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Diseases caused by Poorva Janma Karma – Part 4 (Skin related)

In this section, skin related diseases that are caused by acts done in previous births are given. 

I have added Leprosy also in this list as the symptoms appear in the skin. Swellings on the skin including ulcerous and septic formation are given in this section.


Source text
Previous Karma
(Kushta Roga)
Prasna Marga
  • Murdering Brahmins.
  • Enjoying wife of the preceptor.
  • Engaging in illicit sale of medicines.
  • Attempting to poison a trusted person.

  • Chanting Rudra Sooktham and Ayu-sooktham.

  • Gift of images of Sun and bull made of gold to venerable Brahmins.

  • Performing Kushmanda Homa.


  •  Killing of creatures.
  • Stealing.
  • Punishing people without justice.
  • Killing of small insects.

  • Propitiation of Sun, Rahu, Mars and Saturn.
  • Observance of Kris-chandrayana Vratha.
  • Idol of Parvathy and Parameswara sitting on an ox must be made, worshiped and given as gift to a worthy person.
White leprosy / white spots / Vitiligo
(Sweta Kushta / Paandu roga)
Prasna Marga
(in addition to the causes mentioned for leprosy)

  • Mis-appropriation of large quantities of cotton rolls, cloths and bronze vessels.

  • Same as given for leprosy.

  • Santhapana Karma (penance)

  • Sweet broth and ghee to be offered in homa with the chanting of “Chitram Devaanaam...” mantras.
  • Gift of silver, cloths and white cow.

(Dry itches)
Prasna Marga

  • Killing serpents, or getting them killed by others.

  • Gift of idol of serpent as per texts.

  • Killing snakes.
  • Giving unclean food.

  • Propitiation of Sun and Mars.
  • Payovrata to be observed for a month (subsisting on milk only)
  • Idol of snake with 5 hoods must be placed on a copper vessel covered with silk and worshiped
  • Then gifted to a worthy person.

Chronic skin diseases.

Dadru (cutaneous eruption, skin rash)

Vicharchika (a type of cutaneous disease, scab)

Paama (scab, herpes)


  • Stealing gold.
  • Procuring gold and gold ornaments through unethical ways.

  • Propitiation of Sun and mercury.
  • Idol of Parvathy and Parameswara  sitting on ox to be gifted.
Swellings on the skin filled with fluids.

Incurable growth on the skin filled with fluids.

  • Defecating or spiting on roads, rivers, river beds, any water body or water, top of mountains

  • Propitiation of Jupiter.
  • Offering sweet broth and ghee in homa by chanting “sa idam vo vishwatha: sareera”.
  • Gift of cloths of silk and linen.
  • Gifting valuable silk cloth to a worthy person after worshiping it with shodasopachaara (16 types of rites).  Then offering feast to many.

(suppuration after swelling)

(applies to Keloid if Moon is afflicted and Saturn is in 8th)

  • Misappropriation of property of spiritual institutions and temples.

  • Propitiation of Moon.
  • Aamra-daanam.
Make an idol of mango tree with branches in the metal afforded by one, and worship it by placing it on Akshatha (unbroken rice used in rituals).

On the right side of it homa to be done by offering samith and ghee with the chanting of mantra “Yad deva...” )

After this the idol must be gifted to a worthy person.
Vrina roga
(ulcers / abscess on the skin)
Prasna Marga

  • Stealing vegetables.
  • Obstructing others’ speeches.
  • Immoral relationship with members of opposite sex
  • Destruction of trees.

  • Gift of gems.
  • Gift of pearls.
  • Gift of precious rings

  • Knows what is right, yet indulging in sinful activities out of temptation, pride, anger, fear or love.

  • Killing people by throwing into fire or water.

  • Propitiation of Mars, and Moon.
  • Observance of 7 Kris-chandrayana Vratha.
  • Offer of ghee and sesame for homas.
  • Gift of food.
  • Gift of 2 cows.
  • Idol of an elephant with 4 tusks to be given to a worthy person.
Ulcers in hands and legs. (recurring and incurable)
Prasna Marga

  • Causing abortion.
  • Immoral relationship with preceptor’s wife.

