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Godhra and Jupiter Effect..

As one keenly observing the events in relation to the Jupiter- movement, I think that justice could not have been done to the Godhra train victims anytime other than now. The evil propaganda of the secular politicians has been given a blow by the verdict. No tears were shed for the Godhra victims then and no sense of ratification is heard now that justice has at last been done to them. Such was the kind of negative propaganda done by the sickular politicians. In spite of their designs, a judgment revealing the evil conspiracy behind the carnage has been given. This goes to show that Justice will win one day.

Unfortunately, for India Justice always does not come in time.
In the Indian Independent chart, Jupiter, the lord of Dharma is in Mrithyubhaga.
That is, Dhrama in Independent India is always under distress. One can find it manifest in terror time charts. One of the prominent features in the charts of terror attacks in India is that Jupiter will be under duress at those times. Either it will be afflicted or not positioned in a benefic sign.

We can see such a distress to Jupiter in all terror attacks. (This is India- specific due to Jupiter's natal position). At the time of Godhra carnage, Jupiter was in an inimical sign in Gemini in the rasi and in debility in navamsa.
When Jupiter gains a position of strength, it ensures that justice is done.
This is what has happened now.

The rule of Dharma devatha is running high for India in particular, at the current times. Ever since Jupiter entered Pisces in opposition to Saturn which is close to its sign of exaltation, we have been hearing of judicial verdicts that have exposed the 'sickular' political designs of the ruling people.

In astrology Saturn and sun have an aversion to each other. The sun signifies the King or the rulers (political class in modern day world) and Saturn stands for the working class (people / subjects). An interesting feature of these two planets is that where one exalts, the other debilitates. Saturn exalts in the sign of "Balance" (Libra) showing that the just demands of the people will be fulfilled. It is in the same sign, the sun debilitates.This means where the Justice is concerned, the ruler more often than not fails to rise to the occasion.

Whenever Saturn proceeds towards its exaltation in Libra, the world witnesses deliverance of Justice to the masses. In the current times while Saturn is approaching Libra, we find Jupiter, the lord of Justice positioned in his own house and giving a hand shake to Saturn now positioned at Virgo. This Saturn- Jupiter opposition in this particular axis, has been beneficial for the masses around the world. An article on this by me can be read in the current issue of The Astrological eMagazine.

For India, this axis happens at 3-9 houses. Ever since this axis was activated by the dharma- karmadhipathi planets, we are hearing historic judgments.
Of them, the Ram janma bhumi and Godhra verdict have come out with clear message of what went wrong and where, thereby exposing the adharmic rulers of India.

Given below is the narration by the investigating officer in the Godhra case on how he gathered the evidence. One incident on how an accused changed his mind and confessed to the crime touches the basic chord of humanism. The officer showed the accused, the photograph of a child killed gruesomely in the carnage. The officer reminded him that he too had children. The thought of his own children made him understand the gravity of the crime he had committed. He made a voluntary confession.

This reminds me of one of the questions asked by the Yaksha to Yudhsitira in Mahabharatha.
The yaksha asked what was the surprising thing in this world.
Yudhishtira said that though people see someone dying everyday, they hardly realize the impermanence of their own life and go about as though they will be there for ever.
This is the surprising thing.

Life - and living is a great wonder that none can think of destroying it.
Whatever be one's anger or aversion to a fellow being, let him not think of hurting the other.
The anti- Hindu feelings promoted by the secularists in their bid to nurture the minority vote bank, is indeed making people lose sensitivity and sensibilities.
Let the Muslims understand the design of these politicians and refuse to become victims of their campaign.
In this context I wish to appreciate the utterances of Deoband VC, Vastanvi
Vastanvi's utterances do indicate a stable and sensible approach to issues.
That he had spoken in the way he did on Modi, also speaks of Jupiter's sway over Justice!!

- jayasree


Exclusive! Godhra case investigator speaks

Last updated on: February 28, 2011 22:48 IST

File photo of the burnt S-6 coach
Sheela Bhatt
Noel Parmar, the investigating officer in the Godhra case, has no doubt that the Sabarmati fire was meticulously thought out

This case was assigned to me May 27, 2002. I was then the assistant police commissioner in Baroda. I took over the case from K C Bawa, who had conducted the primary investigation.

I went to see the S-6 compartment and the exact place where it was halted before it was burnt down.

The first thing I noticed was that the compartment's steps were intact. How is it possible if a crowd had burnt it from outside? The steps would be burnt first if people were torching it from outside.

