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Diseases caused by Poorva Janma Karma – Part 5 (digestive system related)

In this section let us see the Poorva Janma causes and remedies for diseases of the stomach and digestive system. The source texts are Prasna Marga (PM) and Veerasimhaavaloka (VS).

Digestive system related diseases are perhaps the highest in number for their connection to previous karma. It is amazing to see minor variation in indigestive problems being traced various karma of the past. Even pot belly – a common feature among Indians has a karmic cause.

Among remedies Kris-chandraayana Vratha is oft cited for many types of diseases. Therefore a word on it might help serious readers.

This Vratha is celibacy related one as the description pertains to taking up celibacy in the waning phase of moon and continuing it in the waxing phase of moon. In the waxing phase the native has to do 5 types of homa followed by homas to six different deities. This Vratha also requires the native to get alms, like a Brahmachari and eat the food after offering it to six deities. These details make it almost impossible to observe it in today’s world.

Therefore I am giving here the observable rites and the chantings of this Vratha.

Celibacy is a must for men or women observing this Vratha. It starts on the day before Amavasya. From the first day after Amavasya, one must start worshiping the Trinities and chant all or any one of the sookthas namely Rudra sooktha, Vishnu Sooktha and Brahma sooktha for 100 or 1000 times. After that one can take food in the form of balls after offering them to Sun and other Gods. This must be repeated during every waxing period of the Moon.   

Prasna Marga offers easier remedies that suit for any disease.

The foremost remedy is ‘anna daanam’ – gift of food to the needy

The next important remedy is gift of medicine to the sick people.

Among slokas / mantras, Vishnu Sahasranama finds the first position for recital.

Satarudreeya and Rudra Sooktha are the other ones that must be chanted everyday for relief / release from any disease.

Previous karma

Destroying tanks and wells
Recitation of Rudra Sooktham and Varuna Sooktham
Dyspepsia (grahaneeroga)

(disease occurs during the period of weak Moon)
Discarding wife of good character and conduct

Propitiation of Moon.

Chanting Siva Sankalpa sooktha 108 times.

Gift of cow with calf, with gold ornaments.

Stealing annam (cooked food)

Living on interest of money advanced.

Taking food from one who does not do good deeds /

Taking food from someone / through means that are not ethical.
Propitiation of Jupiter.

Gift of yellow coloured cloth.

Difficulty in digestion
( accompanied with loose motion / dyspepsia)
Destroying the Homa agni.
Idol of goat in silver with garland around neck, placed in a vessel of rice and covered with cloth to be offered as gift to a worthy person, by chanting the mantra “Devaanaam yo mukham havya vaahana sarvapoojitha”.

Worm troubles
Giving trouble to elephants, cow or horse.
Propitiation of Moon
Jaundice /Hepatitis
Stealing food/ annam
Idol of Garuda kept in a vessel of ghee must be worshiped by chanting Garuda gayathri mantra and Swishtakrith mantra.

Bilious disease
Blood in the vomit.
Preparation of medicines in unscientific and wrong ways.
Homa by offering sesame, ghee, karuingali and venga samith and by chanting the mantra “agnimoodha”.

Colic trouble

Having relation with virgins, widows, animals and maid servants.

Consuming prohibited food.

Abandoning the performance of essential rituals.

Back –stabbing / double crossing.

Killing someone by poison and sharp weapons.

Not giving anything to begger

Gift of sesame, lotus.

Gift of trident made of silver or gold.

Propitiation of Sun, Moon and Venus.

Gift of cloths.

Kris-chandrayana  Vratha.

Spleen disease

Deep animosity towards preceptor.

Ill-treatment of preceptor.


Misuse of other’s food.

Homa with Aindragni sooktham.

Chanting Rudra sooktham, Vayu sooktham.

Chanting Gayatri mantra.

Gift of image of Lord Ganapathi.

Propitiation of Moon and Saturn.

Payovratha (drinking of milk or water only for a month)

Gift of food.


(lack of appetite)
Giving charity without due regard and devotion.
Giving charity with due regard and devotion.
(vomiting, stomach not accepting food)

Betrayal of a person who trusts the native.

Giving impure food knowingly.

Gift of food.

Tila-homa by chanting the mantra ‘aganirasthi janmana”

Propitiation of Moon and Venus
Insatiable thirst
Not giving water to tired travellers and cows.
Homa by chanting Varuna sooktham.

Gift of water and paanakam to the thirsty.

Stomach swelling
(gastric troubles)
(Aadhmaana and Udaavartha)
Spoiling and destroying ponds and lakes belonging to temples and public.
Kris-chandrayana Vratha.

Gift of gold.

Large belly, dropsy

Behaving in unjust way in any situation.

Copulating with the wife of the teacher.

Copulating with the wife of the preceptor.

Causing abortions.
Kris-chandrayana Vratha.

Gift of gold.

Abhisheka to Lord Shiva with 1000 pots of water (sahasra Kalasabhisheka)

Payovratha (subsisting on milk and water for a month)

Idol of crocodile made of silver or copper kept in a vessel of ghee and covered with black cloth and gifted to a worthy person.

Chanting Rudra sooktham and Varuna sooktham.

Gift of idol of crocodile with water.

(Anthra Vriddhi)
Obstructing performance of yajna.
Gift of idol of Vishnu.
(Arsa roga)

Misappropriating the wealth of the learned and the blind.

Stealing food.

Killing cows.

Charging fee for teaching and for conducting homa.

Killing cows.

Gift of the idol of cow.

Kris-chandrayana Vratha.

Chanting of Sooktha starting with Udyanna

Purursha sooktham

Agnivarna sooktham

Aadithya Hrudhayam

Gift of cow, gold and ghee.
(Bhagandara roga)

Misappropriation of wealth meant for charitable and noble causes.

Copulation with the wife of the preceptor.

Disregarding advice of elders and preceptors.

Copulation with the wife of the preceptor.
Propitiation of Sun. Moon, Mars and Saturn.

Gift of gold, cloth, cereals, jewels.

Navagraha homa.

Vigraha preethi pooja.

Gift of gold, silver and jewels.

Gift of the idol of elephant made of gold.

Chanting of Gayatri mantra,
Adithya sooktham and Rudra sooktham.


Rajaram said...

When it comes to donation of an idol of a cow, how exactly can this be done ? Is making a small silver uruvam of a cow and donating it to a temple hundi a good way of accomplishing this donation ?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Nowadays there are no eligible donors to receive the idol of cow. In TN temples, silver idols are taken into Hundi and we know how they are kept away from temple. In this age we are left two options - donating a live cow with a calf to a Veda Patashala after enquiring about their requirement. Most Veda Patashalas accept this as donation. The pundits of the Patashala will do the sankalpa and daana mantra for you. The second method is votive offering in Tirupati. Donating cow image can be done.