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S. Gurumurthy on Jayalalithaa's death.

A short news item appeared in TOI Chennai edition today on Mr S. Gurumurthy's views on some important issues. One is the loss of craze for Dravidianism. Another issue that we hear from him is the one on Jayalalithaa's death. Though we believe that Jayalalithaa suffered a natural death, the developments in the AIADMK soon after her death makes us think that her death was a culmination of a well executed long term plan by Sasikala and her people. To quote Mr Gurumurthy, 

"Jayalalithaa was under the care of Sasikala Natarajan whom she threw out in 2011 along with her family members. It is they who after apologising and returning had her under their care for years. In that period her health declined steeply. How could the doctors or hospitals have treated her, particularly when she was critical? Those who would gain if she were not there were taking total care of her. It does call for a probe in public interest".

The circumstantial evidence and the complete amnesia of everyone in the party to Sasikala's promise to Jayalalithaa of not having anything to do with party and governance certainly point out to foul play. This gives every reason to suspect that Jayalalithaa was deliberately made to suffer gradual ill health by Sasikala so that she can capture power some day. Though this looks fictitious, the current developments and the earlier episode of Jayalalithaa expelling everyone of Sasikala's clan are too true to be brushed aside. 

In this context the one person who can boldly take on the cunning and mighty ones is Cho Ramasamy. Unfortunately he left us at the most trying time. I used to wonder whether he suffered heart attack on seeing the Sasikala clan surrounding Jayalalithaa's body as that was a clear evidence that Jayalalithaa had been cheated all along till her death by Sasikala. Jayalalithaa herself has told Cho in 2011 about the double crossing done by Sasikala & co. Cho has shared it with some of his close friends. This has come out now in the editorial of Thuglak, now edited by Mr S. Gurumurthy.
Those pages are given below.

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At a time we were looking helpless with no strong voice to question the misdeeds happening in Tamilnadu, it is a welcome development that Mr Gurumurthy had taken up the role of Mr Cho Ramasamy and has raised this suspicion in Jayalalithaa's death. When everybody perhaps with an exception of Seeman, have been clamoring to shake their hands with Sasikala, it gives some sense of hope to see Mr Gurumurthy expressing his views fearlessly and in tune with what people at large think. Mr Gurumurthy has contributed  a lot at the national level - the recent one being the demonetization issue. But now he has come to cater to the grass root level reader through Thuglak. 
It is really fulfilling to see a smooth transition in Thuglak with a fitting person replacing Cho. But alas the same has not happened in the ruling party of Tamilnadu.


'Hindu gods defeated Dravidianism in TN'
Kalyanaraman M & Rajesh Chandramouli

Stepping into Cho Ramaswamy's shoes as Thuglak's editor doesn't daunt S Gurumurthy, though he does say that Cho was a gifted writer. “He wrote the entire script for his famous play `Unmai Urangum Neram' in one night,“ he says. Gurumurthy says very little in his life can be attributed to his free will and everything has been a happening, so is the `Thuglak' editor role.

S Gurumurthy is that rare breed in public life in Tamil Nadu. Devoutly religious -when talking about a corrupt official he wonders what would be the punishment for all the bad karma he had earned -Gurumuthy , along with Cho and others, has steadfastly countered popular ideas including Dravidian ones. Proud of his RSS background, he says, “I may be biased because I take a point of view. But I will speak on the basis of facts“.

For long, he was among a microscopic minority of opinion makers in the state. Yet, for his niche audience of middle-class enthusiasts and professionals, Gurumurthy is a rock star, a man who makes a powerful case against moral degeneration and for India's culture and values.

Vigilant against monkey business, especially by politicians, Gurumurthy has called for a probe into J Jayalalithaa's death. “Jayalalithaa was under the care of Sasikala Natarajan whom she threw out in 2011 along with her family members. It is they who after apologising and returning had her under their care for years. In that period her health declined steeply. How could the doctors or hospitals have treated her, particularly when she was critical? Those who would gain if she were not there were taking total care of her. It does call for a probe in public interest,“ he adds.

