected by Ketu from Ashwini is a perfect case of disaster of unknown or unfathomable cause. Ketu afflicting Chitra is mentioned in Mahabharata as an indicator of terrible disaster. So I dont believe that the passengers had survived.


Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

Was it deliberate or a crash? I think we will never know the true cause of this disaster. By now the authorities would have known what had gone wrong, but they are not revealing for that would shake the aircraft industry and passenger confidence.

Some gradual de-compression must have happened due to flaws as explained in the links I have given in the article. Noticing it the pilot had thought of going back to the nearest airport and therefore had turned the aircraft. But by then he could have been incapacitated due to lack of oxygen. That is when the transmitter to radar had gone off.

In one of the reports, it is said that it is only switch that is close to the hand of the pilot and a small twist by the pilot's hand could switch it off. This must have happened when the pilot lost control over himself and his body twisted. By then the plane might have been on auto pilot and had been running until it ran off the fuel. All the people must have been unconcious and eventually dead. It was like a ghost plane making a run till the end of the world.

The probable time to locate the plane is around 25th March when Mars enters Virgo and comes in opposition to Sun, the lord of 10th (destination of the plane) in the prasna chart.


Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

The reasons why the hijack theory is not plausible:-

(1) The plane had been airborne until 8:10 am, that is until it ran out of fuel. So this is eventual death. Why should a hijacker wait until then? If he had taken control of the plane, he could have directly plunged the plane into the sea.

(2)If eventual destruction is his aim, some one in the cockpit or crew or passengers would have revolted. The plane had been running for too long with no aim to land, then why not make an attempt to over power the hijacker even if he threatens to blow up the plane?

(3)The mobile phones of the passengers had rung and then went silent in the next few days when people tried. Experts had said that this is a case of signal going to the service provider first and then contact not made. Let it be so. But if the plane is lost in the seas, I dont think even this signal could have been picked up by the service provider. This shows that the plane had crashed on land but none was alive to pick it up.

Why we would never know what happened?

From the available clues (I wrote above) it shows that the problem is with structural integrity of the plane. Initially Boeing said that they were receiving the signals but after a few days when all other theories were ruled out they had kept quiet. They even said that what they received was received when the flight was in touch with the radar.

Aircraft industry is a heavy investment industry having a powerful lobby. Now the US is in the picture, every attempt will be made to hide anything that points out to aircraft problem / structural or safety issue. Or else that would shatter the industry and the confidence level would go down among the passengers. Even the pilots would not think about flying the plane. When you dont know how the plane is going to behave or when the machine you are operating is not under your control, what a grave situation it is!

Every info that we have on what the flight record was like for those unknown hours, it is possible to attribute it to the auto pilot. Having realised this by now - perhaps without doubt, the lobby had been set into motion. I think we will hear every kind of story to divert the attention. May be they are thinking that it is nor possible to retrieve the debris as the aircraft is thought to be lost into the sea. But I dont think so.

The prasna map looks like a perfect example chart such that the destination of the plane will become known. Probable time is when Mars enters Virgo and comes in opposition to Sun.

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

From Los Angeles Times dated March 15,

//In his statements, the Malaysian prime minister belatedly confirmed what U.S. intelligence has been suggesting for days — that the flight's disappearance was the result of a deliberate act — a theory that Malaysia has been dismissing for much of the last week. The prime minister, however, declined to characterize the incident as a hijacking.

"Despite media reports that the plane was hijacked, I wish to be very clear we are still investigating all possibilities for what led Malaysian Air flight 370 to deviate from its flight path," he said.,0,5169461.story#ixzz2w3huZilH

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...


Pilot: Was that Boeing 777 diverted deliberately? Not necessarily
By Bill Palmer
March 17, 2014 -- Updated 1136 GMT (1936 HKT)

(Bill Palmer, an Airbus A330 captain for a major airline, is the author of "Understanding Air France 447," an explanation of the details and lessons of the crash of that aircraft in June 2009. )

(CNN) -- Those trying to draw conclusions from the information trickling from the investigation into the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 should go carefully.

It is plausible that, as Malaysia's Prime Minister asserted, the plane's flying for hours after losing contact with air traffic control was "consistent with deliberate action," but it's not the only logical explanation of the airplane's bewildering trajectory.

