Thursday, February 28, 2013

‘Ram Setu a man-made structure' – geologist Dr Badrinarayanan

(This is an old article published in, but still holds relevance. The interview with the Geologist  Dr Badrinarayanan confirms 2 of my derivations from Valmiki Ramayana (written in All Tamils must unite to save Ram-Setu. ) that the region of Ram Setu was a volcanic region with hot spots underneath and that this structure was constructed around 7000 yrs BP. He comes closer to this date by a difference of 1000 years. )


July 31, 2007

'Adam's Bridge a man-made structure' – geologist Dr Badrinarayanan

In our series on Ram Sethu and the Sethu Samudram Canal project, we had earlier interviewed world-renowned tsunami expert Dr Tad S Murty and Dr Kalyanaraman, a researcher on the subject.

This time, we discuss the feasibility of the project with Geologist Dr Badrinarayanan.