 My peer group advised me that such cases are almost impossible to solve. Some names of the accused that had cropped by then belonged to the Ghanchi community of this area.

Image: File photo of the burnt S-6 coach
Photographs: Reuters

here was a perception that they were fundamentalist and socially backward. It was also said that there are too many petty criminals in the area and they are difficult to nab. I found this a challenge. I decided that till I make a breakthrough, I should not leave Godhra.

I started staying in Godhra. I started moving around in Signal Falia and other Muslim ghettos. Slowly, I collected information. I got the information from local people that this incident was a pre-planned conspiracy.

To begin collecting evidence, I embarked upon a search for Ajay Bariya, a tribal hawker boy living in Signal Falia. An informant from the area told me that Ajay was born and brought up amongst Muslims. He also told me that Ajay knew the entire sequence of events. We managed to find Ajay.

For two days, he didn't open up. Then, I took him into confidence -- it was difficult to achieve -- and he started talking and sharing. He told us about the Godhra event. I took him to all the places and he told me how, what and when things happened

was left with no doubt that the burning of S-6 was a pre-planned affair
. Ajay was living in a Muslim area. Only four Hindu families lived in his area. When Godhra happened, all four Hindu families vacated their houses and shifted to Hindu-majority areas.

I have no doubt that a communal-minded group wanted to teach a lesson to the karsevaks (volunteers for the cause of building a temple at a disputed site in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh) and Hindu society, so they prepared a plan.

February 26, 2002, they called a meeting at the Aman guesthouse near the railway station. They were told that large numbers of karsevaks were coming back from Ayodhya.

At that meeting Razaak Kurkur, Salim Paanwala, Farooq Bhana, Haji Bilal, Shaukat and a few others were present. They collected some 140 liters of petrol from a nearby petrol pump.

Haji Bilal and Farooq Bhana said at the meeting that they had just returned after meeting Maulvi Hussain Omerjee, who had instructed to torch the Sabarmati Express's S-6 coach. Salim Paanwala went to check the train's arrival time.

He found that the Sabarmati Express was late by four hours. He verified with a ticket checker, whose testimony we have taken.

aanwala went back to the guesthouse and told the people gathered there that they should take a short nap and come back around 6.30 am, when the Sabarmati Express was to arrive in Godhra. They had spread a message to this effect, but we could not find evidence of it except in one statement.

According to plan, all of them got together again the next morning. They had maintained secrecy. When the train arrived and a crowd started gathering, stone-pelting started. The passengers of the train shut the train's doors and windows.

The train moved ahead to escape the stones being hurled. At that point the accused, according to plan, came to the station with the petrol. The crowd was at that time running along with the train. This is significant.

The train was halted by one of the accused by pulling the (emergency stop) chain. Razaak Kurkur and Paanwala had given some boys the duty to board the train. As per their instructions, these boys boarded the train by cutting the vestibule and entered the compartment to pour the petrol and set it on fire.

lot of people are arguing that the burning of coach S-6 was just an accident; that the crowd had gathered just like that. At 7 am in the morning, a crowd doesn't assemble just like that. It was pre-planned. Around 7.43 am, when the train came, people were instructed through a microphone to reach the station. There were provocative slogans: 'Kill Hindus, long live Pakistan!'

The crowd was the cover they needed. Without the crowd screaming and crowding the place, they would not have been successful in torching the train.

The (Indian Railways-appointed Justice U C) Commission (that concluded in 2005 that the fire was an accident) has written the report without evidence.
We have evidence.
One of the passengers, who is quoted as a witness in Justice Banerjee's report, claimed he saw karsevaks cooking inside the compartment on a stove. He actually got off much before Godhra. I have taken the statements of about 200 witnesses of all types. Not one has said that there was enough space inside the compartment to cook. The train was over-crowded.

Almost three-times more-than-capacity passengers were inside the compartment, making it difficult to even walk. I have met enough people who are independent witnesses and not karsevaks. I have enough statements of educated people who were travelling in the train.

I want to ask a few questions to people who debunk our theory. If it was an accident, even then you need inflammable material to burn a train, right? If it was a stove with kerosene that triggered the fire, please tell me how much kerosene can one stove carry? It can store just about a litre of liquid.

Forensic science says that to burn a train compartment, a minimum of 60 litres of inflammable material is required. A lot of the materials used to build Indian train coaches are fire-resistant, so just 1 litre of kerosene could not have burned S-6. 

