Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Congress- DMK patch-up on a Tuesday with Chathurthi!!

At last the two smart looters of the nation have reiterated that they can not do without each other.
In the next 24 hours we will be hearing and reading the stories behind the estrangement and the subsequent patch up.
I for one, am also in the race to add a story through my astrological observations!!

I was amusedly waiting for a patch up to happen on Tuesday today!!
Today comes with a bonus in Chathurthi Thithi.
And I am happy that the patch up happened today.
Tuesday is ideal for keeping up the friction between the looters
And Chathurthi ensures that any work started on this day ends up within a year.
A work or deal clinched on a Tuesday that has Chathurthi Thithi will not be propitious.

Chathurthi is not good for starting a work nor for clinching a peace deal.
That Thithi signifies obstacles and therefore no work is finalized on that day.
That day is left to Lord Ganesha to take care of the obstacles.
Any venture or relationship clinched on Chathurthi will run into trouble.
One recent example  is the launch of Kalaignar TV
that Karunanidhi launched on a Vinayaka Chathurthi day. 
It is in the focus of CBI net now.
The Arasu Cable network was started on a Tuesday by him
to outwit the Sumangali cables of Maran brothers after they parted with him.
No one knows where it is today.

The two incorrigible looters who have no sense of shame have decided to fight the elections together.
Alagiri says that theirs is the ‘winning formula.’
We know what he means by it!
It means it is going to be a tough fight between adharma and dharma
If these looters are allowed to have their way, no one can save Tamilnadu.
In this background I only pray that God save Tamilnadu.
I bank on God’s mercy on this State and on the sky map at the time the two looters fixed the deal.

The patch up happened some time between 5 and 6 PM today.
The sky map at that time (holds good for anytime between 5 and 7 pm, for Delhi) had lagna at a fixed sign in Leo.
The looters have firmed up their relationship.

Interestingly the 10th lord is in 6th house.
The 7th   is occupied by Sun and Mars – the first rate malefics for premature break up of a relationship.
The lord of dhana and laabha is in debility in the 8th house.
Jupiter in 8th house is also not a good sign.
Saturn aspecting the 8th is also not good.
Ashtama suddhi is needed for a prosperous relationship.
The CBI charge sheet in Spectrum case will be filed at a critical time, just 12 days before the elections.
Let us wait and see the developments.

This alliance would give MK the energy to contest and set to rest the rumors that he is not going to contest in this election.
A long history of a deceitful and cunning politician must be smashed at a time when it can not rise up its head again. Now is the time.
If DMK loses now, that will be the end of MK.
MK will be undergoing Moon bhukthi at the time of elections, which has always seen him out of power whenever he had it in the past.
He played a master game to make the Congress sail with him. 
By joining hands with the DMK, the Congress has proved that its hands also are stained by the Spectrum crease.
The Congress and the DMK have proposed.
Let God dispose them off!

Tail piece on day- thithi combination that are unpropitious:-

Sunday +  14th lunar day
Monday +  8th and 12th lunar days
Tuesday +  4th and 11th  lunar days
Wednesday - no  restriction.
Thursday + 12th and 13th lunar days
Friday + 4th and 8th  lunar days
Saturday +  1st and 2nd  lunar days


BK Chowla, said...

Is it a patch up or adeal concerning the lady member of MK family?

kppradeep said...

CONgress cannot behave as if it is very clean. 60% of the 2G loot has been taken by none other than SaintSonia according to DrSwamy who seems to be along with PrashantBhusan,Supreme Court the only saviors of India. God has sent DrSwamy to save India.
2G scam was there from 2007 end but it has risen its head only now according to Gods will. Circumstances are working against the bad people like MuKa. Along with it CONgress will also have to face its karma for both looting & letting down the nation.
Only God's will prevail all the time

mangalamravi said...

dear Jayasree madam

Interesting. i am sure your predictions will go in the right way. Incidently, there is a news about bees forming peacock and vel pattern at vada palani temple. can you post an article about this happening.
thank you

jayasree said...

//Incidently, there is a news about bees forming peacock and vel pattern at vada palani temple. can you post an article about this happening.
thank you

Mr Ravi, It is only sensation. The formation on flying may have its own reasons. So I don't take this seriously.