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Diseases caused by Poorva Janma Karma – Part 6 (head and face)

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In this section we will see the diseases in the face such as the ones affecting eyes, ear, mouth etc and the diseases of the head which include mental diseases. The sources are Prasna Marga (PM) and Veerasimhaavaloka (VS)

Source text
Previous karma
Face diseases
(Grahani/ mukha roga)


Tearing away  lips,

Breaking the teeth and

Cutting the tongues of others.

Talking ill of others.

Uttering falsehood.

Giving false witness.

Hindering the religious rites.

Talking ill of others who are innocent.

Obstructing the talk of others.

Cutting away the vital parts of others.

Cutting the tongue of others.

Causing worry to others.


Siding with wrong causes.

Kushmanda Homa.

Gayatri Japa.

Gift of grains and medicines.

Gift of idol of elephant in gold.

Propitiation of Sun and Venus.

Eye disease
(Netra roga)

Partial blindness.




Casting wily glances at other women.

Injuring other’s eyes.

In addition to the above,
Putting off lamps in temples deliberately.

Destroying the eye of others.

Throwing dust in the eyes of animals.

Injuring or blinding the eyes of cows.

Chanting Netra raksha sooktham or Netra mantra.

Gift of Garuda made of gold.

Gift of payasa prepared with milk or dhal and ghee.

Kris-chandraayana Vratha.

Offering sweet broth of rice and ghee in Homa while chanting the mantra “paya: Suvarna Suvarnosi”.

Chanting of Garuda mantra.

Gift of food.

In addition to the above,
Gift of idol of Gopala.

Ear diseases
(karna roga)

Back stabbing, cheating.

Tearing away other’s ears.

Obstructing other’s actions.

Secretly hearing the sensual and private conversation of one’s parents and of other couples.

Violating moral rules.

Eating food of Shraddha ceremony  (done for dpeated pithrus) of others.
Gift of land, gold, grains and woollen cloths.

Chanting Surya mantra.

Chanting the mantra “Tad viShno” and Purusha sooktham.

Chanting the stotra ‘apaamaarjana’ and drinking water while chanting it.

Gift of cooked rice, cloth and red cloth.

Gift of black ox.
Jihwa roga
(lingual disease)
Scolding preceptors and elderly persons.

Uttering falsehood.

Tearing away other’s tongue.
Gift of grains and medicines.

Kushmanda Homa.

Chanting Rahu Mantra and other sookthams.
(Gadgada roga)
Tormenting the teacher and others.
Goddess Saraswathi with japamudra (rosary) and varamaala (auspicious garland) made in gold or silver and worshiped with Vageeswara mantra.
Then it must be gifted to a suitable and worthy person.

(Siro roga)

Hatred towards Brahmins.

Tormenting the teacher.

Gifting of sacred thread.

Sacred thread made of gold given to a worthy person.

Chanting “Aksheebhyaam sooktham” while offering ghee in the homa.

Diseases of the nose.
(Naasaa roga)
Talking ill of others.

Eating animals like chicken while observing spiritual or religious rites.
Kris- chandraayana Vratha.

Chanting Sree Sooktham.

Chanting “Uddwayam: mantra while poring ghee in the Homa.


Breaking promises.

Gifting the idol of Goddess Saraswathi.
Throat diseases
(Kantha roga)
Stealing public property.

Graha shanthi.

Gift of gems.
(Kaasa roga)

Chanting Surya mantra. Home to be done by chanting Surya mantra.

Chanting Agni Sooktham while offering ghee in the Homa. After that red cloth to be gifted to 9 persons.

Varuna paasa (coir pertaining to varuna) to be made with silver. Varuna sooktham to be recited while doing pooja to a pot-ful of sesame adorned with red cloth. Both  must be gifted to a worthy person.

Cheating and maligning the teacher while continuing to learn from him.

Kis- chandraayana Vratha.

Propitiation of Sun, Mars and Mercury.

Chanting Purusha Sooktham.
Madness / Hysteria
(Unmadaa, Bhranthu)

Stealing others’ property by power of authority, ego, pride and haughtiness.

Ridiculing elderly persons.

Casting eye on other’s wife.

Breaking promises.
Kris-chandraayana Vratha.

Propitiation to Sun, Jupiter and Saturn.

Gift of gold and sweets.

Homa to be done by chanting mantra starting with  “kayaana schithra..” and Saaraswatha  mantra.

Gift of idol of elephant.


Killing preceptors and masters.

Abusing teachers and acting against their wishes.

Killing others by suffocating

Kris- chandraayana Vratha.

Sweet broth and ghee to be offered in Homa while chanting ‘Sadasaspathi madbhootha” mantra and ‘Kayaanaschithra’ mantra.

Ganapathy pooja to be done by having 4 purohits chant mantras on the previous night and doing Ganapathy Homa the next morning by offering appam. Then Ganapathy idol to be given to a worthy person.

Regular worship of Lord Ganapathy.

Diseases not covered so far, such as those of Heart, urinary tract and reproductive organs will be written in the next and concluding part.

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