Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The astrology of the Air France crash

The crash of the Air France plane carrying 228 people is in the news.

As one currently working on deciphering the astrological connections to terror attacks and man made calamities of unnatural variety, I think I can say something on the crash of the Air France plane.

If we go by the traditional wisdom, the causes are more obvious.

(Starring time , May 31, 2009, 7-00pm, Rio de Janeiro)

The ascendant falls at Moola.
The Lagna Lord Jupiter and the 8th Lord moon are afflicted by Saturn bringing an airy element into focus, besides foretelling death potential (Prasna Marga, Upadesa Sutras) while Mercury (signifactor of transportation) is in 3rd from lagna lord and is getting afflicted by Mars in Aries.

Mars and Saturn in Aries and Leo with Jupiter passing Aquarius foretells a calamity of unnatural deaths. Whenever Mars, Sun and Saturn transit Aries or Leo or Scorpio, there will be mass death of unnatural kind caused by fire. Even if 2 of these planets are there, the causative will be triggered. Mars in Aries and Saturn in Leo make us keep our fingers crossed, expecting some bad news. It has happened. I vaguely remember a similar astro map mentioned by Nostradamus. His prediction sees Jupiter in Aquarius, aspected by Saturn and fire falling from air. Jupiter was in Aquarius at the time take off and crash with Saturn in Leo aspecting it. Leo is the sign of France in mundane astrology.

The 2nd has Rahu along with Gulika and Mandhi while Ketu was transiting the 8th in the Saturn's star of Pushya.

The marak and Bhadak of the 7th house (airy sign) Mercury is afflicted in Aries (fiery) by Mars.

All these show that the cause of the crash is fire, though the plane made a watery grave (8th house in watery cancer with Ketu in Saturn's star)

The melefics not placed in any type of inauspicious axis to each other, rule out any sabotage.

As Mars is sailing through Aries and is set to enter Taurus, my concerns increase. Whenever the malefics such as Mars or Saturn had crossed Rohini, man- engineered (terrorist attack or wars) calamities had happened. The Rohini Shaka Bheda was feared from time immemorial.

When Mars transits Rohini, it will be in 3-11 axis with Ketu while Saturn will continue to be in Leo casting its 10th glance on Taurus, increasing the chances of a terror attack or man-made calamity at that time. The places affected are likely to be Ireland, Iran, Poland or France and Italy.

May God bless everybody!


The plane vanished on Monday four hours into its 11-hour flight, as it was beyond the reach of radar midway over the Atlantic between South America and Africa, in an area known for its tropical storms. The last communication from the aircraft were automatic data signals warning of multiple electric and pressurization failures on board. The pilot did not send any mayday distress calls.

Air France suggested the four-year-old plane could have been struck by lightning - a fairly common hazard that by itself should not knock out a modern airliner, but coupled with other problems such as violent turbulence it could be dangerous. Other theories advanced by experts include pilot error, mechanical defects or even the remote possibility of terrorism. "No hypothesis is being favoured at the moment," French prime minister Francois Fillon said Tuesday.


Cristina Laird said...

I am an occidental astrologer and i can't quite understand what sort of orbits you use, but Mercury had stationed direct the day before and it was making a square to Neptune and a sextile to Uranus, explaining the mystery involving the crash as if literally the plane had vanished!

Jayasree Saranathan said...

This is as per Vedic astrology / Hindu astrology. The chart displayed here is generated in jhora software.

In this system we don't use outer Saturine planets. It is because the main pioneer of astrology, sage Parashara whose time is traced to more than 5000 years ago had said that only those planets whose light reaches the earth are analyzed for making predictions. This is one of the reasons why astrology is called as Jyothi-isha in our system - Jyothi-isha means the science of light.

Coming to the predictive part, the first rule for any death is that the lords of ascendant and the 8th house from it must be afflicted by malefics. Then we have to see the other planets involved in such afflictions in the related houses. Mercury comes into picture in this chart, because it is the lord of death house or 'marak' (the 2nd and 7th houses from the ascendant are maraks)joining Mars in Aries.

The other issues have been explained in the post.

Involvement of mars -saturn - rahu - ketu is seen in any event of unnatural death. There are many other tips to ascertain how this happens. But the very basic issue is that if these planets are involved in any relationship within themselves - by aspect or association or in malefic axis of 6-8 or 2-12 or 3-11, a sinister hand of man can be expected. If so and if moon is also afflicted by any one of them, you can suspect a terror angle or sabotage or deliberate hand as in a war, resulting in death of innocent ones. None of it exists in the case of Air France crash.

As comparison you can analyse the chart of this Air France crash with, say, Nagasaki bombing (deliberate act causing mass deaths)or the tsunami of 2004 that first hit the shores of Sumatra at 7-58 am local time (mass unnatural deaths not man made)or the WTC attack. The connection between malefics will be there and also an affliction to Moon only in the instances of sabotage or terror attacks.

When Mars transits Aldebaran (Rohini) in Taurus, with Saturn still stationed in Leo, and when moon gets connected with any of these three (Mars, saturn or Aldebaran), we can expect a terrible terror attack. This combination had never failed in the past. As an instance, WTC was attacked when Saturn was transiting Rohini. The Indian parliament and J& K Assembly were attacked when Saturn was transiting Aldebaran. The same was the case in the last 2 world wars. Even the Mahabharata war broke out when Saturn afflicted Aldebaran from Leo by its 10th aspect. A challenge to established governments happen when Saturn & Mars afflict Aldebaran. Such an affliction is expected when Mars transits Aldebaran in a month's time with Saturn in Leo casting its 10th aspect on Taurus, not exactly on Rohini (Aldebaran) making the expected terror attack a lesser magnitude.