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Curse of snakes (sarpa dosha)



The transit of Rahu-Ketu every one and a half years comes with anxious queries on astrological implications for one. Serpents have always been in our environment, particularly in rural life. The harm done by serpents to man or by man to serpent is a common occurrence. The harm done by man to serpents gets manifest as sarpa dosha.


Serpents signify earth as they take home under the earth in cool areas where water-veins are found and where trees are found. Water and trees are natural wealth that are needed to be taken good care of. Bur these sources are dotted with the habitat for snakes. In the science of detecting water veins, Varahamihira lists out the snakes to be spotted at certain depths to ascertain the amount of water and the taste of water. When man harms these natural sources voluntarily or involuntarily or uses these natural sources for his benefit, the habitat of snakes also gets affected. This is primarily how the curse of snakes takes place.


Another way of looking at sarpa dosha is that if the earth is harmed by digging for whatever cause, it hurts Adisesha who is bearing the earth all the time.

Adhisesha is a personification of the force that keeps the earth as a stable one in a stable path around the sun. Any slightest disturbance caused to earth by scratching or digging is a harm caused to earth or Adhisesha. That is why any digging activity must be preceded by a pooja or propitiation to the earth. When not done so, it also attracts sarpa dosha.


The harm done in earlier births to serpents or the earth comes back as the curse of snakes.

This curse afflicts one's progeny, family life, health and riches.



Identification of sarpa dosha:-


In dealing with this subject, Prasna Marga gives some tips on how to identify the sarpa dosha in the horoscope and how to get rid of it.


Serpents are classified as Utthama (superior serpents) and adhama (inferior serpents).

The superior serpents are good ones and the inferior are bad ones.


  • If in a horoscope, Jupiter becomes the lord of Dusthansas namely 6 or 8 or 12 and occupies one of them and if it happens to be quadrant (1,4,7 or 10) to Rahu, then it must be inferred that there is a curse of Superior serpents.
  • If such a Jupiter is in quadrant to Gulika, then it is inferred that there is a curse of Inferior serpents.
  • If Rahu occupies 6 or 8 or 12th house and gets connected to the Sun, then the trouble is from Superior serpents.
  • If such a Rahu is associated with Moon, then the trouble is from Inferior serpents.
  • If Rahu occupies a movable sign, the curse is due to the wanton destruction of serpent's eggs.
  • If Rahu occupies a common sign, the curse is due to the killing of small serpents.
  • If Rahu occupies a fixed sign, the curse is due to the felling of trees near the habitat of snakes.
  • If Rahu conjoins Mandi or if Rahu is in the 5th, 7th or 9th from Mandi, then also sarpa dosha must be inferred.
  • If Mars occupies a quadrant of Rahu, the curse is due to the destruction of trees or removing earth or killing serpents or leveling their habitat or setting fire to the trees near their habitat or ignoring to replant fresh trees or breaking the favorite anthills of serpents.



·        Whatever be the house occupied by Rahu – Ketu, it is better to worship them and do sarpa-bali (pooja to them or offerings to them)

·        If Rahu is in the 4th house in the horoscope, a gem called Chithra koota must be dedicated to the serpent god.

·        If Rahu is in the 12th house, 'singing' must be arranged. This is a lost practice. In the Sangam Tamil text of Paripaadal, there comes description about how people used to arrange singing and dancing in the temples of serpents. Arranging music concerts in the temple snake is a way of propitiation.

·        If Rahu is in lagna, milk and 'siddhapayasa' (milk and water) must be offered.

·        If Rahu is in the 7th house, 'singing' must be arranged.

·        If Rahu is in a fixed sign, eggs and small serpents made of gold and copper must be installed in the places of worship. Fresh trees must be planted near the snake temples (or abodes of snakes). Planting of peepal tree in snake temples also is good.

·        If the ascendant is a movable sign, 11 images of eggs or small serpents made of gold or copper must be installed in temples of snakes.

·        If the ascendant is a fixed sign, 9 images and if it is a common sign 7 images of eggs or small serpents made of gold or copper must be installed in temples of snakes.

·        If Saturn and Gulika are in quadrant to Rahu, one must serve the serpent temple in the maintenance of the temple. The snake temple must be kept clean, unpolluted and low minded people (drunkards or unclean ones) must be kept away. Fresh trees must be planted in the vicinity and one must work towards keeping the temple well guarded and restore regular rites of purification.

·        If Gulika alone is in quadrant to Rahu, it is also indicative of the need to serve a snake temple by keeping its environs free from dirt and  pollution and prevent spitting or urination near the temple.


The remedies for sarpa dosha are thus simple but they make sense. The universal remedy for sarpa dosha is offer of milk to the anthill or ground where snake-god is installed. This is symbolic of purifying the Mother earth by the pure and the life-giving food, that is milk.



The message of sarpa dosha is that man must become aware of the harms he is doing to the earth and the environment. Every time one spits on the earth or makes the ground unclean or digs the earth – though for an inevitable reason - without offering apologies for so doing by way of thoughts connected with a Pooja, one is inviting the curse of snakes.


Abuse of earth and dumping waste on usable areas of earth and waterways also invite the wrath of Earth by manes of Sarpa dosha. Wherever one is born or in whatever faith one is born, the sarpa dosha caused by his action can be remedied only in the above ways. A pilgrimage to Indian temples or birth in Hindu Faith only will pave the way for shedding the baggage accumulated in daily life of abuse of earth in some way. Only the Hindu Faith paves way for the Final Emancipation by a plethora of paths and cancellation of both good and bad accumulated by one.



