Saturday, March 19, 2011

Statement of Dr Subramanian Swamy on Sadiq Batcha's death

Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy,        


President of the Janata Party.


March 18, 2011.


I demand  that the Central Government immediately announce before any further evidence is destroyed, a CBI inquiry into the untimely death of Sadick Batcha, a close aide of former Telecom Minister A. Raja.



According to my information the autopsy report shows that his death due to asphyixia could be due to  multiple reasons including he being a strangled by a pillow  fixed  over his face, i.e. not only suicide by hanging but also murdered  being strangulated before being strung up to look like a suicide.  The unexplained time period between his going to the bathroom and his body being found by his wife, a time period of four hours elapsed  which  also lends to the mystery in the circumstances of his death.



I also demand that the Central Government voluntarily request the Supreme Court to monitor the CBI investigation of this untimely death  in view of the fact that many of the potential accused  to be  in the charge-sheets  to be filed in the future, will be people holding influence in the Central Government.



I demand that the Home Minister Mr. P. Chidambaram clarify publicly whether he had reached an agreement with the then Telecom Minister Mr. A. Raja to fix the price of spectrum at the low level of 2001 prices to enable some telecom companies to earn a huge windfall of profit.  If he does not clarify his position  within the next five days, I shall be compelled to move an application seeking he be made an accused, before the Special Court on 31st of March  when the first charge-sheet of the CBI will be filed.



According to my information and documentation, Mr. Chidambaram had conspired with Mr. A. Raja behind the back of the Prime Minister in late 2007 to encourage the former Telecom Minister Mr. Raja to fix the spectrum price at the artificially low level of 2001, which is about one fourteenth of the price in 2008. Hence he is culpable under Section 120B of the IPC read with Section 11, 12 and 13 of the Prevention of Corruption Act.









kppradeep said...

The most fearless person at the moment trying to save India is Dr Subramaniam Swamy. Hope all his candidates win the coming election.
India's pride DrSwamy. I will pray for DrSwamy so that good things will happen to India and TN

BK Chowla, said...

I remember, in one of his interviews, Ratan Tata had said---A lot of body bags will follow.

keshto said...

He has applied for his security, which the central government will never give and make it easy for Dawood Ibrahim to eliminate him, because he is involved into it, as was sadique batcha who was murdered.

Sadique Batcha's autopsy doctor resigned - its a big cover-up.

kppradeep said...

Please read this post of drSwamy
There is enough evidence now that the AIADMK has come under complete control of the Mannargudi mafia -LTTE gang led by the murderous criminal minded Ms.Sasikala. Jayalalitha has been reduced to a performing monkey by this gang and hence unfit to be a Chief Minister of the State.

Earlier you did not publish my comment defending Rajini sir and i assume it was inadvertent.
Hope you will allow alternate views also in your blog otherwise we will feel discouraged as every one is entitled to have their opinion

kppradeep said...

Thanks a lot for allowing others views as well. Thank you again

jayasree said...

Mr Pradeep,
I dont know how, but this comment of yours was in spam folder.
Normally I dont look at spam folder. I just happened to see today and saw this comment of yours.
As far as I remember I have not withheld your comment. May be the said comment by you was in spam folder.

On the kind of stuff that I allow in my blog, yes, I am following certain rules. If the comment is anti hindu and but has some logic I would post them and if necessary give refutation.

Mostly comments on other issues will be posted.

On the above comment by you, I dont accept your view point.
Swamy's opinion is old one.
But look at the current scenario.

I want to go by logic.
# JJ was accused of releasing the list of candidates (first one)unilaterally. From old political horses from northern districts, I came to know that she did it deliberately to bring the alliance partners to come to sense, as they have been prolonging the talks with no headway. Common man led by DMK- supporting- media was led to believe that JJ was arrogant - aaNavam etc. But the real reason was that the main alliance partners were making unreasonable demands.

eg 1 - DMDK has no presence in all districts of TN, But it wants one seat in every district. In a crucial election like this winnability must be the deciding factor, which they refused to see.

eg 2 - the communist parties won the previous election defeating the ADMK. Their margin, ADMK strength and other factors must be taken into consideration by them while deciding to ask for such seats. They refused to see like that. When no headway could be seen in sight, JJ threw a bombshell by that list. Anyone in the know of ADMK affairs will say that it was not the real list as it had names whom JJ did not even call for interviewing. But DMK support media wrote as though it was sasikala's handiwork, They even quoted Mallya's role.

