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Indic Past Series 6: Skanda’s time before Holocene, established through Tamil sources.

The 6th part of the Indic Series focuses on establishing Skanda’s time by means of Tamil sources. In the earlier episodes it was established that Skanda lived during Younger Dryas following the end of Ice Age. The gradual increase in insolation came to an abrupt end when a comet smashed on the earth causing a temporary black out that resulted in drop in temperature resembling a mini Ice age. The time of the comet hit is speculated to be around 10,800 BCE or 12,800 BP (with 2000 CE as the base year).

Till now no one had thought that India was also impacted by this comet. In the current episode evidence is produced from Mahabharata (in Vasishtha’s narration) on cometary fragments falling on India also. This appears in the oft repeated event of transference of Rudra’s Tejas or energy by Agni Deva to Ganga which she could not bear. While the other sources such as Valmiki Ramayana and Kumara Sambhavam had stopped with this, Vasishtha had given extra information by which it is known that some of the fragments of the comet had landed on India. Further discussion on where the fragments landed will be done in in another episode.

The comet-hit had caused a sudden drop in temperature, known as the period of Younger Dryas in science circles. It lasted for about thousand years between 12 900 to 11 700 BP. Skanda had lived within that span of time. This time period of Skanda is corroborated by the inputs given in the Sangam age text by Nakkeeranaar.

There were three Sangam periods; the last one presided by the Pandya King Ugra Peruvaɻuti. The time period of this king is established by means of Jambai inscription of Adiyaman Neduman Anji, a contemporary of Auvaiyyar who attended the Rajasuya yajna conducted by the Chola King Perunarkilli where she met Ugra Peruvaɻuti!

All these three being contemporaries – Adiyaman, Auvaiyyar and Ugra Peruvaɻuti - we are able to derive the date of the last Sangam by the date of Jambai inscription given as 2nd century BCE by the epigraphists. Taking 100 BCE as the time of the last Sangam assembly, the dates of previous two assemblages are derived based on Nakkeerar’s version.
It is found that the 3rd Sangam commenced around 2050 BCE and the 2nd Sangam around 5750 BCE. Both Ramayana and Mahabharata had occurred when the 2nd Sangam was on. This places the upper limit of Ramayana at 5750 BCE.

The 1st Sangam had started around 10,190 BCE by which we derive the date of Skanda at 12,190 BP with 2000 CE as the base year. This date falls within Younger Dryas. This also establishes that the long duration of Tamil Sangam is not a fabricated one but true to the core.

The Sangam details are proven by a cross reference from Mahabharata where Krishna had stated that the king of the Bhoja-s had conquered the Pandyas by his learning (Vidya Balam). This could only be about publishing his composition in the Sangam Assembly. Krishna had accompanied this this king on that occasion is what is understood from Nakkeerar’s version that Krishna attended an Assembly of the 2nd Sangam.

More on Younger Dryas evidence in the next episode…


KK said...

Good write up.

THAT the mahabharata war could have been anywhere between 2050BC and 5750BC can only be deemed true if you can also account for the 600 odd astronomical dates in Mahabharata.

Now when you say the Ramayayana has also taken place in similar timelines then you need to accoubt for the several hundred asyronomical events to the T.

If you dont offer such explanations then your theory will not stand the test of scrutiny.

Look forward.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Hello KK,

Your comment shows Nilesh Oak's influence on you.

This is my response.

Only for persons like you who know nothing of Indic past I am giving this series,& posting videos. Go to my Youtube page and watch everything

You could not even understand that both Mahabharata and Ramayana occurred during the period of 2nd sangam age. Here I am not giving the date of Mahabharata and Ramayana but showing the cross reference and consistency within Indic records. Krishna attended an assembly of 2nd Sangam age. Sugreeva asked vanaras to search in Kavatam (2nd sangam age capital). This is internal reference which is a primary reference. Unless this is satisfied, no use in "proving" several 100 + astronomy references at some other date as done by Nilesh Oak.

And do you know what is meant by 'proving' astronomy references? You need to know the ayanamsa of the time of Mahabharata and Ramayana and use sidereal simulator. Show me one researcher (including Nilesh Oak) who used it? This pertains to subject knowledge. It is funny that those who don't even know the existence of this subject speak about dating Mahabharata and Ramayana.