With Tamil Nadu's politics in a churn, it would appear that the time has come for his views to get bigger play . Gurumurthy sees fatigue among Tamils with Dravidian parties. “A polarised political situation has been guiding TN since 1972. Nobody else had any influence or decisive role. Now one pole, the AIADMK, has been affected. A large part of the AIADMK vote was anti-DMK vote. It got it from the Congress which declined and AIADMK prospered. BJP will grow if there is a meltdown in TN politics, which will soon happen,“ he says.

Advocates of the Dravidian movement argue that the BJP brand of Hinduism will never gain a foothold in the state that has an identity of its own including in religious beliefs. “I actually think TN is the most Hinduized state in the country . Almost a crore of people go to Sabarimala. A quarter million people go to Palani every month, thirty lakh go to Melmaruvathur. This is what de-dravidianized Tamil Nadu. Hindu gods defeated Dravidianism. The psyche of Tamils is that they have more faith in gods than leaders. They see god in their leader, not leader as god.“

Gurumurthy faults the Dravidian parties and the general decline in values among professionals and civil servants for the recent raids on businessmen and the chief secretary of the state. “`30 crore new notes were seized. This became public. No government could have avoided ordering raids.

Bank officials are in collusion.You cannot give more than `24,000 to anyone per week but you find `30 crore in one place, in bundles without being opened. Obviously there is a huge conspiracy to smuggle this money out of cash chests of banks and exchange it with black money .

The DMK and the AIADMK regimes have made Tamil Nadu corrupt. It is very organized. Even the civil service has been co-opted into this in a massive way. It's serious,“ he adds.


Raghu said...

There can be no smoke without a fire. The talk of J being slow-poisoned is not something that has come up just now, it has been there in the wind for well over two-three years. Sources close to Poes Garden and Jaya TV will vouch for the fact that it was Sasikala and her clan who were calling the shots, not J, and completely controlling who would be allowed to meet J and what information would be allowed to reachher. Therefore, it is quite possible J might not have been aware of the goings-on around her(should we say goings-off?!). The only mystery for the pubic is what is that such a bold lady as J would have to so fear Sasikala as not to expel her for ever, even when she had occasions to question her sincereity. Anyway, it is good things are unfolding the way they should. I only hope that with the right push from a well-meaning Central government, politics in TN are cleaned to some extent at least.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

I concur with you Mr Raghunathan. It is difficult to believe that JJ had remained so oblivious of the ways and designs of Sasikala. Particularly after 2011, her health had deteriorated very much.

In a TV interview actress Sachu, her long time friend had said that JJ had taken very less food and was without food for long hours. In that interview she had said that JJ had told them (Sachu and others met her over a lunch in 2012) she used to take a piece of bread and coffee for breakfast and some vegetables for lunch before leaving for Secretariat. After that she had remained without any food till the next morning's breakfast. For a diabetic patient like JJ, this dietary regimen is certainly very harmful.

If as Sasikala claims that she took care of JJ, is this the way she cared about JJ's diet? Anyone in her place must have convinced her or made every effort to make her follow the correct eating regimen. It is surprising that JJ followed such a regimen though she must have been aware of the kind of food regimen at short intervals that a diabetic must take. The only answer I can think of is that JJ must have been made to think that Nature Medicine by eating vegetables and fruits would be a cure for may ailment. But it wont work in people already suffering from diabetes. Did Sasikala make her believe (through some doctor's advice and the like) that such a scanty food regimen wont harm her though her primary aim was to reduce weight? Certainly a caring person or a blood relative in Sasikala's place would not have allowed JJ follow that food regimen. In hindsight, it looks imperative that we must know what food regimen and medicines JJ was given for all these years, especially after 2011, when Sasikala was sent out on suspicion of having given her a slow poison.

Sachu's narration on JJ's food habit starts from 17-17 minutes in the video in this link

Unknown said...