  • Gift of gems to worthy persons.


Unknown said...

It feels awe-inspiring to read such informative and distinctive articles on your websites.

M.C.Sriram said...

For some reason the last column of table does not display properly even when printed can you pl try an fix this. Thanx

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ eka lavya,

Hope the issue is settled. You may copy-paste the article in word and take a print.

Aruna said...

Madam, where will psorasis come? Under 'visarpa'(dry itches)? Request your reply since a very closely related person of mine is suffering from this. Thank you

Jayasree Saranathan said...

I have not come across psoriasis as such in texts.
In the column given in the above blog look at Chronic diseases and Ulcers in hand (last in the list) matching with the symptoms of psoriasis. Some affliction by Jupiter and Mars must be there requiring propitiation of the same.
If I can have the birth details of the person I will be able to discern the planets afflicting.

Jayasree Saranathan said...


Read your comment. Not publishing it.
You may leave the birth details + female or male + year - month when it first started. I won’t publish it.
I will try to deduce the planets for cause, based on which I can suggest remedies.
I will post my deduction as a general indicator here.
If ok, you can write here.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Aruna,

There is no specific pattern for psoriasis, but it is possible to derive the planetary factors and combinations for psoriasis.The planets can be identified by the basic features causing psoriasis.

Psoriasis is caused by some defect in the immune system of the body. Immunity is related to Sun.
Psoriasis is about fast multiplication of the cells, so Jupiter comes in the picture.
Since it is manifest in the skin, Mercury will be afflicted.

With all these any of the following generally seen in skin diseases must be present.
I am giving the most repeated ones.

# Saturn - Mars mutually afflicting each other.
# Affliction to mercury and / or debility of mercury in Navamsa
# Rahu in the 8th particularly that happens to be owned by Mercury.
# Powerful Saturn in the 3rd aspected by Mars.
# Mercury joined with Sun in the 6th house and aspected by the 8th lord.
# Mercury, the lord of the lagna posited in 6th house
# Sun, Moon and Mars in the 6th house
# Mercury in the lagna aspected by 6th and 8th lords.
# If the 5th or 9th house happens to be Taurus, cancer, Scorpio or capricorn with Mars and Saturn posited there.

Specifically for psoriasis, I expect to see mutual affliction between saturn and Mars, affliction to the Sun, 6th house, 6th lord and 8th lord, Jupiter coming to be related to Mercury which is weak or afflicted.

Onset can be expected in Malefic dasa or 8th lord's dasa. If Rahu happens to occupy 8th house that happens to be that of Mercury and aspects Sun, and Mercury goes into debility, the disease gets manifest in Rahu Dasa.

Propitiation to Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Rahu must be done.

Karmic causes are similar to Visarpa and chronic skin diseases.
If the disease onset is in Rahu, propitiation to Rahu must be done. Cleaning, digging and rejuvenation of water bodies are the pariharas.

Suresh said...

Respected Madam,

My father is suffering from leg joint pain since Nov-2020. He didn't have that before and it is severe that he is only able to walk few steps at a time and it looks like it is paining a lot . He used to be very active and he is thin (weight is not a reason). Can you please look at his birth chart?

Mar-8-1955, Madurai,TamilNadu , 11:18 AM

Can you please let us know when he will be feeling better and if any remedies is needed ? Is saturn transit on natal 6th lord venus and aspecting natal saturn in 6th house the reason for the current situation? or is it due to dasa/bhukthi ?

Thank you,

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@Mr Suresh

We should see the Navamsa position of the 6th lord and the Navamsa dispositor in the rasi. The 6th lord Venus is in Aries in Navamsa whose lord Mars is in the 12th in Rasi. 12th house signifies leg. That Mars is aspected by Saturn posited in the star of Jupiter, the 8th lord. So trouble in leg started in Jupiter dasa- Mars Bhukti.

