Saturday, June 13, 2009

Top 10 questions about Hinduism and 10 terrific answers!

Hinduism was in danger from invaders in those days.

Today it faces danger from within, from those born in this faith itself.

The knowledge of this Natural religion is not known to many Hindus themselves. Many have no patience to think about why Hinduism is the way it is. Materialistic education of the modern times also had blunted the search for answers from Hinduism.

In this background, the well-written articles from answering the Top 10 question about Hinduism is sure to dispel the misconceptions of Hinduism.

The questions are

 1. Why does Hinduism have so many Gods?

 2. Do Hindus believe in reincarnation?

 3. What is karma?

      4. Why Do Hindus worship the cow?

      5.  Are Hindus idol worshipers?

6. Are Hindus forbidden to eat meat?

7. Do Hindus have a Bible?

8. Why do many Hindus wear a dot near the middle of their forehead?

9. Are the Gods of Hinduism really married?

10. What about caste and untouchability?


Sparing a few minutes to read the replies in these links will help understand Hinduism in its original glory.

You can download the Tamil version at


You can download the English version at




"Ten Questions About Hinduism and Ten Terrific Answers," Now in Tamil



KAUAI, HI, USA, May 27, 2009: Hinduism Today magazine's celebrated "Ten Questions" educational supplement is now available in Tamil. It addresses in clear and thoughtful terms the questions that Hindus are asked the most by strangers, friends or even one's own children.

And, sometimes, these are questions we may ask ourselves. Hinduism, in all its glorious complexity, may have some points that we thought we knew, but didn't, really. These "Ten Questions" are about Hinduism's many Gods; reincarnation; karma; cows; idol worship; vegetarianism; holy scriptures; the bindi; married Gods and caste.


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jeevagv said...

Now that they have Tamil version as well, glad to see!
Previously, these are printed as pamphlets and distributed in temples and so on here in US!