In such cases of violence and in cases of conspiracy, it's difficult to get direct evidence.

This case is based on many confessional statements of the accused, including Jabir Binyamin Behra.

Under the law, confessional statements are no less important. After the arrest, when we explain to the accused the importance of his confession, we also tell him how it can work against him. It's a long legal process before he gives a confession that is admissible under law.

He is given ample chances to not agree with us. The accused is given 24 hours to think about his confession. He is medically examined also to check that he is not beaten or tortured. We are not with him when he confesses.

In a much-planned manner, after few years, such confessions are routinely withdrawn by their (the accused's) lawyers. Also, confessions are normally five pages or more. How can an accused's confession in an open court be under duress? These confessions are recorded in an open court.

In the Godhra court when Behra's confession was recorded under section 164 of Criminal Procedure Code, at least 50 advocates were present. The magistrate had warned him that his confession can convict him and may also get him the death penalty. Behra has been convicted.

Behra, whose confession proved important, is almost uneducated. He was arrested for petty crimes before. He had looted Sabarmati passengers. We have confiscated a few passengers' items from him. We showed him an album of the victims of Godhra. We told him to look at a child's dead body. I was totally shattered to see the body. Imagine what pain that child must have gone through when petrol was poured on his body and he was burnt alive?

I told Behra: 'You have children too.' He thought for some time. He stared at me for a long time. Then he said, 'Don't say such things to me. My children should not be touched. I wish them well.'

After that, he started opening up. He kept saying, 'I want to address Allah's darbar.'
Salim Jarda, one of the main accused, was involved in highway robberies. He had his own gang. When he was caught in this case, he was taken to a magistrate. He was given enough time to confess.

After some time, he asked for parole to do some religious ceremony for his daughter. He jumped parole, and ran away. He then managed to do more than five robberies. He wanted to run away to Pakistan along with another accused, Bilal Haji. But before that we re-arrested him.

Salim Paanwala and Shaukat Charkha are hiding in Pakistan. Both are our most-wanted accused. We have managed to get their addresses in Pakistan and we have also managed to get red corner notices against them issued through Interpol.

In the Godhra case, witnesses were spread all over India. It took a long time to record over 500 statements of witnesses. We got some 300 witnesses in the court to testify before the judge. My own testimony and cross-examination took 19 days.

I had never any doubt that the case would lead to conviction of the accused. I, as an investigator, would like to see that they get major punishment. I believe these boys were brainwashed by their fundamentalist religious teachers.

Almost all of the accused belong to Signal Falia. I have studied the area's history. Many decades back, it was dominated equally by Hindus and Muslims.

Godhra has a communal history. People here are still talking about historical events. Once upon a time Champaner near Godhra was the capital of Gujarat. It was looted by (then king of Gujarat) Mohammad Begda. His army was kept in Godhra, who harassed local Hindus and looted them. In the jungles of this area, they converted tribals and spread Islam amongst them. Those converts dominate Signal Falia.

These people's forefathers' names are Gujarati. They speak Gujarati. In 1947, some of these families opted to go to Pakistan. They have very low education. At same time, Godhra received a large numbers of Sindhis from Pakistan during Partition. So, unconsciously, tension has continued.

When I was investigating this case under the supervision of Rakesh Asthana, I found no interference. In fact, the local press or people were not much bothered about the investigation's progress. We were left alone. My only regret is that I could not find out the external (foreign) link, if any, in this case, and how members of terrorist modules in India used the Aman guesthouse.

Noel Parmar was the investigating officer in the Godhra case. He retired in 2009 after 43 years of service in the Gujarat police. He was known to be a tough officer throughout his career. He has been constantly targeted by the civil society groups fighting for the accused in the Godhra case. Parmar, 64, was given an extension in service even after retirement because nobody knows the case as well as him. He spoke to's Sheela Bhatt

Photographs: spottedowlet/


Updated on 16-03-2011

News Analysis

Implications of Godhra carnage verdict "Secular" crowd & media stand exposed
Shyam Khosla