Statements that the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System was intentionally disabled, for example, leave out the fact that the ACARS is required to send the satellite contact requests (so-called "handshakes") that, according to news reports, were reported to have occurred for hours after the flight's disappearance.

The plane has multiple functions and channels connected to the ACARS and at least some of it must have still been working.
Bill Palmer
Bill Palmer

For example, one part of this communications system is used for messages between the airplane and air traffic control (clearances, position reports, etc). Another is used to communicate, essentially with text messages, between the airplane and the airline. Messages can also be sent automatically for maintenance functions such as reporting faults and sending routine engine data. The range of functions that would have been available for someone to disable is not yet clear.

And at least one news report described altitude excursions between 45,000 feet and 23,000, which one pilot suggested might have been done willfully to render passengers unconscious. But this strikes me as behavior that would also be consistent with the airplane flying completely unattended with the autopilot off. Though these oscillations are larger than I might expect, it would be a natural behavior for the airplane to fly relatively large but gentle pitch oscillations.

This would be true especially if the airplane's auto-throttles were also for some reason disabled. There have been statements made that such changes could only be made by a skilled aviator, but what "skilled aviator" cannot hold altitude within 20,000 feet?

Incapacitation or something else that could prevent the crew from controlling the plane -- fire, collision, explosive depressurization -- could also be indicated, which wouldn't necessarily mean the cockpit was breached by anyone.


Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

The airplane reportedly made "suspicious turns." However, it is the nature of those turns that will reveal if it was deliberate "heading" (directional) changes or if nobody was flying the airplane at all. If the autopilot was off and the airplane was essentially flying on its own, I would expect a variety of heading changes. These changes could be initiated by turbulence during flight.

If the airplane's routes were controlled intentionally by selecting the heading or by programming the flight management computer, the flight path would be very straight, then a turn that would last usually from 10 to 30 seconds, followed by more straight flight.
The mystery of Malaysia Air 370
Why so many watch plane coverage
Malaysia Air 370: facts vs. speculation

While a close-up analysis of the flight path would be required to determine the case, it seems that officials are not even sure if the flight path headed northwest toward Pakistan or southwest into the vast Indian Ocean.

On the technical side, the Boeing 777-200ER is a fly-by-wire airplane -- that is, movement of the controls is converted into electrical signals that interact with flight-control computers and instruct the plane's control surfaces on the wings and tail. Its characteristics may be able to explain much of the airplane's behavior.

With the autopilot off, the airplane will adjust the pitch (the up or down movement of the nose of the plane) to maintain a speed set by the pilot. It will pitch up if it's going faster than the desired speed and pitch down if slower. This is called pitch trim. Anyone who has flown even a small aircraft will be familiar with this concept. Therefore, when disturbed, it will fly a series of pitch changes as it settles down on the trimmed airspeed.

Pitch protections built into the system ensure that the airplane never goes too fast or too slow. Temporary input on the control wheel, or changes in the airplane's weight as it burns off fuel, temperature and other normal atmospheric changes along the course can initiate the altitude changes as the airplane continues to seek its trimmed speed.

Heading changes are also what I would expect to see in an autopilot-off situation. The 777's fly-by-wire roll control law controls the tilt of the wings. The airplane would be subject to atmospheric disturbances that could act to tip a wing up every now and then, but built-in protections prevent the plane from exceeding bank angles in excess of 35°. While a conventional airplane would tend to spiral down in that situation, the 777 incorporates automatic pitch compensation, so the airplane could easily hold its altitude in these turns.

The fly-by-wire control system on the 777 makes it a very stable airplane, capable of flying for hours with the autopilot off without crashing.

If the flight path can be shown to be very straight lines with neat turns followed by another straight line, then I would throw out the "autopilot-off" theory, but it seems as though officials can't even determine where the plane was heading, much less the nature and cause of some heading changes.

The consistent theme in the mystery of this flight has been very little data, and the exact nature of that scant data is vague and changing.

Whatever exact scenario can account for the possible incapacitation or deliberate actions of the crew, the loss of the transponder and other communications and the airplane's mysterious flight path is likely to be a situation we have not seen before.

