Thursday, December 29, 2016

Day 1 of Garbottam 2016-17 – (Not promising)

Margazhi Garbottam started at 11 PM on 28th December 2016 and ended around 11 PM on 29th December.

The impact would be felt between 22nd June and 5th July 2017.


(1) Wind:- Cool breeze blowing from North east was felt at times till noon.
(2) Rain:- Nil.
(3) Lightening:- Nil.
(4) Thunder:- Nil.
(5) Clouds:- Cloudless during night. From 11 AM onwards clouds were growing from the east.
An important feature of the day is that Moon also joined Sun in Purvashada star from 11-18 AM onwards on 29th. Since Purvashada is connected with abundant rainfall, this transit of Moon gains importance.

Just after Moon entered Purvashada, one could see clouds coming from eastern direction and some of them crossing the Sun between 11-57 AM and 12- 30 PM.

Before that between 10-37 AM and 11 AM, dark clouds crossed the sun while cool breeze was blowing form North east.

Apart from these two times, the sky was cloudless for most part from afternoon. Very feeble aquatic forms such as swan and stork were seen rarely in Northern and North eastern sky.

3-some features:-

(1) Terrestrial :- Behaviour of birds and cows satisfactory.

(2) Atmospheric :-  (1) gentle breeze was there in the morning. (2) Sun was crossed by dark clouds for duration of half an hour twice around noon. (3) Aquatic shaped clouds were very less and looked dissipated. (4) Wind direction was from the North.
(3) Planetary:- (1) Planets and stars appeared as whitish and faint discs. (2) All planets were in Southern declinations.

Impact dates between 22nd  June and 5th July 2017

Two hours of the Garbottam roughly equals to one day in the rainfall impact period. As such the cloud and breeze seen today are negligible and could impact a day among one of the following, 28th, 29th and 30th June in Chennai.

Only one rainfall supporting feature exists during this period.

(1)Mercury starts combustion on 9th June and crosses Sun on 22nd June, 2017. Usually on combustion starting day it would rain. But Garbottam does not support rain on that date. There is no Garbottam support for 22nd June also.

There are 3 Rainfall spoiling features of this period.

(1) Mars is ahead of Sun and all the planets.
(2)Venus comes in opposition to Saturn between June 29th and July 26th 2017
(3) Mercury enters Sowmya Nadi that gives more winds and less rains between June 21 and June 27.

Inference: As the 3 days of probability (28, 29 and 30) almost come within the spoiling dates, any formation of rain clouds on these days could dissipate or give only traces of rainfall. 

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