THE verdict is loud and clear. The 2002 Godhra carnage was a jehadi conspiracy to put to death pilgrims returning from Ayodhya in the Sabarmati Express. Judge P R Patel of the designated fast track court dismissed out of hand the presumptuous claim that the attack on the train was in reaction to a minor altercation between a few pilgrims and a Muslim vendor at the Godhra railway station where the train stopped for just five minutes. He critically examined the evidence produced before him to come to the conclusion that the events that led to the burning alive of 59 pilgrims including 26 women and 12 children, and the involvement of the conspirators and perpetrators of the crime had been proved beyond a shadow of doubt. The judge meticulously traced the sequence of events that showed that the conspiracy was hatched on the previous evening at Aman Guest House and 140 liters of loose petrol in seven carboys was procured and taken to the place of the attack on that fateful morning. He had absolutely no doubt that a Muslim mob that was present on the platform on the morning of February 27, 2002 incited violence by spreading canards about abduction of Muslim girls by pilgrims. This malicious lie was also exploited by the conspirators and Islamists of Godhra - a town notorious for countless communal riots - to mobilize and instigate the mob of about 900 armed Muslims. Provocative slogans and exhortations to kill the kafirs over loud speakers from a nearby mosque propelled the armed mob to attack the train with stones, acid bulbs, bottles and burning rags. They cut the vestibule of coach 7 to forcibly enter coach 6 and poured "sufficient" enough petrol and threw burning rags to set the coach on fire. Those who tried to escape from the burning coach were brutally beaten up and seriously injured. Such a large mob of armed persons, the judge averred, couldn’t have reached the site of the carnage within minutes in the absence of a pre-panned conspiracy. Also such large quantity of petrol couldn’t have been procured and brought to the site within 10 minutes without prior planning. The mob was so focused that it attacked only those coaches in which pilgrims were traveling.

The court found the killings so gruesome, merciless and brutal that it sentenced 11 convicts, including Haji Balal, a known Congress worker of Godhra, to death citing the case as one of the rarest of rare. Twenty other convicts were sentenced to life imprisonment. However, the court acquitted 63 accused presumably because the prosecution failed to convince the judge about their direct involvement in the crime. However, the friends and relatives of the victims as also the legal fraternity is surprised and pained over the acquittal of Maulvi Umarji and Bilal Hussain Kalota, the then Congress-supported President of Godhra Municipal Committee, who are the ones who were instrumental in mobilizing the armed mob as per the findings of the Justice D S Tewatia committee that investigated the crime on behalf of the Council for International Affairs and Human Rights. Having said that, one must commend the work put in by two Special Investigating teams, including the Supreme Court appointed SIT headed by former CBI Director R K Raghwan that solved the complicated criminal conspiracy.

While this historic verdict is a resounding vindication of the Gujarat Government’s stand that it was a Jehadi conspiracy to attack Hindu pilgrims involved in Ayodhya movement, it is a total denunciation of the malicious propaganda unleashed by the Congress, its allies, and foreign-funded anti-nationals masquerading as human rights activists. The calumny industry composed of Teesta Seetalvads, Arundati Roys, and lackeys of publishers and owners of newspapers and TV channels that masquerade as journalists that spread canards, including the most ridiculous one that the RSS was behind the carnage to provoke riots, also stand thoroughly exposed. Do they have the moral courage to apologize to the relatives and friends of innocent pilgrims who were roasted alive for no fault of theirs? And will they tender a sincere apology to the RSS for implicating the organization in the crime without any rhyme or reason? The verdict has shamed the practitioners of vote bank politics who had tried to project it as an "accident". Lalu Prasad Yadav, the then Railway Minister in UPA-I Government had appointed a spineless Justice U C Bannerji who signed on the dotted lines to brazenly declare the carnage as an "accident". His report carried no credibility. The popular perception is that the brazen exercise was meant to influence minorities in the Bihar assembly polls. The report was so absurd and motivated that the apex court barred its release.

Sections of media that is part and parcel of the "secular-liberal" brigade that promotes minorityism and is hell bent to demonise nationalists have no where to hide. The Hindustan Times carried a blazing headline "Ayodhya reaches Godhra" virtually justifying burning alive of innocent pilgrims to avenge demolition of the disputed structure. Noted columnist Kuldeep Naryar - infamous for his yearly candlelight drama at the Wagha border - wrote in one of his columns that the theory that a Muslim mob set the Sabarmati Express on fire had no rationale and that it was a product of a distorted mindset. Whose mindset is distorted and communal, Mr. Nayar? The judge found no merit in your wild theory.

