Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jupiter- Saturn opposition and ban on Maoists!

The opposition or conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn has been a pet topic of debate among astrologers.
Lot of literature has been written on this - mostly in connection with a prediction of a calamity in the range of a war.
The source material for this debate is Varahamihira's contention that when Saturn and Jupiter opposes, a terrible calamity or a civil war will break. Based on this, many expected an outbreak of war of a lesser magnitude in the year 2000  when Saturn- Jupiter were together in Taurus. But nothing happened. Earlier during the world wars, this connection between Saturn and Jupiter was not there. This connection was not there even in the Mahabharatha war!

Today such a connection is in the sky with a retro Jupiter in the sign opposite to Saturn.
But no untoward incidents of a warring nature can be seen.

Contrary to to expectations, this opposition came with some relieving features! First of all, soon after this opposition started, Indian election results were announced - averting a hung parliament thereby signaling a politically stable rule in India for the next 5 years.

And now, a few days ago on 22-06-2009, an end was put to the decades long insurgency problem.The government banned the Maoists organization signaling a tough hand in controlling insurgency.

An analysis of this ban in the light of what Varahamihira has said gives us a better insight into what to look for in Saturn- Jupiter opposition or conjunction.

Taking a re look at Varahamihira, he did not say just opposition. He qualified his statement by saying that when Saturn transits Krittika (Solar asterism) and Jupiter transits Vishka (Its own star) at the same time (simultaneously), calamitous conditions will prevail endangering the lives of people.

This opposition perhaps with Saturn in Aries in the sign of debility and Jupiter in inimical Libra, transiting the said stars respectively, causes war like conditions.
The additional feature to be noted here is the involvement of the Solar asterism. As sun stands for government and rulers, the connection of Sun to this combination must be there in some adversarial form.

A similar combination is given by Nostradamus too.
He avers the influence of Saturn over Jupiter. If Saturn overpowers Jupiter, there will be break down of law and people would suffer. But this will happen on condition that Sun is also in some bad patch.

In Century, V - 24, he says,

"The kingdom and the king being joined under Venus,
Saturn shall overpower Jupiter,
the law and reign raised by the Sun
shall be put to the worse by Saturines"

That there must be some affliction of Sun is again noted in Century IV- 86, where he says
that when Saturn is in Aquarius conjoining Sun, the king will be powerful, yet wicked. The king will murder innocent citizens.

In the dictum by Varahamihira, we find the affliction caused to the asterism of sun in the sign where Sun exalts.
The saturine affliction of Sun must be there, if some war like condition must prevail with Jupiter also getting afflicted by Saturn either by conjunction or opposition.

For instance in the event of the ban on Maoists,
Jupiter became strong by retrogression in Aquarius. It simultaneously casts its 5th aspect on Sun and 7th aspect  on Saturn in the proverbial combination of opposition to Saturn.
Jupiter is in the asterism of Mars, its friend who is in his own house, but who is not in any mischievous axial relationship with Saturn at the moment. This rules out any adversarial opposition but does not rule out fiery flares in the past few days and in the days to come by being associated with Bharani. The many fire accidents we hear  these days are connected to the current transit of Mars.

It must also noted that the ban on Maoists happened with Jupiter in 10H, Sun in 2H and Saturn in 4H of the Indian natal chart. Mars the lord of 12H is in 12th at that moment.

The inference is that if Jupiter is overpowering than Saturn and 'protects' the sun also in the process- with an additional guarantee from Mars that he is not up for any mischief, the proverbial, opposition of conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn can not wreck any havoc.
With a strong Jupiter in control of Sun and Saturn, it will be advantage to the government enabling it to run the writ of law high.

That the opposition or conjunction of Jupiter- Saturn need not be averred, must be understood from another dictum that says when Saturn, Jupiter and lagna lord are in auspicious relationship in a persons' horoscope, they will make the person a Brahma Gyaani! Thus, more than the equation between them (Jup and Sat), it is about the other conditions becoming adversarial or auspicious that make the equation trigger a bad event.


raghavendra said...

I think you are being very optimistic to
draw some conclusions.