I am asking the Tamil why he is not using his power of thinking?
Can anything go behind a person like JJ - without her knowledge- particularly a crucial list without her approval?

If it is true that sasikala wanted her men in the list, would she dare to do that at the present circumstances when they are out of power and when everything depends on JJ's capabilities?


jayasree said...

Coming to the issue, look at how people came rushing to her to finalize the alliance after she dropped the bombshell.Most political observers and industrialists who have known her administration in the past, say that it is a strategy to convey in clear terms that they can not prolong the talks. All the partners are also responsible for the delay, not just JJ.

# On MDMK and Mallya, can anyone without even having won the election, give an assurance to Mallya and dump MDMK even before the elections in which MDMK's role is also needed to win the elections? Let us put ourselves in her shoes. Suppose Mallya approaches us and says that Vaiko must not trouble him and in return offers money for elections, what would we say? we would say - let me first win the elections. After that when I come to power I will see that Vaiko does not trouble you.

So it is absurd to say that JJ did as Mallya told.
If she has heeded him, she would not have offered 12 seats to Vaiko.

It is a pity that ordinary Tamils have fallen pray to DMK propaganda and are finding fault with JJ for VAiko's stand. Out of 35 seats he contested last time, he won in only 6. DMK saw to it that he lost in most constituencies.
Of this 6, 4 long time associates of Vaiko had gone to DMK. On what basis Vaiko wants to contest in many seats? The seats he held previously have gone with those who defected to DMK. He himself lost in the last Lok sabha elections. What is his strength? Why didn't he analyse his strength? It is better to contest in 12 seats and try to win as many than to have left the alliance.

Even if he had taken those 12 seats, DMK and his one time friends who left him would work overtime to defeat his candidates.


jayasree said...

One must understand the DMK politics vis-a vis MdMk. MK does not want Vaiko to grow. He wants only his cadres who have left DMK and gone after Vaiko to come back to DMK fold.

The current trouble for Vaiko - I suspect - is the handiwork of DMK. We know how DMK was trying to make Vijaykanth desist from joining JJ. Do you think DMK would not have done anything about MDMK?

சுத்த்கியிருக்கறவங்கள விட்டு நல்லா கிளப்பிவிட்டு, வைக்கோவை உசுப்பேத்தி உட்டுட்டானுங்க. Poor Vaiko, he fell into the trap. If you look at JJ, she is straight forward 110%
She had never lured opponents like this. No dirty tricks like MK.

Perhaps Vijayakanth understood late JJ's strategy and fell in line with her. Initially he too thought like DMK support media and wanted vaiko in the fold. JJ had talks with Vaiko after that also. But Vaiko was adamant. Why didn't Vijaykanth raise the issue again? Why didn't he talk truce with Vaiko? May be because JJ would have told clearly what happened.

JJ always has the data in her hand. Without that she doesnot confront people.

One example
Mr Pradeep your icon Narendra Modi met JJ after he won elections last time. He met her in her house and had lunch with her. JJ has good rapport with him. He asked why not BJP and JJ work together, For that she took out and showed the data of BJP's performance in TN until then. It had 1 % or less of support. Modi could not say anything. This was reported in magazines at that time.

So my opinion is that JJ would have shown to Panruti the data and why Vaiko can not be given more seats. If you have observed, Vijaykanth did not utter a word about Vaiko after that. Also understood the bad propaganda about JJ done by DMK through its friends in media. Captain TV and Jaya TV kept asking viewers not to believe the rumors by DMK supporters.

On Vaiko issue, my news is that MDMK has voted for their candidates where they have contested. In other constituencies, they have not voted for ADMK. In those constituencies they have voted for DMK only. That means, while in alliance, the ADMK votes have gone to MDMK candidates. but MDMK votes have not gone to ADMK. So ultimately ADMK had not gained from MDMK in the past. Recall how JJ kept telling that she is giving the seats for Vaiko's sake.

She as a pious person is not like these Dravidian people. She does not indulge in wrong doing deliberately due to fear of Karma. One can prove such a tendency of hers through her horsocope also.

Lastly, she is Narendra Modi in female form. But Tamils are not Gujaratis. Had she been in any other state, even Bihar, she would have been in power like Modi. She would have given Modi a tough competition in the race on development.

If she loses this election, I would say that Tamils are doomed for ever. They dont deserve her. They deserve only Mk and Alagiri and their likes.

This election is essentially a fight between dharma and adharma. If people want dharma, let them vote for JJ.

jayasree said...