Instead of letting the judicial process take its own course, Islamists are once again stoking communal tensions by turning the court verdict into a communal issue. Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind (JUH) has come out with a ridiculous statement that all those convicted of murder and worse were "innocent". Its General Secretary Maulana Mahmoud Madani said JUH would extend all possible help to convicts to appeal against the judgment in the High Court. He is, however, right in expressing surprise that it was for the first time that a court had given death sentence on criminal conspiracy charges while acquitting the main conspirator. This aspect of the verdict indeed needs to be argued before the High Court as Maulvi Umarji is widely believed to be the mastermind of the criminal conspiracy that led to the horrible carnage. It did provoke one of the worst communal riots in Gujarat that claimed lives of 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus.

Their malicious campaign having failed to make any impact on the judiciary, sections of media, foreign funded NGOs and "secular" crowd is now blaming the judiciary for taking nine long years to decide the case that led to the pain and misery of those who have now been acquitted. They conveniently forget that it were the human rights industry that filed petition after petition to derail the judicial process and ultimately succeeded in persuading the Supreme Court to suspend the trial. Unfortunately, the apex court took more than five long years to decide that the case should be entrusted to an investigating agency from outside the state. The inordinate delay turned the process into nine long years of heart-breaking wait for the families of the victims to see that the culprits were brought to justice. In the process, several of those now acquitted had to languish in jail for nine years. A large part of the blame for this unnecessary delay lies at the door of NGOs and self-styled protectors of human rights.


BK Chowla, said...

Basis of India is SATVA.
I have no doubt that truth will prevail, despite, political pressur


i read your excellent articles at tamilhinu.
Nataraja Deekshidhar

kppradeep said...

Is it possible to predict whether TN will be rid of present looters sorry rulers(Anyway both are same)in the forth coming elections.
Will Rajini sir come to politics?. Does his horoscope say so. I ask this because he doesnt have any ego, humble though he has been on top for 30 yrs. Little bit of money, fame,power will make a ordinary human go mad with arrogance.
I just want a good person to rule TN not a Tamilian/Non actor//Dravidian. He/She can be any one who is not selfish and good

jayasree said...

@ BK Chawla

Yes, let satwa win

@ Nataraja deekshidhar

Thnaks for your comment.
I am happy to know about your blog.
I hope you won't mind if I disturb you for clarification on saivism.
Shall I send you a query that I am looking for an answer to your e mail ID?


On Rajini's role and Karunanidhi's prospects I have already written in this blog.

For MK (The horoscopic analysis is in the comments section of this post. The link to my blog on JJ's also is there at the end of the article. Plz check this link.

On Rajini

Watching the current developments.
MK is playing a dangerous game.
He is bound to lose.
His dasa bhukthi is not favourable now. The similar combination that occurred when he lost to MGR and JJ are repeating since Feb this year.

For TN, the next 4 Tamil Years staring from Chithirai are auspicious and are good the masses. So a நல்லாட்சி (good governance) is going to come up.

JJ has better chances astrologically. Her best period as political leader is going to happen.

Of the 3 aspiring children of MK, Azakiri will not shine.
Azakiri is suffering from bhandana yoga ( for imprisonment). That period begins in 2012.

Stalin and Kanimozi will survive the current crisis.

kppradeep said...

Thanks for your comment madam. I beg to differ from your comments on Rajini. I cannot imagine any one whose life , a typical rags to riches story being so humble. In spite of occupying number one position for more than 30 yrs, he is the epitome of humility. You would agree with me if you had watched the Entertainer of the decade awarded by NDTV. If i had tasted 0.001% of his success,fame,money i would have gone mad with arrogance.
I just wanted some one who is good/unselfish to rule TN as i find all alternatives to MuKa repulsive.
Would really like him to rule GOD willing then TN can become Gujarat

jayasree said...

//Would really like him to rule GOD willing then TN can become Gujarat //

Mr Pradeep, heard the recent news?
Rajini will be out of station for a month at the time of elections!!
May be he will fly back to Chennai on the election day to carry out his dudty as a responsible citizen!!!
That is all about his brevity and responsibility. How can we compare him with one who made Gujarat as it is today? Rajini has gone down in my respect.

In my opinion his priorities are different. Even at this age, he is concerned about protecting his own interests. But as one who rose to talk to the electorate at one time, for whom they have to vote , he is expected to speak out now as there is a greater need to tell the people not to vote to DMK combine. He will not. He is spineless. He is concerned about his own name and interests. There was a time I was a fan of him and admirer of him. But now he looks no better than MMS.

Nowadays it is not possible to trust anyone who dons up a honest image. These honest and humble persons who keep their mouth shut can not be trusted. Be it Manmohan or Rajini, if they can not speak up against adharma, they are a waste, their humility is a waste.