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Volcanic eruption in Iceland – an astrological explanation.

We are perhaps in an important point of time in the history of the world that gives us ample scope to understand the way Nature behaves when the earth is churned in and out. The churning that has resulted in a volcanic eruption in Iceland kindles interest in all those engaged in learning and predicting similar disturbances. From astrological stand point, this is truly a time to check traditional wisdom of astrology and also to evolve newer understanding from the many instances of volcanic eruptions recorded until now.

The current eruption with its aftermath is exactly as told by Varahamihira in Brihad samhita. This is based on the Lord of the Year and his position in the zodiac at the time of the first day of the Lunar month of Chaitra of the Lunar New Year. The lord of the first day of the Lunar New Year becomes the King of the Year. For the current year that started on March 16, 2010, the first day was Tuesday. So Mars is the King (Raja) of the year.

According to Brihad samhita, chapter 19, verses 7,8 and 9 the following is the prediction if Mars becomes the King of the Year.
Translated into English it says that

“During the year ruled by Mars violent fires fanned by the wind will spread out threatening to consume villages, forests and towns; crowds of men ruined by the depredations of hordes of robbers and deprived of their properties and cattle, will cry out “alas! Alas!’ throughout the land.

Though the clouds may appear thick and piled up in the sky, nowhere will they pour down sufficient rain. Even the crops that grow in the low-lying lands will wither away.

Even if they should grow, they would be snatched away by robbers. Kings would not be interested in governing their countries properly.”

Though this can not be literally taken up, the fact remains that a similar impact is experienced now in the world. The area where this would happen is identified by the direction of the sign where the King (mars) is posited at the time of start of the New Year. Mars was posited in Cancer which has the direction of North.

In the astrology of vedic seers, directions are noted in certain ways. Starting from Aries, the directions are noted for each sign as east, south, west and north. This is continued for all signs in this order. As such Cancer shows North.

From Siddhantha Shiromani of Bahskara, we can deduce the locations indicated by the directions. This can be done in two ways.

# Japan is east, India and Indonesia ( roughly 90 degrees west of Japan) come in the south, West Europe and UK are in the west and Mexico and west coast of the Americas are in the north.

# Japan and surrounding areas are east. UK and surrounding areas are west. Areas towards North pole are North and areas towards south pole are south.

In the current analysis, Mars in the direction of North in Cancer indicates areas towards North pole.

There will be eruptions of fire and thick clouds high in the sky. The immediate danger is to crops as per the above mentioned verses.

However there is scope for remedy because it is said in the 22nd verse that if the Year lord is in neecha (debility), these happenings will be moderate. Mars was in debility at the time of start of the New Year. It will be so until 26th May. We can expect continued disturbance until that time.
However the impact will be less crippling.
Damage to crops will however be there.
Fall in production of agricultural products will be felt throughout the year.

Other astrological parameters.

Study of volcanoes astrologically throws better light on predicting the time and impact of eruptions.

I am maintaining a log of prominent volcanoes in the past including the one that erupted in Indonesia on 26-08-1883. There are certain distinct patterns noted in them:

Saturn and Sun play a major role. They must be in opposition or in aspect or in transit in each other’s stars. (Sun’s stars are Kritthika, U.Phalguni and U.shada. Saturn’s stars are Pushya, Anuradha and U.Bhdrapada)

• The nodes must be in opposition or square to these two planets.

• Sun - Saturn opposition in Aquarius and Leo triggers volcanic eruptions. Similar devastation is mentioned by Nostradamus also.

Earthy signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) will be involved as in the case of earthquakes. The aspect of nodes to these signs will be there. Refer my blog for earthquake parameters Earthquake at Chile – Astrological pointers.

• The aspects mentioned in vedic astrology are as follows; Nodes = 3rd, 7th and 11th houses. Saturn = 3rd,7th and 10th. Sun = 7th

• Sun transiting gandaantha when Saturn aspects it or posited in sun’s star. Gandaanthas are the junction between cancer and Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius and Pisces and Aries.

• The nature of the sign afflicted determines the nature of devastation.

For example in the current devastation happening in Iceland, watery signs were afflicted by Saturn. The first eruption happened on 27-03-2010.

Sun – Saturn opposition was happening at that time. Sun was in Saturn’s star (U.Bhadrapada) and Saturn was going retrograde in sun’s star (U.phalguni). From the most vulnerable sign of Virgo for earth- disturbances, Saturn was aspecting 2 watery signs, Scorpio and Pisces. Its aspect was in retrogression on its own stars – Ansuham in Scorpio and U’Bhdrapada in Pisces.

In addition the Year lord Mars was also transiting Saturn’s constellation of Pushya in a watery sign. So the over-all impact will be on watery as well as airy (Saturn being an airy planet) elements. The nodes are in square to Sun and Saturn. Saturn’s 10th aspect falls on Ketu whose aspect on Aries is bad. Rahu aspects all the 3 airy signs. This combination continues throughout this year. This year will witness damage from winds.

In the above scenario, watery and airy signs getting afflicted resulted in the breaking up of the glacier and heavy smoke spreading to upper strata of atmosphere.

The eruption on 14-04- 2010 happened around the same time when an earth quake rocked Tibet. That day was a perfect day for earthquake – going by the parameters discussed in the link article I have given above. The next probable date comes on May 13th (2 days before and after including) 2010 for yet another disturbance of the earth. But causality would be less.

Looking at the 14-04- 2010 Icelandic eruption, we can see Sun in zero degrees Aries (Gandantha) and other factors remained the same.

The situation will improve once after Mars leaves Cancer (May 26th).

The long term impact will be cold winters. Earlier in an article we saw how the coming winters are going to be colder like the last winter. Read this link:-

Predicting Cold waves.

Cold winters will recur until 2014. The current impact of the Icelandic volcano will add to that.

Some learning

In spite of low sun spot activity at the current times, we had hot summer last year and unexpectedly cold winter too. An article in recent issue of New Scientist.com postulated that a solar flare affected the upper layers over UK and Europe, causing a severe winter. But they are not sure of that. There is no way to say that such a flare could selectively affect a specific region of the globe. In the current episode in Iceland, Sun was not in the picture at all except for the No-moon day that was on when the last eruption happened on 14th April blowing off the glacier cap.

In astrology we see other factors connected with the Sun.
We see the solar family as a single unit having a say in the climate of earth and the disturbances experienced in it.
We also see some vulnerability in parts of the sky (zodiac) and decide accordingly the nature of events.
Outwardly scientists have observed that certain parts of the sky generate meteor showers caused by left-overs of comets that have crossed long ago.
Repetition of such showers in particular times has made it possible to predict them.
Similarly astrology as developed by seers has numerous such bases which show the way nature behaves.

Currently the Icelandic disturbance will subside by end of May. But after that an earthquake season would begin in the south – in Indonesia and – in the areas around Mexico, Chile and West US. Volcano Mayon also runs the risk of a blow-up after July 20th.

India runs the risk of terror attacks between August to December. The second half of this year will not be quiet. When Mars becomes the Year lord, land and people get into explosive moods.

The Icelandic eruption also reminds us of Toba eruption that occurred 75,000 years ago in Indonesia. The spread of volcanic ash of that eruption as far as Pune has been found out now – even after all these years. We are currently seeing a similar recurrence of such a spread over Europe. It will be a great learning how it affects climate and how it could have affected the people at that time.

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