I would urge that we not jump to conclusions based on inconclusive evidence. The evidence we have may be "consistent with deliberate acts," but it is also consistent with other explanations as well.

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AHAM said...

sir, am also doing study on mh370.
1) direction wise-Mars represent South and Saturn West; & Rahu represent South-west, hence South- west direction will be severely affected.
2) Plane mh370 path based on direction using signs. Every 2 hrs lagna changes, so in ur chart keep changing every 2hrs observe the lagna changing signs and apply direction those signs represent. Need zodiac ruler ship for each country and its place to spot the plane
a) Scorpio-north- 12. 41 departure
b) Sagittarius-east – 2.15 am. Plane loses radar and radio contact in place kota bharu east of malysian town,
c) Capricorn-south- 4.05 am plane is here
d) Aquarius-west 6.00 am plane here
e) Pisces- north 8.11 report says it was last in indian ocean
f) So inside malysia I need now zodiac wise place/city names
3) last report says it 8:11 am mar 8, 2014 some satelite picked signal so
Casting new time same date horoscope for mh370
1) mar 8, 2014, 8.11 am the ascendent shifted to pisces. Pisces is watery sign so over indian ocean is correct
2) Australia and madagascar are visible parts of place in indian ocean
Sagittarius geography: Arabia, Australia, Avignon (France), Branford (England), Chile, Cologne (Germany), Czechoslovakia, Cape Finisterre (Spain), Provence in Spain, Hungary, Madagascar, Moravia, Naples (Italy), Narbonne (France), Nottingham (England), France Provence, Sheffield (England), Singapore, Slavonia, Spain, Stuttgart (Germany), Sunderland (England), Toledo (Ohio), Toronto (Ontario), Tuscany (Italy), upper rooms, upstairs.
3) Direction of pisces is north. Transit sun is in pisces and sun direction is east. So next search
area is north-east of indian ocean.
4) outer planets Neptune- decption and Uranus- stress, sudden change (western astrology)

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

Appreciate your analysis Mr Aham.

But my analysis is based on basic concepts of Vedic astrology. Locating a missing object was the most recurring theme of astrology in olden days. The time of query was taken as the lagna and the horoscope was plotted on that basis. The interpretation was of two types, one on the basis of Rahi, navamsa and drekkana lagna and the other on the basis of 1-7 and 4-10 houses as I have done in the article. In this 2nd method, we can explore any question. Aircraft disaster is a modern day issue and it can be analysed by this 2nd method.

As per this method, we are not shifting the lagna. We are seeing the time of incident chart and interpret accordingly. The recovery of the lost thing is assessed based on movement of the lords of the 4 houses mentioned above as applicable to the question. The direction is based on the direction of the sign and not planets.

At present the news is that some debris is sighted in south west direction off Australia. We will wait and see what unfolds. It will give better insights in how to interpret this chart.

The 10th lord (destination) sun moving to Pisces can be taken to mean that the destination is waters. But this was not so at the lagna time of the chart. Perhaps when the 1st lord Mars moves further to form a coupling with 10th lord Sun, the watery sign gets precedence. If the current search proves that the aircraft had crashed into water near that place, then that will add a new leaf into our understanding of how to interpret the recovery place or time. It could be that we have to see the (new)sign (here Pisces) at the time the coupling between 1st and 10th lord happens.

Som said...

Hi Madam,

Looks one part of your analysis coming right that is flight traveled West, then moved towards South.New debris are found at North West of Australia and below Sri lanka.

A Senior Citizen said...

Excellent analysis. Why not we look at the Pilots' horoscopes as well to confirm these findings?

Dr Guru.Raghavan

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

Who has the authentic horoscope of the pilots?

Unknown said...

Capt. Zaharie Ahmed Shah's birth date is July 31 1961
Place of birth: Penang

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

Thanks for the birth details.
In the absence of TOB, we go by the planetary combinations in rashi and navamsa that show unnatural death and death along with others - that is mass death.

I am averse to discussing the probable combinations for this in open forum like this, because people may tend to check their own horoscopes and may get distressed. One example is Bandhana yoga which I discussed elsewhere in this blog. I came to know of one reader (an NRI, who is educated in medical discipline) who is imagining it in his horoscope and is considerably confused in making decisions in his life due to his half baked and self analysis of his horoscope. They must know that the combination from Moon sign and altered bhava lord also matters besides aspects / association by Jupiter. More than anything else faith in God modifies the results. Therefore I decided not to disclose or discuss in the open the combinations of malefic things such as mass death as in the case of Malaysian aircraft disaster.

