Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The “legendary eve-teaser” was an eternal celibate (Naishtika Brahmachari)!

Prashant Bushan’s Krishna remark is not the first of its kind to come from the stable of the legal fraternity.  Earlier in 2010, while reserving its judgement on the SLP filed by actress Khushboo for her remarks on pre-marital sex, the bench consisting of Chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan, Justice Deepak Verma and Justice B.S Chauhan observed even a more bizarre version of Lord Krishna. In their eagerness to quote a precedence (as legal fraternity used to do) for pre-marital affair from ancient Indian context, they said that even Krishna and Radha had a pre-marital live-in relationship! That was the worst blasphemy for which the judges never expressed any remorse or apology nor were they asked by any to correct their statement.

Sounding on similar lines, Prashant Bhushan’s tweet on Krishna as an eve- teaser shows just one thing - that those in judiciary are ignorant of the stories on the lives of Hindu Gods and have no knowledge of the intricate meanings and symbolisms behind those stories. In their professionally induced urge to quote precedents, they take liberty to blabber something from hearsay and expect people to accept as gospel. Strangely they seem to be ignorant of what constitutes blasphemy when it concerns their own views and words.

Somehow all of them including those who come with a liberal stamp are fond of talking about Krishna and Rama in some ways that are always wrong! Prashant Bhushan claims that he is not religious but has heard the folklores of Krishna’s childhood. That gave him the justification to speak what he thought rather than what that religion implied by those stories. The result is that he not only showcased his poor understanding of the religion professed by his mother but also the failure on the part of his mother to inculcate in him the right idea of the religion she followed.

As a legal person he is bound to spend hours on every page of the law book he reads, but did he spend any time on the truth behind the photo that he has uploaded in his tweet?

If he had looked at the sources of these folklores, he would have known that Krishna was not even 10 years old when he was supposed to have been eve-teasing Gopikas. The above picture in his house shows Krishna in Vrindavana, when he was not even an adolescent.  After his stay in Vrindavana the next event in his life was killing Kamsa. When Krishna killed Kamsa, he had only completed 10 years of age. He never returned to Vrindavana after that nor had any playful time with young girls after that age.

An experienced lawyer that he is, if Prashant Bhushan thinks that Krishna of under-10 indulged in eve –teasing of Gopis, then it is perversion of his mind. But he as a self-proclaimed non believer of a religion (Hinduism), saying not just false, but a derogatory statement about a popular God of that religion exhibiting a concept of revered form of devotion, has only betrayed his brazen hatred and aversion towards that religion. If he is a non- believer of Hinduism (that is what is implied when he said that he is not religious) he should not have dabbled with the characters of that religion. Since he has done it he is fit enough to be called as a communal one.

The basic problem in this kind of reckless talks by the likes of Prashant Bhushan is that the Hindu texts have not been read in detail by them. Atleast they could have a taken a leaf out of the other popular events in Krishna’s life. If devotion is the central theme around the Gopikas getting attracted to Krishna, the fruit of devotion is exhibited in the vastraharan episode of Draupadi in which she was saved by Krishna –Bhakthi. How can an eve-teaser become a saviour of a woman facing an assault on her integrity, that too in a king’ court by her relatives?   

But that same episodes cannot be seen in the right perspective by the so-called intellectuals of India is known from the fact that not long ago actor Kamal Hasaan told in a interview that Indians are respecting a book that highlighted a woman being pawned away in gambling! There is only one name for these persons – perverts!

While it is not worth writing on perverts and their perverted thoughts, I think it needs to be highlighted that the very basic idea in Prashant Bhushan’s version of Krishna is wrong. What Bhushan wanted to emphasis is that Krishna was after carnal pleasures. Contrary to that, Krishna was regarded as a Naishtika Brahmachari which means he was an eternal celibate! Though there are myths that he had 16,000 wives – which is impossible and can only be a myth – he was regarded as a celibate. The proof of this is found in the episode that saw the lifeless baby of Uttra (born to Abhimanyu) swinging back to life by the touch of Krishna.

When all the off-springs of Pandavas were annihilated by the Apandavastra of Ahwatthama, the foetus in the womb of Uttra was also not spared. It was still-born and could be revived only when touched by a Naishtika Brahmachari. And none other than Krishna held it with a pledge that the baby spring back to life if it is true that he is a Naishtika Brahmachari. The baby came to life and came to be called as Parikshit, the first descendant of the Pandavas to come to throne after them.

This is history, more than a religion and religion is another facet of it. Similarly Ashwatthama is also history and not a myth as there are inscriptional evidences to show that Pallavas were descendants of Ashwatthama. Pallavas were great devotees of Vishnu and were known for distribution of water to people over larger tracts of land, perhaps as a mark of atonement for the numerous deaths caused by the Brahmastra shot be their ancestor Ashwatthama. With a little more care to know who these characters of ancient India are and why they behaved in the way they did and what inner meanings were there behind the outwardly perceived ideas, one can easily avoid being looked upon as dumb-headed one or a pervert as Prashant Bhushan has chosen to make himself appear.


harinee said...

The problem in India is if you are an expert in one field you think you can also comment on other fields.That is why we people like Kamal Hassan,Narayana Murthy et al pass comments on everything under the sun.
Kamal Hassan has acknowledged himself as an atheist then why worry what Mahabharata says or what Hindus follow. Once you have decided not to accept the religion why pass comments on it or question its belief system.When as a Hindu we don't care for his atheism why should he care about my Hinduism. Frankly lately he seems to be losing it with inane statements.There is nothing brave about passing judgements on Hinduism let us see if he has the guts to speak same way about other religions.

jayasree said...

Rightly said Ms Harinee.

Dr Rama Krishnan said...

Good rebuttal to PB. BTW, Gospel truth is a contradictory term . There is no truth in Gospels!

jayasree said...

@ rk