Mars is in the star of the 6th lord Venus which is located in the 6th house from the Moon. Venus joins Mercury, whose star dispositor is Mars. Since these interconnections are there, problem to the leg got manifested in Mars Bhkti (12L too) in Jupiter (8L) dasa. These planetary connections and the signs make me think that he has some disc prolapse or spondylosis compressing nerves (sciatica) going to the leg. Check with doctors of these fields (both ortho and neuro). There will be improvement once the Mars Bhukti ends. However the subsequent bhukti being Rahu (in 8th house) and transit Rahu approaching the 12H in Rasi, I expect marginal improvement.

Suresh said...

Thanks a lot for your reply , Madam. Can you please help me with these questions:
1) Is there any remedies / propitiation we could do to help with the pain?
2) We consulted an ortho earlier , and he suggested to do an operation. So, we thought we could try ayurvedic for some time to see if that helps. Its been a month now and there is no significant improvement so far. Will ayurvedic give any better results ? If we go with operation does the dasa-bhukthi show any signs of relief ?Thanks for pointing out the nuero aspect. In jupiter dasa-jupiter bhukthi, suddenly one day he was not able to move his fingers on one hand and it was a diagnosed to be a nerve related problem and it got cured after treatment for couple of months.
3) This jupiter dasa he suffered a lot. Will his saturn dasa be any better?

Thanks again, Madam!

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Read my previous reply to pick out the answers.

Kavita said...

Dear Mam,I stumbled upon your blog while searching articles on Karma.After reading this article,I'm curious to know more.May I know,if you can find some time out to connect on your email?
Please share your email id.
Thank you,
Warm Regards,

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Kavita,

Due to time constraint and research work, I am not entertaining mail contact or personal queries. Any general interest queries are there I will reply in the comments.

R.Shankar said...

Namaskaaram Madam,
I've been suffering from chronic urticaria for over a year now. (Rashes come by evening and continue in the night, and disappear in the morning.) While I've not found a medical solution, I've observed that the rashes take Ugra roopam on Amavasya and Pournami days! Of course, every allopath doctor I've consulted has laughed when I said this. I've also seen those with asthma suffer more on these days, and have heard that those with mental problems also face the same.

Unknown said...

Namaskaram Madam

I'm overwhelmed after reading this on Karma and its effects and remedies.
I have been inflicted by Vitiligo just last 4 years ago and I'm trying to cure it by prayers.

I request you to let me know what are the upachaaras one has to follow and how long ? as I'm abroad.

Appreciate your response!

Jayasree Saranathan said...


For Vitiligo, the pariharas are given. There is no time limit.
The basic cause for the problem is deduced from the planets and the medical cause.
It is the sun (as you can see in the pariharas) and lack of immunity which is due to lack of sun rays received by the body.
I suggest you to go for Ayurveda treatment.
There is remedy in Ayurveda.

Chanting of Sri Rudram, Aditya Hrudhayam, worship of Shiva and Parvati seated on Vrishbha, and go-puja can be done regularly.

There is another unstated cause for this disease, heard from elders.
Those who eat the food in the ancestral ceremony (annual Divasam)as Pitru or Vishnu, must have done proper 'removal' ceremony after eating. The departed person's 'something' enters the Brahmin who partakes the food. Mantras are chanted for the entry of the pitru for whose sake the Brahmin eats the food, but no kriya is done to make that 'something' exit the body. The Brahmin has to remove it from his body by doing penance for 48 days or so by chanting Gayatri mantra in thousands. When not done, the 'something' that entered is trapped inside the body and this causes Vitiligo. This is passed on to the Brahmin's descendants. This is what I have heard.

Based on this I suggest you to do Gayatri Japa everyday.
Worship sun, do Surya namaskara, chant Surya Shataka etc.
In addition, consult an Ayurvedic doctor.
Suggest you to approach Ayurvedic college & Hospitals, where you wont come across quacks.
All the best.
My prayers.

Unknown said...

Hello Madam

Thank you so much for replying to my query on Vitiligo! God bless you!!

Is there any upayam where your work does not get completed in the last minute but will go on as if it is going to succeed in the beginning? Why this obstacles?? You spend a lot of time and energy on a project> This is legitimate earnings not coming through!

Appreciate if you have some light to throw on it!!