In the case of this pilot let me give only probable leads that I can see. The planetary combinations may pertain to Durmarana or Saghataka marana or even Yudde marana yogas. The leading factors are mars / 6th lord/ 8th lord and malefics.

On the DOB of this pilot Moon changes its sign from Aquarius to Pisces. If born in forenoon Moon joins Ketu in opposition to Mars and Rahu. The probable lagna is simha. The dasa line up is Venus - Moon - Jupiter -Sun -Jupiter.

Lagna is in 12th and 12L Moon is in 7H afflicted by Mars, (Baadhak) and the nodes. 8th lord Jupiter joins 6th lord Saturn in the 6th and both are in retrogression and aspect LL sun in the 12th. Both these planets are also in the asterism of sun. Saturn is aspecting the 3H whose lord Venus is in the asterism of Baadhak Mars. Venus dasa is running and the line of dasa I gave above would justify the death on that day.

One specific feature in the horoscope of this time is that Moon joins Ketu and is in mutual aspect with mars. This shows some disturbance to the mind. The Bhukthi being Moon, it can be said that the pilot failed to act or react correctly and in time. The disaster was the result of it. The Navamsa position of Mars, Sun, Ketu and Rahu go well with mass death.

Another lagna is Scorpio. In that case Moon shifts to Pisces and the results are greatly modified. However the 7th lord goes to 8th joining the 8th lord. The 7th lord is in the asterism of Mars, the 6th lord; The 8th from 8th being occupied by the retro 7th (Jup) and 8th (Sat)lords. This house is the 3rd from lagna. This 3rd lord (sat) and Jup in sun's asterism and aspected by Sun. Sun being the 10L of Karma can be related to giving a handle to decide the destiny of the flight.

Comparing these lagnas for the DOB of the pilot, the former (Simha) lagna gives scope for pilot's misjudgement and mistakes in handling the crisis. But death is certain in both cases.

A Senior Citizen said...

Thank you very Astro Girl and Mdm JS. Dr.Guru.Raghavan

Unknown said...

Thank you for this insight.

A Senior Citizen said...

Thank you once again Mdm JS. It is now widely accepted that the plane met with its fate in the south Indian ocean - south west direction of the original position. You were absolutely right in your analysis. Great!

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

Thanks Dr Guru Raghavan.

The credit goes to Vedic astrology for having clear-cut rules for determining parameters to find out lost-goods. My part comes in choosing the most appropriate interpretation.

Locating or finding out lost goods, be it about cattle or things or even a wife who eloped was the most often probed theme of astrological query in olden days. Agriculture, travel and lost goods were the main issues for which astrological help was sought in those days. As such I would say the the astrological rules for finding out lost goods had been very well refined. What we do today is to choose the proper parameters as applicable for the issues of the present times.

One of the basic features used in this analysis for detecting the direction was to look at the previous sign in the case of retrogression. Mars was retrograde at the time of the last contact and was close to the junction of Libra-Virgo. Olden Thought is that a retrograde planet must be deemed to have shifted to the previous sign. You wont find this idea in any book of astrology even by sages of yore. But this was in use by hearsay and in Nadi leaves. I think this works within certain orbs of the planet near the junction of rashis. Sometime in future I will work on this to find out whether the orb matters or position in any degree can be considered as having shifted to the previous sign.

One learning I got from the analysis of the current one is on the shifting position of Sun. The horoscope at the time of last contact did not show a trinal (5 / 9) or quadrant angle (4 /7/10) between lagna lord (Mars) and 10th lord (Sun). Such an angle is crucial for determining the time of detection of the debris (in the present case). By 25th March (today) Mars had completely entered Virgo and come into angle with Sun - the 10th lord which signifies Destination of the plane in the chart. Sun being in watery sign had also come to show that water was the location of the plane. This shows that we have to take the position of the 10th lord at the time of the formation of the angle between the 1st and 10th lord.

A Senior Citizen said...