Regarding your first sentece..
Contrary to to expectations, this opposition came with some relieving features! First of all, soon after this opposition started, Indian election results were announced - averting a hung parliament thereby signaling a politically stable rule in India for the next 5 years.

Do you think hung parliment is worse than rule by asuras.. The congress govt is anything but good to happen to hindu india and you know it.

Regarding the second sentence
And now, a few days ago on 22-06-2009, an end was put to the decades long insurgency problem.The government banned the Maoists organization signaling a tough hand in controlling insurgency.

By terming the cpi-m as terrorist organization, if you belive that the decades long problem will get solved, then you are absolutely off track. You are very well aware nobody gives 2 hoots about any proclamation by the congress govt, as they are good only in words and not in action.

Remember another hilarious proclamation by giving arrest orders for the paki terrrorists of 26/11 and in the same time paki freeing them, and asking india to continue the dialog.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Cool Mr Raghavendra!

While writing / thinking in terms of astrology, we must not allow personal perceptions to influence the astrological indications.

But our perceptions do get reinforced by astrology.

Look at the Annual progressive (Tajaka) chart of India for 2008-2009.

The Tajaka annual lagna is in Scorpio with the lagna lord in the 11th! 11H is for elections and Parliament. The Kali sahama falls in the 5th house (Pisces). This is opposed by Mars, Gulika and Mandhi from the 11th!.

The results were declared when Mars crossed Kali sahama in Pisces. This shows how the present legislature was formed (by dubious methods) and was formed by people of dubious nature!

But the results came out in Sun- moon patyayini dasa when both of them cast favorable aspects on the 11th. This showed a hassle-free formation of government.

If you want anything good to happen to Hinduism, don't worry about it for 2 reasons. (1) Whether you work towards it or not, Hindu dharma will stay by quarter strength and only by quarter strength. And spiritual India will always be there due to Ketu heading the kala sarpa in Indian natal chart.

(2)Whatever you do or try to do to keep off the 'secular' congress from the helm, you can not do. Because only this government will have to be here to make worset things to happen in Moonmaha dasa.
I said stable govt in the next 5 years. Moon maha dasa starts after that in Sep 2015. The 5 year stable rule of Cong is going to be the foundation for worst strife after 2015 which is going to see jehadi and cross border terrorism at its peak.

It is Kala purusha's plan to plant a pro-minority govt that will keep a blind eye to all issues in the coming years that will form the basis for strife in Moon maha dasa.

You see, I am fatalistic - not optimistic as you said:)

Raghavendra said...

Thanks Ms Jayasree.. your explanations are very good.

Is Mercury or Jupiter very good in your horoscope ? :-)

btw whats the time used to draw india's natal chart ? 15/8/1947 12:00 AM ?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

>>Is Mercury or Jupiter very good in your horoscope ? :-)<<<

ha ha.
Well I have Vrinji yoga. Lagna lord, Saturn and Jupiter are in auspicious combination attaining vargotthama in 4 or 5 vargas, I don't exactly remember. Mercury is retro in 2nd.

Indian natal chart is Independence chart - 15-08-1947, 12-01 am, New Delhi.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Watch out 2010. Saturn, Rahu and Ketu coming in mutual kendras in dwiswabhava rasis is not good. Whenever moon and mars make a link to them by some axis or by transiting the asterism of these 3, death and destruction will happen. But this must be supported by Indian natal dasa or combination found in annual chart. The Sun dasa of the natal chart and the generally better annual chart will not allow disasters to happen in India in 2010.

However, we can not rule out their impact at some place in the world depending on their mundane charts. To identify the countries to be affected in 2010, we can either take resort to Kurma chakra or the general mundane / western astrology based countries assigned with zodiac signs. (for Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius)

sury siva said...

very interesting observations indeed !
I came here thro' jeeva's blog on VINAYAM .
I must visit here quite often, i feel.
God Bless you.
subbu rathinam.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving comment, Mr Subbu Rathinam

Unknown said...

How can you consider 15 aug 1947 to be India's birthday?