It is heartening to see you also support and welcome Sri SGurumurthy into Thuglak. I have been an admirer of Sri SG, for his logical arguments, supported by facts and figures.
Even if we for argument sake agree that Sasikala looked after JJ and so was entitled to be in JJ's Poes garden mansion, how come Natarajan, who was never allowed anywhere near JJ for decades, is now in Veda Nilayam and virtually controlling everything in the Party and Government? Certainly, there is something foul play is being enacted and this has to be prevented before a disaster takes place.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Saranathan,

Why 'you also support and welcome Sri S.Gurumurthy'? I have always posted many articles of Mr Gurumurthy in my blogspot. I admire his out-of the box thinking on many issues of relevance to common man. He as a replacement for Cho is the right choice. And he is the sole voice at present in TN against the misdeeds of anyone of relevance to the State's welfare.

Scope for foul play in JJ's death is gradually unfolding. She was under the complete control of a doctor from Sasikala's family. He had given her lot of steroids. Though her death is natural, the kind of health issues she developed were due to the wrong treatment done by that Dr Sivakumar, who is the son in law of sasi's brother. Read the interview in this link by Acupuncture specialist, Dr Shankar who treated JJ briefly

Sheela said...

Dear Mam

whatever is unfolding is unbelievable. one thing in 1993 i heard about this slow poison is being given . JJ has been a lonely kid in heart who was desperate to be taken care off and laid her trust solely on this lady.
i heard slow arsenic poison makes person abnormally fat/ anaemic & weak. any labtest can fail to detect if it is stopped before a week to 10 days before test. so patient will feel better after medication for anaemic/ weakness. again it canbe given after some time which will slowly make patient's liver & kidney weak alongwith acute diabetes. once it attacks lungs its final stage and the pattern is something can sense in JJ's case.

her personal maids have disappeared. SPForce have been removed during her stay in apollo probe is definitely required.

Unknown said...

Jayasree Madam, I am sorry, I had not noticed that you were posting Sri SG's articles. Anyway, I agree that SriSG is a good replacement for Sri Cho, though I hasten to add that Sri SG is a serious person and might not match the satire and wits of sri Cho!
You as well many readers are right that JJ has been subjected to slow killing. Her end might look natural but it is an "enigma wrapped in mystery", to quote Winston Churchill.
Another aspect is that according to some reports when she had a heart attack, they tried artificial respiration for nearly half an hour and after those attempts failed they tried using ECMO. This involves major surgery as the main artery and vein have to be connected to the machine. That looks ridiculous and foolish. Also, a team of doctors came from AIIMS next day morning, after more than 12 hours! What for? Though official records say she died at 1130PM on Monday, from the various reports it is suspected she died on Sunday evening itself by about 5PM. The very hurried burial also indicates this conclusion.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ms Sheela,

As you say JJ started showing symptoms right from the first term when her association with Sasikala touched the absurd peak of adopting Sudhakaran. Who will do or how could anyone ask for a probe into her medical records right from then onwards? All are talking about her stay in Apollo hospitals. The Apollo doctors and AIIMS doctors must be in the know of the issues in her health care and could have communicated to PMO. Is Modiji waiting for the right time to strike?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Saranathan Sir,

Please no offense to my response on Sri SG's articles posted in my blog. Mr Gurumurthy, Mr (Prof) Vaidhyanathan on IIM and Mr Chetan Bhagat are my favourite writers whose articles on nation and general issues from layman's point of view are rarely missed by me and I used to post them in my blog when I concur with them and want to discuss those articles in my blog. Nowadays the search engine in my blog is working and one can browse for those articles using the search box.

Yes, JJ continues to be an enigma in her death also! Her end might have come on the evening of 4th itself when she suffered cardiac arrest. In my article on JJ's death ( I have analysed the time of cardiac arrest which shows that her end probably came at that time. She was clinically dead at that time.

I think she was put on ECMO support to keep her hearth functioning till arrangements were made and people were prepared to accept the shock of her death. It was all about when to make the decision to remove the ECMO support. And who made the decision? All these meed to be accounted for. And also the medical condition of JJ when she was brought to Hospital must be made known to the public. I dont think there was any foul play in the kind of treatment given to her in Apollo, but what made her suffer such acute problems is something that must be probed.

As Mr Gurumurthy says those who are trying the reap the benefits of JJ's demise and her political and personal fortunes now were the ones who were in control of everything from the food to medicine she was taking. How to bring out the truth from them?

Unknown said...