Do you know that all those 'researches' done with western astronomy based simulators are going to be trashed soon, because current science is coming to know that there is no precession of the axial tilt of the earth and the axis is indeed moving forward now? Wait for my paper soon to be published on this topic. Keep watching my blog for the details.

Do you know that barring people like you of the current generation whose Indic view is blurred by the likes of Oak, rest of the people of older generation know that Mahabharata date already exists, that Krishna's death date already exists?

Better read my book
Watch this video to know that there is nothing like 500 or 1000 astronomy references in Mahabharata proved by Nilesh Oak. He used 53 analogies (even a middle school student will say that analogies are not astronomy events), 21 astronomy references all of which are wrong and 1 nimitta (Arundhati- Vasishtha) as an astronomy event.

Unknown said...

loosa neenga

Jayasree Saranathan said...

உண்மையைச் சொன்னால் வலிக்கிறதோ? வலிக்கட்டும் வலிக்கட்டும்.

Vishnu said...

Hi mam,

I am an ardent devotee of ur blog.
Fantastically written articles and powerful insights into our culture. Thanks for all this.

From the beginning of this indic past series, i wanted to ask something...

In a song called VEL VAGUPPU, which contains 16 lines, in the thirteenth line, saint arunagirinathar mentions about murugans vel breaking the sea.

In fact this information has been mentioned by him in several other places as well...

Any insights regarding this....?!

I have one more question too...
Sorry if it is in the wrong article

This is regarding ur articles on tiruppavai.

Y is that aandal has not mentioned about hanuman in any of the thirty stanzas?!

If aandal was an avataar of bhuma devi
This fact is still more puzzling...

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Thank you for your encouraging words.

Some times seeing the poor response to the video series, I used to think why I should slog over this, but then my passion drives me to spell out whatever I know. The video series is going to be very factual and address all concerns - including the one you raised from Vel Vaguppu. That Muruga stopped the surging seas by his Vel is found in sangam texts. I will be speaking about it in one of the upcoming videos.

On your other question, Tiruppavai in essence is Jeevatma seeking shelter under Paramatma like how Arjuna found shelter under Krishna, and expressing hope that He will definitely accept the sharanagati sought by the seeker. So no scope for Hanuman or anyone there.

Vishnu said...

Ok madam.
Thanks for ur comments.
Will wait for other videos in this series so that i get a good understanding.

Dr Rama Krishnan said...

Thank you madam for your enlightening articles.
I came across this video this morning. When you have time and if your precious time persists, please give your opinions. I am bit concerned that Saraswathi civilisation is still talked as centre of all our culture. Thanks once again 🙏
Dr Ram Krishnan

Dr Rama Krishnan said...

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Nilesh Oak will be the happiest person to see this video. What I wrote in the 4th chapter of my book "Myth of..." and showed in 3rd video applicable here.

Root cause is the tropical zodiac simulator that is becoming the bane of 'research' in India.
Don't worry. This simulator will lose relevance anytime.
Problems with present precession theory is understood by scientists who have started re-working.
Things are going to be on Indic way of oscillatory movement of equinoxes.
My detailed study of this is going to be published in 6 to 7 part series in a reputed astrological magazine from Aug onwards.
In my videos too I will be covering Yuga issues.

Some of the absurdities - all because of tropical simulator and absence of basics:

Winter solstice (Uttarayana) at Ashvini nakshatra,
all planets congregated at 6778 BCE,
5 year yugas named as Krita, Treta etc,
SW monsoon arrives between 14,500 to 13,500 BCE,(scientific evidence is to the contrary)
Summer solstice (Dakshinayana) at Dhanishta,
Vishwamitra lived '1000' years after Brahma,
Vasishtha proposed beginning of New Year in Solstice (then when did the year begin in 5 year yuga),
Ashwini stands at sandhya samay can be understood from "Ashvinau Vyattham' of Purusha suktam, here they go happily dating that (:))),
Spring equinox at virgo,
Uttarayana in Mrigashira,
Uttaryana at Rohini,
autumn equinox at Chitra,
Uttarayana at Krittika,
then repeating his messed up Tamil sangam chronology.

I pity the viewers who believe these.

Dr Rama Krishnan said...

Thanks Madam Ji for your response

Vainateya said...

Is vaivaswata Manu was tamil king in kumari kandam before deluge that matsya avatar saved him?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Vainateya

Keep watching all the videos. The topic you have asked will be dealt with in a future episode.