Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sadiq Batcha’s death – what it means to 2G probe? (did he really die?)

This is an astrological thought on the time of death of Sadiq Batcha, the aide of A.Raja.
Just a few days ago, I wrote as comment 2 critical points in the movement of planets -one around the current time and the other on April 12 / 13, around the time of TN elections. 
The first one is taking place at the moment.

Mercury defeated Jupiter in the planetary war which just began at 7 am this morning (IST)
According to Varahamihira, it means that mlecchas, truthful men, armed soldiers, and Madhyadesa will suffer;
Also the various persons and objects presided by Jupiter will suffer a set back. (Brihat samhita, chapter 17)
I was wondering in what way such a set back will happen.
As A.Raja's confinement is going to be over on 17th March (tomorrow),
I was anxious that the set back to Jupiter (Justice) must not be manifest in the form of letting him out now.
We can only propose and anticipate things, but God is the Disposer of things.
At the sudden death of Sadiq Basha, the set back to Justice has manifested itself.
In the death of Sadiq Basha, the CBI and its case signified by Jupiter, has suffered a setback.
This shows that Raja will not be let out now.

Planetary war means the race between the planets.
When a planet crosses another, it is said to have won the planetary war over the planet which it had crossed.
This will be manifest in the events connected with these two planets.
(This plays a crucial role in mundane events.)
Such a manifestation will happen when the victorious planet has crossed the other and is within 1 degree from that.

Mercury started moving across Jupiter at 7 am today and at around 11-30, Sadiq Bhasha had died.
He was supposed to have boarded the flight to Delhi at 2 pm to meet the CBI, it is reported.
A crucial person in the know of the money trail to the political personalities in Tamilnadu is no more.
By the planetary victory of Mercury over Jupiter, this is interpreted as a set back to the Justice System.

However there is an interesting development to take place on April 12/ 13.
The same Mercury which is now speeding past Jupiter,
would be coming back in retrogression and crosses Jupiter on April 12/13.
By this, Mercury goes behind Jupiter, thereby letting Jupiter win!!

In this scenario, Jupiter is going in its own pace.
Only Mercury had gone past now and would come back.
On 2nd April it gets back to Pisces and starts moving towards Jupiter and crosses it on April 12th.
By this Jupiter wins the planetary war which means that thieves will suffer and Justice will prevail.

What becomes a set back now will however become a strength
or will have less impact in due course in the discharge of Justice system.
That day is not far away as the planet which caused the setback will make things alright by April 12/13

Dharma always wins!

 Updated on 18-03-2011

Did Batcha really die? 
The report by has raised this suspicion.

 The points I  noted:-

# Those who saw the TV clippings, saw the body wrapped in cloth which is usually done after the postmortem. But the body was wrapped when it was taken out of Apollo Hospital. Why did the Apollo doctors wrap the body like that? Can't help thinking that it was the same hospital where Raja planned to get admitted once the news of his arrest came in.

# There was no shock or wailing by the family members as used to be seen in such sudden and tragic deaths

# The family was said to be leaving for native place after the body was taken to Royapetta hospital. Unusual.

# The wife readily gave out a complaint that it was a suicide. Wonder how the wife of the person in such grievous condition could have some composure to give any note. Where was the need to give a complaint so soon? 

# Tehelka article says that no flight ticket was booked for Delhi by Batcha contrary to what the family told

# MK and co retired to Mahabalipuram resort in the morning of that day. Just reminded me of a similar retreat before Raja was arrested. So did he know anything/ something or what did he know?

# If there is really a foul play - that Batcha had escaped to outside India and created a scene that he was dead - I would not rule out such a possibility from astrological indicators. For, the planet mercury that crossed Jupiter (explained above) was a neecha planet - a planet  in debility. Ancient astrological texts say that when mercury wins over Jupiter, that will be a blow to Justice. But no text has elaborated what if a  debilitated planet wins in planetary  war. It is left to our interpretation. My interpretation is that such a victory will be a result of foul-play. By this, I am prepared to buy the theory that Batcha had escaped and made up a alibi that he was dead.

It continues to amaze me how this debilitated planet returns and makes Jupiter win on 12th April. Such a return makes me think that there will be some reversal of what has happened. The truth will be out soon and Justice will win.


Anjali Devi G said...

I don't hav any clue abt wat's goin on in TN now,but i wish it must not end in a third front!!! Do u hav any idea jayasree madam?

RKV- said...

Terrific analysis ! But I would like to know in what sense the planets affect objects and happenings. Is it the rays or something? Or how does the planetary positions affect us? I only know that the rasIs occupy 30 degree each, 30*12=360 deg-a celestial circle. And only 6 planets are considered right? I heard Rahu and Ketu are lunar nodes, and of course sun is not a planet according primary school geography. Would be great if you have some online links to suggest so that persons like me can know more.

Sai Sai said...

Jayasree madam,

This query is about Japan's Nuclear Power Reactors.

Please give Astrological analysis about Japan's Nuclear Power Reactors.

When will Japan come out from this crisis?

Japanese people are very hard working, helpful, courteous people.

Why Mother Nature's anger was at this place ? (The people suffered a Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear disaster )

Thanking You


jayasree said...

Dear Ms Anjali,

Yes the situation with ADMK is causing concern. I did a prasna chart for your time of enquiry taking that your question is whether the ADMK alliance will break or not. It showed it will not.

The lagna was a fixed sign. The lord sun was however in 8th house showing strains. But it is the sign of Jupiter with Jupiter placed in it. The alliance partner is seen from the 7 the house. Its lord Saturn is in the 2nd but in retrogression. The lagna lord and 7th lord in mutual aspect and also within the aspect of Jupiter shows that a mediator will bring truce to them.