I entirely agree with you. Sensing dangers surrounding her, Modi, when he visited her couple of years' back offered services of nurses from Gujarat. I am not sure whether JJ ever utilised the offer. I shiver to think what JJ would have felt when she was in the hospital and under tight quarantine, perhaps. imposed by Sasikala. She became a prisoner and it was her own making.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Saranathan,

There was an article on Tehelka at that time on how Modi came into the picture tom help out JJ. You can read it here
Till now no one has challenged this. But JJ took sasikala back mostly because sasikala was in a position to hurt her in DA case. But after her comeback, JJ must have kept a watch on Sasikala which she failed to do.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

5 questions in the treatment given to Jayalalithaa (From

1. அப்போலோ மருத்துவமனையில் ஜெயலலிதா அனுமதிக்கப்படும்முன், சில நாட்களாக காய்ச்சலால் அவதியுற்ற நிலையில், சுயநினைவு இழந்த நிலையில்தான் மருத்துவமனையில் அனுமதிக்கப்பட்டாரா? ஆம் எனில், சுயநினைவு இழக்கக் காரணங்கள் யாவை? சிகிச்சைக்காக அவரை அனுமதித்ததில் காலதாமதம் ஏற்பட்டதா?

2. முதல்வரின் உறுப்புக்கள் நன்றாகச் செயல்பட்டநிலையில், மருத்துவர்களின் தீவிர கண்காணிப்பில் இருக்கும்போது இதயத் துடிப்பு முடக்கம் (cardiac arrest) வருவதற்கான காரணங்கள் யாவை? அது திடீரென ஏற்பட்டதா அல்லது மெல்ல ஏற்பட்டதா? இதைக் கண்டறிந்தபின், உடனடி சிகிச்சை அளிக்க காலதாமதம் ஏற்பட்டதா?

3. அப்படி நின்ற இதயத் துடிப்பைச் சீராக்க எவ்வளவு நேரம் எடுத்துக் கொள்ளப்பட்டது? 30 முதல் 40 நிமிடங்கள் ஆனது என பத்திரிகை செய்தி தெரிவிக்கிறது. அப்படியெனில், மூளைச் சாவைத் தடுக்க முடியாது. முதல்வருக்கு எக்மோ கருவி பொருத்தப்பட்டது உண்மையா? மருத்துவரீதியாக மூளைச்சாவைத் தடுக்கவே எக்மோவைப் பயன்படுத்துவார்கள்.

4. முதலமைச்சரைக் காப்பாற்ற முடியாமல் போனதற்கு மறைமுக காரணிகள் (underlying conditions) இருந்ததாக, அப்போலோ மருத்துவமனையின் அறிக்கையில் வெளியானது. அவை என்ன என்பது விளக்கப்படவில்லையே ஏன்? உதாரணம். முதல்வருக்கு இருந்த சர்க்கரை நோய் பாதிப்பு.

5. இவை எல்லாவற்றையும்விட, குறிப்பிட வேண்டிய சில விஷயங்கள் இருக்கின்றன. மனஅழுத்தத்தைக் குறைப்பதற்காக புரோதயோடன் (prothiaden) 75 மில்லி கிராம் மருந்தை ஜெயலலிதா எடுத்ததாகச் சொல்கிறார்கள். இந்த மருந்தை அவர் எடுத்துக் கொண்டாரா? சர்க்கரை நோயைக் கட்டுப்படுத்த வெளிநாடுகளில் தடை செய்யப்பட்ட, பயோகிளிட்டசோன் (pioglitazone), ரொசிகிளிட்டஜொன் (rosiglipazone) போன்ற மாத்திரைகள் அவருக்குக் கொடுக்கப்பட்டதா? புரோப்பிடனும் பயோகிளிட்டசோனும் இருதயத் துடிப்பை பாதிக்கும் என மருத்துவ ஆய்வுகளில் தெளிவாக குறிப்பிடப்பட்டுள்ளது. நேற்று ஆங்கில தொலைக்காட்சி ஒன்றில், 'ஜெயலலிதாவுக்கு சர்க்கரை வியாதியைக் கட்டுப்படுத்தத் தவறான மாத்திரைகள் கொடுக்கப்பட்டன' என செய்தி வெளியிட்டுள்ளது. புரோப்பிடன் கொடுத்தாலே இருதயத் துடிப்பில் மாற்றம் ஏற்படும். 'அப்போலோ மருத்துவமனையின் இ-மெயில்களில் இந்தத் தகவல் கசிந்துள்ளது' என அந்தத் தொலைக்காட்சி செய்தி வெளியிட்டுள்ளது - என விவரித்த மருத்துவர் புகழேந்தி,

