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Why do people hate? (astrological explanation)

Why do people hate? –
This is the question under analysis by the Gonzaga's Institute for Action Against Hate.
On reading a news report on the works of this Institute,
I was reminded of two issues –
one from an old Tamil poem and
another from the sources in astrology.

The old Tamil poem that starts with
“Chitthiramum kaip pazhakkam, sen thamizhum naap pazhakkam”
(சித்திரமும் கைப் பழக்கம் , செந் தமிழும் நாப் பழக்கம் ”)
dealing with habits - some of which come by practice and others exist as in-born qualities, records only 3 qualities as in-born.
They are a disposition to be friendly to others,
compassion or mercy and
Charity or a tendency to help others readily.

The poem concludes by saying these words :-
நட்பும் , தயையும் கொடையும் பிறவி குணம்
Natpu (friendliness),
dayai (compassion) and
kodai (charity)
are in the genes of a person.

A person in hatred with some one or some cause can not exhibit these qualities.
So we may be tempted to say that Hatred is a birth quality.
But no.
A person may not show a tinge of these 3 qualities to the one he hates – but will show these qualities to the one he loves or for the cause for which he hates others.
If the above mentioned 3 qualities are truly inborn,
then one can not hate and do harm to others –
whomever they may be.
Only when these 3 qualities have universal application in a person,
can we say that he is so and so ( friendly.. etc).
If we find such a person, then we can say that it is a genetic trait –
a notion recorded by the poem.

A person having hatred for whatever the cause can also be
compassionate or friendly or charitable to some one in some point of time.
This means that hatred is people-specific just as how
friendliness, mercy and charity are (for most people).

The other angle from which I am seeing this is from the point of view of astrology.
The 6th bhava (house) is for enmity.
Since hate factor is connected with enmity,
I think it is right to look at the 6th house for determining
if one has the hate-seed in his mind.
The kaarak or signifactor for the 6th house is Mars and
Mars is a natural signifactor for aggressiveness and anger –
the two qualities that shape up hatred.

The Martian constellations of Aries and Scorpio and
the planet Mars gaining strength as aggressor by association with lagna (ascendant)
or as its occupant are some leads to suspect hatred in a person.
Mars getting connected to malefics also is an indicator for
whether a person harbours hatred for some thing or someone.

Mars with Rahu perhaps tells a cunning and secret work
behind others to execute one’s hatred for him.
These combinations connected to the 6 th house
will hold the key to when he will exhibit his hatred and against whom
(by seeing who occupies the 6th and where the 6th lord is located)

The biological indicator for hatred can perhaps be analyzed
from one’s ‘gut feeling’ that one gets when one sees or thinks about the person one hates.
This line of reasoning is more logical astrologically because,
the 6th house in Kaala purusha tatwa stands for
digestive tract, the intestines, the lower abdomen and
the enzyme and hormonal conditions in the lower stomach.

Mars with Saturn causes hysteria and acidity that go along with continuing hate feelings.
The connection of these two planets
to the 6th house and 6th lord perhaps will tell about
the hate-disposition of a person.

But here again we can not tell that a person is hatred-personified.
His hatred shows its head when the relevant dasa- bhukthi comes up.
However the planetary combination will show him in irritable mood
giving a propensity to hate.
But such a person can not hate everyone at all times.
Only those persons indicated by the planet connected with the 6th house or afflicted by occupying the 6th house or the 6th lord or Mars - are the ones the person hates most.

From these thoughts, I conclude that
though the propensity to hate is something in-born,
hatred is not an ‘all-personality’ trait.
It will crop up only at times and only against those
whom he is astrologically programmed to hate.
There will any way be a softer side to the person who seems to harbor hatred.

- jayasree.


Study the cause of hatred
Spokane (Washington),

The goal is to explain a condition that has plagued humanity since one caveman looked askance at another

Why did the Nazis hate the Jews? Why did the Hutus hate the Tutsis?

Hate is everywhere, but the fundamental question of why one person can hate another has never been adequately studied, contends Jim Mohr of Gonzaga University, who is developing a new academic field of hate studies. The goal is to explain a condition that has plagued humanity since one caveman looked askance at another.

"What makes hate tick?" Mohr, director of Gonzaga's Institute for Action Against Hate, wondered.
"How can we stop it?" Gonzaga founded the institute a decade ago after some black law students received threatening letters.

It has since started a Journal of Hate Studies, hosted a conference and offered its first class on hatred last spring.
The hope is that other universities will follow suit, said Ken Stern of the American Jewish Committee in New York, who has been involved in the effort. "We wanted to approach hate more intelligently," he said.

Philosophers have offered numerous definitions: Rene Descartes said hate was the urge to withdraw from something that is thought bad.

Gonzaga, offered a class on the subject taught by five professors from different disciplines. Student Kayla De Los Reyes was in that class, and said the information both horrified her and gave her hope. "Hate is something that is part of the human emotional makeup," she said.

The Journal of Hate studies:-


Unknown said...

Some days I feel, I hate everybody and everything in life. Good to learn its not by birth.

planetX said...

Mam, but how can it be generalized that Mars and rahu will instill hate, people without such combinations also express more hatered. Doesnt moon (mind) have any influence for bringing in hate ? You are definitely more learned and expert in this topic, I have learnt so much from your blogs
.but I would understand Mars and rahu, but when I tried to find charts with that combination I found Albert Einstein has that combination and he did secretive research work,atomic bomb etc..Mars and rahu but what if Mars rahu are in eight house?