Sunday, May 24, 2020

Indic Past Series 4: Zodiac re-designed by Skanda.

The series so far:

The 4th part of the Indic Past series continues with the narration of sage Markandeya in Mahabharata on the life events of Skanda. Three events are discussed in this video in the same sequence given by Markandeya.

The first one was the marriage of Skanda with Devasena, the daughter of Daksha Prajapati who was offered in marriage to Skanda by Indra! In the Tamil tradition Devasena is regarded as the daughter of Indra. To separate myth from reality it is highlighted that the name Indra has three connotations - as a deity, a natural force (rainfall) and a human being who lived in flesh and blood. All the references to Indra in Indic texts can be understood from one among these three.
In the context of Skanda’s marriage it is highlighted in the video that Indra was a human being who lived in Indra Dweepa, comprising Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam that is home for Parijata tree. Parijata is indigenous only to India and these regions of East Asia.

After Skanda’s marriage the six rishi patnis were acceded the status of mothers of Skanda, and ultimately identified with the six Krittika stars.

Here comes the secret of the change of an Epoch identified with astronomy features. The end of the Ice Age that marked the end of a cycle or an epoch is recognized in the shift in position of the star Abhijit. This shift is explained with a sketch of the orbit of the earth shifting from elliptical to the current near-circular path by which Abhijit which was once part of the zodiac when the path was elliptical was found away from the zodiac as the earth’s orbit started becoming what it is now. This is a crucial piece of evidence of the cycle of eccentricity of the earth in terms of astronomy reference which is completely unknown to the outside world and the scientific community.

The video further discusses the implication of this shift and the subsequent recognition of Krittika to fill up the count, on the design of the zodiac and how it solves some of the difficult and mis-interpreted references in the Indic literature. Other related features such as ‘Swati Patha’ and Skanda fixing Aries as the first sign of the zodiac are discussed.

The last theme of this video deals with Skanda-apasmara and Shamanism recognized as Skanda cult. It is also revealed that it is not right to grade Skanda as a sub deity or a lower deity as Markandeya’s subsequent narration states that it was Skanda who started the first ever Vedic Homa. That will be discussed in the next episode. 

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