There is one more question - this one from me. Administering potassium beyond certain quantities in the blood stream could kill a person very soon with a cardiac arrest and without leaving any traces of symptoms of the foul play. Dr Sivakumar, sasikala's relative was taking care of JJ's medication for years and it continued in Apollo also according to reports. Going by the silent hijack of the party and through that Governance by Sasikala, there is every reason to suspect what was Siva kumar doing in Apollo, where was he during the last moments of JJ. This suspicion comes from the other suspicion that her body was embalmed. If a body is embalmed, there is no use in conducting pot mortem after that assuming the body is exhumed on the order of the court.

If it is true that JJ died of cardiac arrest on 5th night, and her body was embalmed after that, both these events are highly suspect. I heard from a source in GH that it is an accepted practice to do a cosmetic embalming so that the body can be kept for a few days. But JJ's body was in state for only a day. Within 24 hours of her reported death, her body was buried. Why that hurry if her body was given embalming, assuming it to be a cosmetic one?

Even if the court orders a postmortem, nothing would come out if the body is embalmed. So all these suspected things have been done with someone having medical knowledge - and that someone had given her steroids and banned medicines all along.

Siva said...

When one reads all the above information, it is very scary. A person like JJ has to undergo so much because of one person. The way things had unfolded after the demise of JJ, it is clearly seen that most of things are planned well in advance and they are able to execute it without anyone questioning it. SK got into the GS post and within few days into the CM position. Family control of JJ was imminent and now the entire ruling party is in the control of Family and none of the members are able to voice any opinion. All of them just dance to the tunes of the family. With still 4 + years to go TN is in very bad hands and shape. Unless something happens TN will be doomed. Very sorry state of affairs.

Thanks Madam for bringing all related articles together, it is easier to go through the same.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Mr Siva,

Very true.

But what is intriguing is that how JJ failed to see the designs of Sasi (Mannargudi Mafia - hitherto refereed to as MM). Perhaps she became aware of their designs only in 2011 that led her to drive them out. But due to compulsions of DA case, she took back Sasi alone. From then onwards Sasi and MM could have hatched a master plan. Part of that plan is to eliminate JJ for, that could save them all from DA case. JJ was the sole Govt servant implicated in the case and Sasi and MM might not be implicated after JJ's death as the case pertains to the clauses that implicate Govt servant.

Thus there is every chance to think that Sasi and MM master-minded a plan to gradually sicken JJ through steroids and banned medicines and allowing her to starve in the name of weight control though it means danger to her as she was a diabetic.

Simultaneously, Sasi could have discouraged any plan of JJ to find a successor for her. In her maiden speech, sasi said that JJ used to tell her about the people there - the MLAs, ministers and partymen. Even if JJ had found someone to be worthy to be groomed as her successor, Sasi must have easily thwarted it by giving a negative opinion or creating some alibi to support her claim. This was easy for her as way back in the 90s itself she has successfully kept JJ's relatives and original servants at a distance by influencing / poisoning JJ's mind.

Perhaps only by 2011, JJ realised the bad potential of Sasi, but even they she could have thought that she has successfully kept Sasi at a distance from party and Govt. But it was not so as is known from the developments and talks of partymen now. JJ had not only allowed herself to be deceived but also left the State vulnerable to the attacks by this monster which she has grown in her house.

The audacity with which sasi continues to be in JJ's house, uses her chair, car and office room all show that she did not consider herself as a servant of 'akka' but a replacement for 'akka'. Without JJ being aware of sasi's plan, sasi had successfully thwarted any idea in JJ's mind on choosing her successor. Sasi must have expected her end soon and waited for that day to take up her seat. It is obvious from the current developments now that Sasi had considered herself as the successor for JJ.