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The Indian Money Maker said...

nice one. but Could you tell me the source from which you quoted these things?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Please read the article again. I have mentioned the source.

Sarah said...

Thank you very much. This has been very helpful.

eshan said...

Dear Madam,

Why do only harm done to snakes gets shown as dosha in the horoscope. Do harm done to other animals like eating goat or fish or hunting animals like elephants, lions or tigers get shown as some dosha in the horoscope?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ms Sheela,
Yes, any harm done to any creature will cause dosha or harm. But people are not aware of it because it will manifest later in life or in next birth. It is all about 'sow the seed now - reap the harvest later'.

To get better idea of what I say, read this post along with its comments :-

and the comments in this post:-

No one escapes from what they do, however small or unintentional it is.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ms Sheela,
To your specific question on manifestation in horoscope, a sarpa dosha is not exactly about harm caused to sarpas. If the land, habitat of sarpas, trees etc are harmed, it is manifest as sarpa dosha. Harms to other beings will show up as sufferings in a combination of malefic formations in the horoscope. Death by animals is one way of manifestation of harm to animals. Non vegetarianism is manifest in mouth and dental problems. Cancer also is a manifestation of growth of one's flesh by eating up the flesh of another being.

OraMoneyMantra said...


I read your article on Sarpa Dosha with interest.

I searched for the gemstone Chitrakoota stone which you mentioned.

I was unable to find . Could you please point me in the right direction. What do you mean dedicate the gem to Snake God and where and how to go about doing it.

I have Rahu in 4th House Mesha Aspected by Mars Lord of 4th from 10th House. I would like to do the remedy.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Ramji,

Prasna Marga gives this name "Chitrakoota" for Rahu's stone. It is also known as Gomedhakam, Rahu ratnam or Gomidam. Since this gem is mentioned in the context of 4th house position of Rahu, this refers to "Chandrakantha Gomedakam". This stone is Hassonate Garnet which was exposed to moon's rays and hence resembles ice. The best of this stone will have the colour of gooseberry green.

Dedicating this gem to Serpent god means presenting it to the deity of Sarpa in a temple so that this gem will adorn the deity as an ornament.

Ideal day to do this is on a Naga Panchami or else any Panchami day.

OraMoneyMantra said...

Dear Ms.Jayasree,

Just saw your reply. Thank you. I thought as much. But wanted to clarify.

One last question. Can this jemstone be given to a siva temple or Lord Muruga temple?
Appreciate your input.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Ramji,

It must be done to Sarpa. If there is no sarpa temple in your locality, look for Durga temple where Durga is seen with Sarpa as umbrella over her head. Or look for Durga / Parvathy / Devi temple where naga Panchami rituals are done.

OraMoneyMantra said...

Thank you Ms.Jayasree!

One final question. If there is no temple as you suggest, I have purchased an 17 century idol smuggled out of India. Its a rare artifact. I live in europe. I have kept it in my pooja. Can we dedicate a Hessonite necklace for this idol. Would that be of any help?
Thanks once again. I have benefitted greatly from your blog.
Best Regards

Jayasree Saranathan said...

//Can we dedicate a Hessonite necklace for this idol. Would that be of any help?//

No, it wont help. Means are valued in the scheme of Destiny. A smuggled image of God would not help you.

Unknown said...

Madam, is it true that after Sarpa Samskara pooja, one should not consume onions or garlic for 13 days.
it will be great if you can shed some light on the post pooja traditions..

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Santosh.

I don't know the Puja vidhi. If advised so, please follow it. By the number of days you have mentioned it looks, the limit is one paksha (fortnight).

From spiritual point of view, it is always better to abstain from these during the parihara kaalam (until you realise the effect of the puja or vratha)and on Vratha days. For more please approach a Purohit or the Guru who conducted the puja.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Santosh,

While collecting some information from Mahabharata for a future article, I came across an information on sarpa bali. Refer this page on Anusasana parva chapter 132.

It is a sarpa puja done on Aslesha (Ayilya) of Karthikai month - which happens to be the 8th day (ashtami) of the waning phase (dark fortnight of moon / Thei pirai). {This combination however would not repeat every year}.

Actually Aslesha Bali is very popular in rest of India (outside Tamilnadu) and is indeed the recommended one by astrological texts for sarpa puja. The 13the day from that ashtami is Panchami of bright fortnight (Valar pirai). Panchami is also well known for Sarpa puja. If Aslesha comes on a Panchami it is very auspicious time for Sarpa puja. Perhaps the puja you had in mind was to do with a sarpa puja done on an ashtami day (aslesha on that day would be an added advantage) from which 13 day vratha culminates in Panchami puja for sarpa. And hence the food restriction.

swapna said...


viswanth.v said...

After seeing my horoscope astrologer commented mandi is in 9th house of my horoscope,so astrologer advised to perform pooja and asked to pay 10,000 rupees.I just want to know is it affordable to pay amount or better to go myself to sri kalahasti temple to perform rahu keta nivaran pooja.I will be waiting for your feedback.Thank you.

Unknown said...

after seeing my son's horoscope, priest told me to perform some naga pooja.. what pooja should i hv to do and where to do....

mahi said...

hi mam
i have anant kaal sarep dosh
did puja twice
nothing helped
everything get cut at 99 percent
marriage is getting delayed
rahu is in 1st house and ketu is 7th house
all planets r hemmed between in it rest all the houses r empty