Thursday, November 26, 2009

History is same – from Ram Janma Bhoomi to 26/11

Today we recall the painful memories of 26/11 – the dastardly acts of a bunch of ruthless killers attacking us and our places in our soil.

But what is forgotten is a similar experience that our ancestors underwent for many centuries starting from 712 AD.

The impunity with which the 10 terrorists attacked the sovereignty of our nation, life and properties is remembered to day. This memory is still fresh in pour minds. We are eager to restore our damaged properties. We want to bring justice to heal our wounds. At the same time, we fail to remember that we have been experiencing a similar kind of trauma for more than a millennium. The anger and anguish felt by our ancestors when they were attacked – when their temples were attacked – was the same as what we are feeling now. It was even more severe than what we experienced on 26.11.2008. It was a collective anguish that our country, our space and things and places dear to us were ransacked.

Sardar Patel did a right thing by restoring Somnath temple soon after Independence. Gandhi also blessed that effort but insisted that the public should be involved in rebuilding the temple. Restoration of other places must have been done soon after Independence. Had Sardar been there for some more time, he would have certainly brought back to old glory the important ones including Ram janma bhoomi. And as Gandhi said, it would have been a collective affair involving the people.

The coincidental occurrence of tabling of Liberhan report and 26/ 11 must bring us to think of the Nation that was under assault for over1000 years, of what happened to our culture and how we all must rise together to restore dignity by erasing the blots left by the ransackers. Here we do not see them as Muslims. It is our country versus invaders. The Muslims of today also have a collective responsibility as One people of India to preserve our past. They have to be part of the mainstream and put nation first before everything else.

Recall Liberhan's report. He too agrees that historically if something is of some nature, it must be analyzed by experts and scientific study must be done by archaeologists, historians and anthropologists.

The sensible action taken on the Liberhan report would be to leave it to scientific study and restore Indian past wherever applicable. And the people must get together in bringing back the lost glory. The people – all Indians must unite like how they speak in unison against 26/11

List of Hindu Temples Destroyed by invaders

List of Temples destroyed in Kashmir after Dec 6, 1992

Temples destroyed in Pakistan/Bangladesh

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The candles Manmohan missed


Tarun Vijay

I had visualized a 26/11 anniversary befitting the solemnity of the occasion with all parties' leaders led by Manmohan Singh and Ratan Tata at Gateway of India paying homage to the innocent victims, saluting the security personnel and resolving in unison to never let such an incident happen again. After all, the nation is greater than party politics and ideological differences.

But 24 hours before the deadly date I feel defeated as an Indian, by my own fellow men, who were supposed to lead us to a more secure future, while seeing a blank and a shallow 26/11 anniversary. A billion nice people, condemned to have ugly leaders with an eye on personal aggrandizement and glory deserved better.

See what are the two most important stories hogging the space on our channels and newspapers on the eve of 26/11. One is about Shilpa’s marriage reception and the other is a reception hosted by Obama in Washington for our PM.

If the opposition is confusedly mired in the dud dirty linen of another Manmohan, who gave a report that could have well have been released at the AICC headquarters, the ruling clique is eyeing the next elections and the enthronement of its prince charming hence the preparations for repeating the Hindu-Muslim division game have begun in right earnest.

The only hope lies in the people's power and passionate regards for their dead and honest. While we may have a few words of empathy and assurances delivered by a failed CEO of the country who thought it wise to spend the anniversary of an attack on India in Washington, rather than spending a quiet day with those who suffered and comfort the nation with his presence, the people are emotionally observing the day with an angst in their heart and homage to the dead who fell on this day last year to the bullets of the most cowardly savages.

Nobody can forget that while the security personnel were fighting a battle with less professional weapons and instruments, the leaders were making a tamasha of the incident. Hence the shame brought to them by a media and people's all-pervasive anguish had the home minister and the chief minister’s head rolling with the state home minister too following suit.

The year post-26/11 saw Maoist killings on an extraordinary rise.Unparalleled Chinese incursions.LeT overactivated with a Pakistan refusing to listen to us or even accept our evidences.India losing moral ground as a biggest target of terror on this planet and forced to talk economy with the US in times of facing multifaceted terror wars without any conceivable joint action plan with so-called avowed friends to eliminate murder machines.

And we continued with Rahul’s roadshows, dalit hut stopovers, Koda fumblings, Vande Mataram opposed in presence of the home minister, 'Mee Marathi' chauvinism, a traitor in the valley invited Chinese intervention, Liberhan’s 17 years of no-consequence deadwood, a fratricidal opposition and churning of shallow political gossip which they call journalism.

That was the year we saw after India was shaken up by 10 mad lads. And we say we shall try to convince Obama to eliminate terror for us. Ha!

The much-touted Force One’s first demo fizzling out as a laughing stock and a year later, the same party is in governance, not because people thought it’s a better option but because the opposition failed to prove its credentials. The same state home minister is again installed. Not a single guilty man has been punished. Taj decided to have its own security arrangement rather than depend on the khaki that remains a victim of lack of professional preparedness due to lethargic political support to provide latest equipments. The martyrs, who were promised a lot last year by the paan-chewing politicos, have yet to receive the help, and the wives of Karkare and Saluskar had to travel to Delhi to meet Sonia, a year later. Not that the state governors could go to their houses, offer apologies and have the formalities for help completed at the convenience of the families of the martyred .

No, it couldn’t be done. Neither the better, lightweight bulletproof jackets nor the better firepowered machines have been procured. Kasab is on the front pages daily like a masala providing Page 3 material. Policeman gave their lives so that a Kasab is caught alive but their colleagues find themselves in a no better environment to work.

The will to fight and defeat the enemy is dead. It’s the biggest casualty in this system. Washington’s convenience of dates to host a dinner for Manmohan Singh was more important than to observe the first anniversary of 26/11 at home and resolve decisively to annihilate the terror outfits through a non-partisan collective effort.

There is no security alert that could be trusted to thwart a repeat of 26/11. If in the last 12 months, there has been no attack; it’s not because the home minister had made the security arrangements foolproof, but perhaps the attackers have not yet decided.

While there is an all-round systemic failure, the tide of change is too dim and challenged. The king’s failings must make masses to take up the challenge to rejuvenate the public life and throw out the fossils, paving the way for a secured land and a responsive regime.

Just work to bring that moment with a candle for the 26/11 martyrs. That’s the only way to sincerely observe the first anniversary of the black day and to have it as the last incident too.

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Unknown said...

We never learn and never will. Even after 1000 years of muslim rule, we have not learnt that we need to rely on ourselves to protect ourselves.

The best part of the article was the author saying that another attack hasn't occurred; not because of the security measures but because of the terrorists not having yet decided on their next mission.

The state of affairs really hurts deep.

God must truly exist. For I believe it is He who is running our country. Our politicians are far too busy putting away our hard earned money in Swiss banks. They neither have the intention, nor capability of proper administration. I am reminded of a Hindi film bhajan. 'Koi Nahi Hai Tujh Bin Mohan Bharat Ka Rakhwala Re'

Meaning - Mohan, without you, there's no one to protect Bharat.