Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Mahabharata events not corroborated by Mr Nilesh Oak. (Part 6 critiquing Mr Nilesh Oak's date of Mahabharata)

The 6th video in a series of videos based on my book "Myth of 'The Epoch of Arundhati' of Nilesh Nilkanth Oak" critiquing the date of Mahabharata deduced by Mr Nilesh Oak is now released. This video lists out the important astronomy related events of Mahabharata that Mr Nilesh Oak himself has admitted in his book as not having corroborated.

In chapter 9 of his book, titled as “Conflicting observations” Mr Oak had listed out 7 events that he could not corroborate.

They are
1. Balarama Tirthayatra
2. Late moon-rise on the 14th day of war
3. Duration of Bhishma’s stay on arrow bed
4. Traditional date of Kali Yuga and Mahabharata war
5. Analogy of Bhishma compared with Full moon on the first day of the war.
6. Analogy of solar eclipse on the last day of the war
7. Krishna leaving Upaplavya for peace mission in Sharad season.

Except the two analogies, the rest are of crucial importance for dating Mahabharata war. With Bhishma Nirvana offering the maximum limit of timing of events of Mahabharata, the late moon-rise on the 14th day gives a clear clue on the phase of the moon at the beginning of the war. Moreover one of the Mahabharata references used by Mr Oak to reject the analogy of solar eclipse on the last day turns out to be a valuable hint of an eclipse around that time.

By including two analogies in the list as non corroboratory, Mr Oak has revealed a shocking revelation of his choice of astronomy observations – that analogies also qualify as astronomy observations that he was able to test in his simulator! This implies that he has successfully corroborated all the other analogies having some reference to astronomy features. While that analysis is reserved for the next video, here it is being made out that Mr Nilesh Oak’s work can at best be characterised as “Oak Mahabharata”. In the absence of corroboration of major events of Mahabharata, he cannot claim that he has corroborated Vyasa Mahabharata!

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