If you consider that as India's birthday, how could you explain the events that occurred before India's independence that were nevertheless significant, starting from Muslim invasion to British rule and the Jalianwalabagh massacre (rulers killing innocent civilians), world wars and partition of the nation? Will you say that was in another birth?

I don't find this assumption by Indian astrologers to be logical. As far as I know (I am not an astrologer) ancient Indian texts like Mahabharata speak only about celestial events that occur as seen from a country and not about the natal chart of the country.

What do you say?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

On 15-08-1947, at 12-01 am, India as we see today was officially created. In mundane astrology we go by the time when a country or any entity of mundane nature was officially created or declared. We do have natal charts for the political parties. The US has a natal chart based on its birth as a nation.

India existed as Akand Bharath before Independence. That landmass also was divided into what is called the Kurma chakra (refer Brihad Samhitha by Varaha mihira), by assigning a natal sign for each region. All this come under Samhitha skanda of Astrology.

It is called Mundane astrology following the Latin word 'Mundus' for 'world'. Western astrology is also a source of mundane astrology.

Unknown said...

I agree with the logic of dividing the land mass into Kurma chakra (thats the reason I mentioned 'celestial events that occur as seen from a country'). I feel it is more logical than using the time and date. Do you have any historical evidence of someone using date and time to arrive at the horoscope of a nation? Please don't cite any western sources, western astrology is not accurate like Indian astrology.

I am also aware of 'prasannam' which is used to deduce the horoscope of a person based on the time he comes to see the astrologer. But these are subtle arts, and are almost dead. I understand that there are many methods to arrive at the horoscope of a person, but I don't agree with the logic of using time and date of declaration to predict the future of a nation or political party. I am of the opinion that the horoscope of the leader of a political party or nation is more important than the time of declaration of the party or nation themselves. Most of the predictions about the recent election results failed. Why? But I read one prediction that was correct, that mentioned that the time for Advani is bad due to the influence of Saturn, and so he will lose.

Please understand I am not an astrologer and I don't intend to disrespect astrologers but I am more interested in the scientific aspects of astrology rather than reliance on beliefs.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

I am sorry to say this, but I have to say this. There is a difference between replying to one who knows the subject and one who does not know the subject. Few lines are enough to explain the answer to the former whereas we need few years to make the latter to understand.

I understand that the few lines I have given in earlier comments are not sufficient.

I will make only a few observations here.

* Every region of akhand Bharath has been assigned a distinct ascendant sign based on which mundane predictions are made.

* Application of astrological principles also differ from region to region due to geographic, latitudinal, cultural and demographic differences. One example is the use of GodhoooLi muhurtha which maharishis have recommended only for saurashtra region.

* Prasna is of many varieties and some of them are distinct in specific regions. Not all prasna methods follow the question time chart.

* There are many methods in astrology and we are not allowing them to die. May be in Tamilnadu they are not popular. The loss of Sanskrit is the main reason for people not being aware of them.

* The mundane charts are 100% workable. It is known by verification. Maharishis do tell us to observe, apply and verify. It works.
I for one am currently preparing a Research paper on astrological pointers for terrorist attacks, which I am planning to bring out as a book. So far I have worked on 70 charts of terror. Patterns can be formed based on many concepts of Vedic astrology. It is possible to say whether an explosion is accidental or caused by a terrorist. In the latter case, it is possible to pin point his intention also - whether it is jehadi, local skirmishes, a defiance of the govt and so on. So the proof of the pudding is in eating.

* About Advani. He does not have the planetary combination for prime ministership. As long as BJP has him as its Prime ministerial candidate, it can not capture power. Similar with Rahul Gandhi. I used to wonder if anyone has advised him not to eye for the highest post!!

* Astrology is more scientific than many sciences of today. Read my blog fully before commenting.

Unknown said...

"Astrology is more scientific than any of the sciences today"

That's a bold statement that you've made. Not only you, many astrologers make these kind of statements. My friend, I suggest you start writing a blog detailing when and where terrorist attacks would happen in the country. You would be of great service to the nation.