In common man's language this means that there is s strain but the alliance partners will not leave the alliance (7th lord in 2nd house)

I think this move by Jayalalithaa (whose lagna lord if Mercury) and the wikileaks on cash for vote and Batcha's death are the events triggered by Mercury crossing Jupiter. Jayalalithaa must have been careful as her lagna lord is in neecha now.

Looking at long term effects, I don't think Jayalaithaa behaved rashly. MDMK's LTTE leanings and Viajaykanth's family grip (his wife is tipped to contest at Virugambakkam!!! People of Virugambakkam 'நொந்து போய்ட்டாங்க”) are something that is not good for the State and she herself would have problems in dealing with these two later.

Vijaykanth gains by aligning with her. Many non-descript persons of his party will get political future if he is with Jayalalithaa and wins. He will open his account by aligning with her now. But one doubts the kind of political culture that he will bring in if allowed to grow. Hope you have heard his talks. He has absolutely no idea of governance. If you have watched in the last few months or even in the thick of alliance talks, you would have found Jayalalithaa not losing an opportunity to talk about state and central issues with clarity and raising her voice without delay. No one else including MK has no clarity of thought on various issues. Ask Vijayakanth his opinion on any subject. He has none, he knows nothing. If he says something sensible, that is what he got from his prompter, Panruti. The growth of Vijaykanth is not good for the State. இன்னும் people's standard would go down.

On MDMK, everyone will agree that Elam Tamils must be given a good future. But clinging to LTTE factor is not correct. Vaiko's politics centers around that only. At sometime or the other, J as CM will have trouble in handling Vaiko. The youth of TN deserve a better brand of politicians. Vaiko, Vijaykanth and Karthik do not fit the bill.

Why J did this?
I can think of some reasons that are totally DMK centric. You see her main aim is to hit DMK on every account.

(1) she was calling MK as minority govt at every possible instance. She would like to see that she gets an absolute majority. The no: of seats and the constituencies were chosen accordingly.

(2)Mk was in poor light in seat sharing. J wanted to show that her writ runs high.

(3)alliance partners (cong) made MK wait and guessing. She did that to alliance partners.

Finally if the same is done by MK, everyone will call it 'chanakyam' but if J does it they call it arrogance. Such kind of people we have!!

jayasree said...

Ms Anjali,
A correction
//No one else including MK has no clarity of thought on various issues//

Please read as
No one else including MK has any clarity of thought on various issues

jayasree said...

You are asking a BIG question:).

To say simply, the entire universe that we see acts in unison as a single unit. Within the solar system, it acts like our body. Since our body also is the product of this material system (universe), similar components get similar experience. Type 'name, form and characteristics' in the search box, I think you will get my articles on that. You have to apply it to see how it fits into astrology etc.

I can suggest David Frawley's link given in the top right hand corner.
His articles on Vedic astrology may give some idea to you.

jayasree said...

Dear Ms Sarada,

I finished writing an article on the nuclear fall out and am hesitant to post it. Coming days are tough until April. I am worried that my article must not increase anxiety of people. I am re-reading my article to tone down.

jayasree said...

Dear readers,

The cause of batcha's death is told as asphyxia. This happens in strangulation and not by hanging. In hanging the neck bone breaks. No such thing is noted. I checked this with a doctor. Foul play in Batcha's death is most likely.

Read this link for diff between asphyxia and death by hanging -

RKV- said...

madam,yes I knew it was a big question! but curious to know. Thanks for your link. I skimmed the VendAnga Jyotisham link in the top right corner.//To say simply, the entire universe that we see acts in unison as a single unit. Within the solar system, it acts like our body. Since our body also is the product of this material system (universe), similar components get similar experience// I guess this is the crux of Advaitam.
Thanks again.

Sheela said...

Jayasree Madam,

i am avid reader of your blog. on third front though its true that vijaykant will gain by allying with admk. still JJ should not leave vijaykanth than vaiko. in changing political equations JJ should be diplomatic with alliance partners to achieve the goal. Sheela

jayasree said...

Dear Ms sarada,
I have posted the article on Nuclear crisis of Japan.

jayasree said...

Dear RKV,
I will write sometime on the questions you raised.

jayasree said...

Dear Ms Sheela,
Thanks for being an avid reader of my posts. I agree with you that JJ must be diplomatic with the alliance partners and must develop good personal equations with them. Everyone is watching her.

jayasree said...

Did Batcha really die?

Read this report from

jayasree said...

The article has been updated with tehelka report

Bala said...

Jayasree Madam,

The logic of prasna baffles me.

The elections are a few weeks away and during the time period prasna charts can be prepared any number of times.

If you try to work out a prasna chart each time a query is raised during the next few weeks, the results are bound to be different.

How can we rely on such results?


jayasree said...

Prasna charts are not made always just like that.
Only when a person is impelled by some force to ask a question, the Universe will have answers to it.

So when I am getting questions in my blog, I weigh the background and the sincerity of the questioner. When Ms Anjalai raised the question, it was a serious problem. She has no stakes in that. And she is not a habitual asker like this. So when she asked, it is clear that she has been disturbed by the developments and is anxious that such things must not happen. She has thought it fit to seek an answer and asked me. So it will work.

Moreover when we are making charts we will know how genuine the querist is. For detailed understanding read "Prasna tantra' by Neelakanta.

Bala said...

Thanks for the elaboration about prasna.