The only way to put her in the dock, that I can see is in the kind of verdict of the SC. If the SC cancels the verdict of Justice Kumaraswamy, then Kunha's verdict would hold good and sasi and co would have to bite the dust. But this would mean that JJ committed the offences and the bad name would stick to her posthumously and permanently.

This is something too bad for JJ that most of us would not have liked, but karmically I think that JJ deserves a posthumous retribution for having posthumously put the State at the mercy of the monster that she has grown in her backyard for 30 long years despite public outcry and warnings at various times.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear readers,

I have added a link on top of the side-bar titled as "other side of Jayalalithaa". This is in Tamil and appears every day in the Tamil version of The Hindu. One Mr Narasimhan is writing a series on Jayalalithaa based on his interaction with her. He was a good friend of Jayalalithaa. He says that JJ considered him as a close friend and one with whom she has interacted a lot on Hindu philosophical issues. He once sought her permission to write a biography in her. She has told him that he can wait but wanted him only to do the biography when she decides to have one on her. But that day never happened. However after her death, Narasimhan had taken the onus of writing on JJ as he has known or seen her. So far only 7 chapters have been written over a week now, and it is continuing on a daily basis.

This series does contain some interesting info on JJ. For example, contrary to popular opinion that she blindly follows astrology, she has presented herself as some one who does not believe astrology so easily. She was not superstitious also. There are other topics too. JJ has spoken to him about why she always preferred to have others seated a little away from her and why she and sasi garlanded each other on the occasion of her 60th birthday puja in the temple which led to lot of mud slinging on her character and status. By clicking the link one can get into The Hindu web page and read all these in older articles by clicking the key word given at the end of the article.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

On reading these articles and after seeing / hearing sasikala speak in the ADMK meeting with lot of difficulty in properly pronouncing Tamil words, I got a doubt whether JJ really treated Sasi as a close friend or whether she shared many of her thoughts with Sasi. For intellectuals, it is difficult to talk with someone who has limitations / difficulties in talking. Sasikala can not speak a Tamil sentence properly. She can not pronounce 'Zha'. She has the slang of something like Madras Tamil. It is difficult to believe that an intellectual like JJ can have an equal one - to one interaction on all or many matters with sasi. JJ's relationship with Sasi must have been purely that of a master and servant and not of a bosom friend with whom one can connect with on all issues. Simply put, JJ could not have talked to Sasi like how she had talked to Narasimhan!

JJ has left everything on house administration and personal needs to be handled by sasikala. She herself has mentioned the former one (household needs / works) in her interview with Simi Garewal and the latter one (personal needs) was mentioned by Sasi herself in her first speech to ADMK party. Sasikala did not mention anything other than that as her interaction with JJ.

Beyond that JJ did not seem to share a close relationship with her. She has considered Narasimhan (who is writing now the articles on her)as a close and intellectual friend. It is impossible that JJ had such intellectual interaction with sasi who has difficulty even in refined speech. In a news report published in Vikatan, Deepak (JJ's brother's son)recalled his association with sasi. In that he recalled the time Sasi was sent out by JJ. On those 3 months that Sasi was outside, he and sasi used to got to a temple to pray that JJ take her back. On those trips to temple, he said that Sasi used to express worry about what JJ had eaten or taken care of herself. The language he quoted was something which educated people can not approve - sasi had said "athu (meaning JJ) enna thinnuccho, athukku onnum theriyathu .... " like talks.

It was really shocking to read those quoted words addressing JJ as 'athu' (that) and not 'akka' which sasi expresses in public. This also shows that JJ never allowed her to go beyond taking care of her food and personal needs and taking care of her home. Sasi was never an intellectual friend, and even if JJ had tried to connect with her so, it would have become difficult.

JJ had remained secluded even inside her house. Sasikala had taken advantage of that and dealt with partymen and got things her way while JJ had remained oblivious. The handling of Deepa's marriage also looks something scripted by Sasi & co. While Deepa was being told that JJ was doing all the preparations, JJ was kept out of the loop and was never even informed of that marriage. Certainly the 30 year association that sasi boasts of is a case of writing her own script under the nose of JJ with JJ remaining locked inside her room, reading or seeing files.