Your statements only remind me of the Tenali Raman story about the astrologer who predicted to the king that he would die soon.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Those who have had a glimpse of the ocean of astrology, know the validity of it. It covers from Creation to Annihilation and tells about everything under the sun and beyond the sun. It is the Eye of Vedas. It is the software tool of the Creator God which once getting switched on goes on to complete the job without any interference from the Creator Lord - like what Einstein realized that the cosmos is well planned and is going on with a well prepared programme that it just needs the Creator God to press the button of initiating the programme. That map of the programme is available as Jyothisha.

Einstein agreed that a Super Intelligent Creator is needed with a Super Programme to begin the Cosmos. Everything is discernible from this programme . But why He created the cosmos is a question that a scientist may never know said Einstein. That is something we can know from spiritual searches only. Sanatana Dharma answers the mind of God, astrology explains the tool of God.

It will be possible to understand this revelation by oneself only if one had gone deeper in to Space science or in spiritual science.

About Tenali raman analogy, astrology never fails, but astrologers may fail.They are also like your meteorologists, economists, scientists who work on set principles to arrive at conclusions. If they fail, it is due to their limitations and not due to the limitations of the science they forayed into.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

In Vedic astrology, predictions for nations come under "Medhini astrology". It is also known as 'Desa gochara'. One can find the details in Brihad samhita by Varahamihira. In this system, each kingdom (desam) of Bharath were assigned a specific star and that was considered as the birth sign of the kingdom.

This wing of astrology has existed even before Ramayana times. Dasharata was advised to pray to Saturn when famine was predicted for his country. It was related to an astrological phenomenon called Rohini sakata bheda (splitting of Rohini) that always causes famines. The famine will befall the nations of the signs (of stars) afflicted by Saturn in this phenomenon. Like this, many rules are there to identify the effect of planetary transits affecting a particular kingdom.

Before India was created and before the British came, the astrologers of each region (kingdoms / samasthaanas) went by the sign and star of the region that has been in vogue from time immemorial. Based on that, issues affecting the country (samasthaana / kingdom) were analyzed.

The yearly panchanga is nothing but medhini or mundane astrology that makes predictions for the entire Bharatha varsha.

The birth chart of this entire Bharath was the first day of Chathur yugas when all the planets were in zero degrees Aries. The zodiac of the horoscope which we call the Natural zodiac was the chart of birth of Chathur yuga when destiny of this nation and mankind became operational.

Annual predictions are done for this Natural zodiac with sun entering the natal degrees, that is, zero degree Aries. This is the birth day of Bharata varsha. This is also the time of birth of the world (all planets in zero degrees in the beginning of first manvanthara). Zero degree Aries is the first day of Chitthirai month and that is why we say that the New Year starts in Chitthirai. (Read my scribd article in the link given in my blog.)

When India got freedom, the same Bharatha varsha was not there. Bahratha varsha was divided. What is carved out as India is a new entity and therefore we consider the time of Independence as the birth chart of India.

When we analyze this chart, the bhava significances and the events tally well. The pain of a severed limb in Partition is seen in highly afflicted 3rd bhava in this chart. 3rd bhava stands for younger sibling. Pakisthan is the younger sibling of India. Its dasa starts in 2015 when we expect heightened tension in Indo-Pak relationship.

Kurma chakra given by Varahamihira helps us to make predictions about other countries situated on all 8 directions of India.

sury siva said...

When myself and my wife had been recently in USA, to be of moral support to my daughter who delivered a baby boy, I was not very sure in fixing the lagna and the padha of the star of the new born, on the basis of the latitude and longitude positions of the particular town, as our Panchangams do not give nirayana rasi manam. Do we have a reference anywhere either in Brihad jathaka or in Kala prakasika to answer this question?
subbu rathinam
now back to India

Jayasree Saranathan said...

We have to refer ephemeris for the correct location. I suggest you download 'jhora' and generate the horoscope for the required place. For births in US, the day light saving comes into picture in relevant months. Jhora helps you to generate accurate horoscope.

PS: for queries of personal nature, you may write to my email ID given in the profile page of the blog.