Friday, April 16, 2010

Cho's indirect counsel to Karunanidhi?

I think at times Mr Cho of Thuglak inadvertently gives counsel to Mr Karunanidhi in the guise of comments. The latest is the cover page cartoon (24-04-2010) on what can be expected from Mr Alagiri for MK's 'one-sided' 'paasam' (affection) for Stalin.

MK, the regular reader of Thuglak got a clue from it and did an one-up-man-ship to put Alagiri under check. Read the news item below. MK's decree on curbing 'freedom of speech' directed at Alagiri came the same day after Thuglak reached the readers.

This does not mean that MK would take Cho's counsel always.
He is an ardent reader of Thuglak - he has said so sometimes in the past.
He reads Thuglak to know what the opponent says - just as how kings spied in olden days.

He rarely bothers to correct himself taking cue from them.

But when it comes to Business - I mean the family business of share holding the enterprise called Tamilnadu, he is quick to pick up clues and act accordingly.

What a service Cho has done to Tamilnadu - true to his self-claimed demeanor as a jester!!

How disappointed we are that Alagiri is diffused even before he can shoot his next missile!


No interviews: MK puts gag on Alagiri

In a gag order on his son M.K. Alagiri, the Union chemicals and fertiliser minister, DMK president and chief minister M. Karunanidhi on Thursday ordered that no one in his party should rush to the media with interviews and statements concerning party affairs or alliances.

The diktat, the first of its kind issued in the DMK, follows remarks made by Mr Alagiri challenging his younger brother and deputy chief minister Stalin's succession as the party's leader.

Mr Karunanidhi said only he and DMK general secretary K. Anbazhagan are authorised to speak about decisions taken on important party issues decided by the general council or exec utive council.

Asking his party to treat the "firm and final warning" with all seriousness, Mr Karunanidhi said if any DMK leader ignores it and speaks to the media on party matters, instead of discussing them at party forums, it would be construed as a violation of party discipline.

However, the DMK patriarch said leaders holding government positions -from heads of local bodies to ministers -would be allowed to speak to the media about official work.
Mr Karunanidhi said many people had tried to weaken the DMK but such attempts affected neither him nor the party: "We have overcome many treacheries and betrayals."

He also took a swipe at the press, saying that with the general elections in the state due in less than a year, "a section of the mischievous media" twisted some interviews by DMK leaders and rendered them out of context.

Though the DMK chief did not mention anyone by name in his warning, it was obvious that he was reacting to recent interviews and statements by Mr Alagiri.


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