On Swamy,
everyone has some strength and based on that one works. Swamy's strength is not in having mass political party. Knowing it very well, he must not keep harping on contesting elections etal. On that account he is making some wrong moves. On such moments I think that he still has to go someway in coming to terms with Karmic theory. To understand what I mean read his article in my blog by under caption ' God and I'

jayasree said...

Swakarma - swabhava - swadharma = Swamy's swadharma is in nailing the corrupt in SC and not testing his popularity in TN elections.

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Pradeep,
I checked the comments and found your comment under the posts on 'Cho meets rajinikanth' and under Godhra and Jupiter effect. Please check if you meant any of them. Otherwise there are no comments from you pending.

kppradeep said...

thanks again for taking your time and posting a long reply.
My comment on CHO meets Rajinikant is lost. It doesnt matter. I thought you had deleted it but now i know its not so
1. The statement of Dr Swamy is as late as 21/03/2011. So its not old
2. Both MuKa and JJ have ruled us in the past. We have never had a ideal Govt, we just keep alternating between the two
3. DrSwamy in Raj TV 2 days ago has alleged that Sasikala has connections with both Arcot Veerasamy & TRBalu. DMk and ADMK have under table secret relationship
4. No one has achieved as much as Mr Narendra Modi. People flock to invest in Gujarat. No red tapism and if you have genuine plans you can start any plant there. But here its difficult even to get a driving licence/passport without bribing. All Govt office/hospitals stink with bribery
5.. With our judicial system were delays are inevitable no one has achieved as much as Dr Swamy. The same MuKa/JJ are fighting a pseudo battle to fool the public
6. About Vaiko/Vijayakant the less said better. One is pro LTTE which is bad and another was a paid vote splitter
When you see so much corruption and people suffering due to the misrule of these jokers, its natural to be frustrated. Being in Chennai i see all fantastic lit malls and also the poor people who sleep in the roadside.
Not only the politicos all our govt officials/Babus/Legal system all are corrupt.
Unless some revolution happens things will not change
Pray GOD that such a thing will happen here.
I really appreciate your time/effort for such a long reply.

Dr Swamy says give me 5 MLA's i will stop corruption here in TN.

My Country My Views said...

Hi Jayasree ji
Have 2 quick questions for you.
1. How is JJ going to fare in this elections? Is this going to be a close contest or a comfortable win for her?

2. What are the chances of Narendra Modi becoming the PM in 2014?

jayasree said...

Sorry for the delay in replying r Pradeep. I am in transit and checking blog when I get time.
2 points on the issues you have written.

# We must be clear in the goal - on what must be done now. It is to dislodge MK. It can be done by supporting JJ at the present times. Let sasikala interfere, let us take it then. Instead, if we keep beating the old story of sasi nexus, it only dilutes the most urgent goal of the present times - that of creating a strong public opinion to vote MK out of power. In this sense I appreciate Vijayakanth for giving a clear message in his election meetings.

# Without any MLA or MP, Swamy exposed the corrupt and brought them to book. Why does he want MLAs now?

jayasree said...

1. How// is JJ going to fare in this elections? Is this going to be a close contest or a comfortable win for her?//

Please read my old post on 'Don't under estimate Jayalalithaa. The link is here. Read the comments of that post. I have given analysis of MK's future. April issue of the Astrological eMagazine also carries my article on MK's political future.

//2. What are the chances of Narendra Modi becoming the PM in 2014?//

Let me check and write at an appropriate time. Presently his dasbhukthi period does not make him take up a larger role at national level.

My Country My Views said...

Thank you Jayashree ji for answering my questions. Appreciate this Mam.

I see most of predictions are quite good. I have noted your comments on Mr.Modi. Will Sushma Swaraj become PM in the absence of Narendra Modi not being able to take national duties per your readings.

Best regards

My Country My Views said...

Jyashree ji

With your knowledge and analysis i would request you to kindly come on Twitter and share your thoughts with many in the virtual world.

Best Regards

jayasree said...

Thanks for the suggestion Mr Naveen.
So far I am not keen on any of the social networking sites. I dont know in what way it would help in blogging matters. I am really ignorant of this.

My Country My Views said...

Jayashree ji

Social networking sites like twitter helps your blog to be shared with a wider audience & opinions. Also i find your blog very interesting & informative that it should reach as many audience as possible. Some of the facts that you have put in with rationale & great amount of research should be known to people IMO.

best regards

jayasree said...

Thanks Mr Naveen.
Let me see.

jayasree said...

Mr Naveen,
I have my twitter account now and have posted the link in the side bar of this blog. Thanks for your suggestion.