Mdm JS. I agree with you on your observations on "Retrograde Planets". I too have heard this before. I have applied this logic – reckoning retrograde planet’s position to the previous sign and I got amazing confirmation of the findings. I request you to deal with this subject separately, elaborately and objectively by taking up each planet as some planets are smarter and faster and some others are slower. One may need to study the level of accuracy to the particular segment to which it belongs in this backward application.

Thanks again for this opportunity to interact.

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Dr Guru Raghavan.

Orb and Bhava matter more than speed. For example orb has worked wrt Mars and not saturn in the current analysis. It is also true that true rashi position matters in judgement of yogas and yoga bhangas. But in phalitha part, its position in the previous sign holds good, I think.

narayana said...

Namaskara Smt. Jayasree,

I am concerned about the recent flight accidents. In a snap of 7 days, 3 flights have either crashed or been brought down resulting in huge casualties. What planetary positions are causing these disasters and that too so many in such a short span. Kindly advise.

K V Narayana Achar

narayana said...

Namaskara Smt. Jayasree,

I am concerned about the spate of flight accidents in the past one week. We have witnessed at least 3 plane crashes / accident. What is causing so many accidents in such a short span? Kindly let us know your thoughts.

K V Narayana Achar

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Narayana Achar.

The present times are such that accidents in air, fire from air (missiles and war in Middle east)and explosions and fire accidents in places around us and general restlessness among the people resulting in heated talks and belligerence can be witnessed. Even I suffered a burn injury 4 days ago (on the day you asked this question) when hot cooking oil fell on my hand.

These five days that ended with yesterday, had Saturn in sthabhitham or motionless before it started forward movement today. Usually when long term planets such as saturn and the nodes change motion or enter into another sign, some massive shake-ups are seen particularly if accompanied with coupling with other malefics.

The almost war-like like conditions in middle east is also a matter of research in astrology. Usually the thumb rule is that when malefics like nodes, saturn and mars pass through Aries and Taurus, there will be severe suffering to people. Major wars and terror attacks have happened in such a combination. In that combination saturn will be in debility in Aries or transiting Taurus. But today saturn is in exaltation in Libra. This ensures that there should not suffering or war like conditions. But things are really frightening now.

Looking at the causes for this, Saturn was in retrogression in exalted sign.So that makes it as good as in debility. If we check the three air craft disasters that happened in the past few days, we find that Saturn was in debility Aries in Navamsa!

This can happen when saturn is in Aswini 1st pada and in Vishaka 1st pada. There does exist an aphorism in Brihad samhita on suffering to mankind when planets like Jupiter and saturn oppose each other from Vishaka and Kritthika. But the current situation shows that saturn in Vishaka 1 st pada when it is in vakra is indeed dangerous.

Other locations are the equinoxes. The movement of nodes in the junction of Revathy- Aswini and in Chitra had always spelled trouble for mankind. With saturn now in forward motion, the trouble in Middle east can be expected to subside a little. It will subside further after Mars crosses saturn and goes to the next sign. The trouble will very much come down once the nodes cross chithra star. This will happen next year.

Now coming to air accidents, refer my articles here:

I have in my records more than 50 cases of aviation disasters in the air due to various causes such as missile hit, bird hit, door problem, mid air collisions,mechanical failure, lightening etc and 11 cases on runway accidents. These two are different as the former happens in air and latter on ground.

The airy signs, saturn in airy signs or airy navamsa, in Rahu's stars particularly swathi, malefics in aspect of each other, mercury and gemini afflicted by them are basic causes for these mishaps. When moon gets into coupling with malefics on these combinations, the death toll is high.

Presently saturn in Vishaka 1 st pada, nodes in equinoctial junction and Mars passing through them with mercury in Gemini in martian and Rahu's star are the causes for the recurrence of aviation disasters we heard now.

The fire accidents, warring tendencies etc are due to Mars now moving through the sensitive equinoctial junction with malefics like Saturn and Rahu in close degrees.

In the coming days we may hear of massive earthquakes are earthquake combinations are now materializing. Read my article in scribd doc. Moreover there is a research study that earthquakes are more when Jupiter is exalted (in cancer). We will wait and see. And pray to the Almighty that suffering will be less and bearable.

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