Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On Mlechchas and Yavana astrology.

My article titled "Mlechchas in Astrology" can be read in the December 2009 issue of Astrological Magazine. The link is

This article traces the origin of Mlechcha astrology (Yavana astrology) from Vedic sources that were not meant for those following Vedic way of life. The Yavanas were there far back in history - even before the times of Ramayana and were given a lease of life by sage Vasishta when he took help from them in protecting the Divine Cow Shabala from Vishwamitra. In return he taught them astrology meant for non-vedic people. From the Yavanas it spread to the European world and re surged through Greeks after the submergence of Romaka desa - the Atlantis!


The article can be read at my scribd documents section. The link is given in the right side bar.

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