Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Krishna temple at Vellore – a Macaulayan dream come true!

There is no limit to the way our Hindu ways are distorted. The latest in the list is the coming up of a temple of Krishna calling Him as Valentine Krishna connecting Him to granting the wishes of Valentine lovers. Reading the news item (given below), I felt that Macaulay who wanted the Indians to think, act and live as Englishmen would have attained ultimate peace on hearing this news!

How people are twisting the original import of Gods! If there is a God for Love in Hinduism, it was Manmatha or Kamadeva. In Tamil society worship of Manmatha was an integral part of growing up. He was known as Ananga deva who was worshiped in Paavai nonbu by young girls. His role was to grant the wishes of the lovers and facilitate marriage. There was a 3-month austerity to be followed for Ananga deva which culminated in Panguni Uttara in all temples with celebration of marriage of the Divine couple. That day is also known as Holi festival all over India. There was a temple for this Kama deva in Poompukaar according to Silappadhikaram. If people want to bring up a temple for a God who could be revered for granting the wishes for lovers, Manmatha temple is the right choice.

By propagating views that Krishna would help the lovers, the founders of such a temple are doing a disservice to Hinduism. Of all the Gods, Krishna is strict in granting wishes!! Acharyas used to compare Rama and Krishna by saying that Rama accepted the surrender of one even if he is a sinner. But Krishna would accept only if one sheds the effects of good deeds also. (சக்கரவர்த்தித் திருமகன் பாவத்துடன் இருந்தாலும் பரவாயில்லை என்பான். ஆனால் தேர்த்தட்டில் நின்றவனோ புண்ணியத்தையும் விட்டுவிட்டு வா, உன்னைச் சேர்த்துக் கொள்கிறேன் என்றான்)  Krishna wants us to renounce even the fruits of action. Temples like this reduces the original import, impact and aim of worship. Hope better sense prevails on the owners of the temple.

- jayasree


Now, there is a nice, little spiritual twist to Valentine's Day! With a view to celebrating love, a unique temple called Valentine's Vrinthavana Thulasi Sri Krishna temple is fast coming up in Sholingur, in Vellore district, where lovers can offer special pujas on V-Day.

"If Valentine's Day is all about love, then why not celebrate it religiously and who else is better suited than Lord Krishna when it comes to eternal love?" asks Mr R. Jaganaath, the founder of Gokulaa Lakshmi Yadava Trust, which is building the temple.

"We coined the term only as a means to denote divine love," says the 56-year-old man, who undertook the project about two years ago quitting his lucrative job as a food and beverages manager.
Inspired by the touch-and-pray concept of the Krishna temples in Mathura and Dwaraka, Mr Jaganaath decided to set up a similar one at a nominal cost of `2.5 lakh, within the premises of his house. "Devotees can touch the marble idols of Lord Krishna and Radha and offer puja themselves.

We used Jaipur marble on the advice of our sthapathis who said white stones do not call for strict religious procedures," he adds, hoping to consecrate the temple in September, around Gokulashtami.

Originally called Valentine's Sri Krishna temple, it was scheduled to be completed during April last. However, the trustees faced threats from local Hindu outfits following its fancy name.
This forced them to fix a new name as Valentine alias Vrinthavana Thulasi Sri Krishna temple.

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Venkateswaran said...

What is the objective behind comparing Lord Krishna with St.Valentine? Prima-facie, there is no harm in talking about similarities between different religions and Hinduism recognises the 'suppressed divinity' that exists in Christianity. But comparision should be made between comparables. Would it be possible to construct a Valentine church? If the supporters of this move are sincere in helping lovers, they could think of an inter-denominational christian church dedicated to St.Valentine. After all, St.Valentine was a christian clergyman and the differences that exist between different denominations of mainstream Christianity, like Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, etc., are superficial and based mainly on local factors and local politics. Further, those facts about Christianity, which have been suppressed since the time of Emperor Constantine the Great need to be disclosed. For example, the fact that there are two Lord Jesus Christs referred to as 'Son of Man' and 'Son of God' respectively in Christian doctrine and the Holy Bible. The fact that the 'Son of God' was the only child of his mother known as 'Virgin Mary' and that the 'Son of Man' was older i n age to Virgin Mary, besides being the original founder of Christianity. The fact that the 'Son of Man' was married to Mary Magdalene and had children.