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By BR Haran from Chennai

The last 45 years of Dravidian rule (1967 to 2011) has produced the following "remarkable" results:

  • The Tamils stand totally divided along caste lines. The Dravidian movement has led to the formation of scores of similar outfits led by worthless politicians/actors/ caste leaders, whose one and only objective was to amass wealth. Now we have similar kind of parties MDMK led by V Gopalasamy aka Vaiko, DMDK led by Actor Vijaykanth, PMK led by Dr Ramadoss, VCK led by Thirumavalavan, etc, doing nothing for the state and its people.

  •  Each & every caste/community led by opportunistic leaders have affiliated itself to a political party.

  •  Major political parties have their own print & electronic media houses.

  •  Water scarcity is still prevalent from capital Chennai to remote villages.

  • Many villages are still there without toilets.

  •  Hundred per cent power supply is not ensured.

  • The status of SCs & STs remains the same without much improvement. The state still has hundreds of worshipping places refusing entry to dalits; hundreds of manual scavengers; scores of caste walls separating dalits and OBCs/BCs/MBCs; two-tumbler system in tea shops in hundreds of towns; separate burial grounds for dalits and refusal of entry even in saloons! In certain villages, the dalits are not allowed to walk on the public road, wear chappals, ride bicycles, wear dhotis folded, wear towels on shoulders, use common wells and get clothes washed or ironed. Laundaries have separate almirahs for dalits!

  •  All the castes have been included in the various reserved categories and the state has achieved the "100 per cent backward" status. Brahmins, the only forward community is negligible, as many have migrated out of the state.

  •  The primary & secondary education has not seen much improvement. The poor & downtrodden are still not given access to primary & secondary education. Their intelligence quotient is maintained deliberately at a lower rate through the reservation policy in the name of social justice.

  •   While their educational access is denied on one side, they are treated as slaves by throwing "freebies" on the other side. They are kept as permanent dependents of the government without empowerment. The financially well-off and educationally empowered OBCs have fully utilised the reservation benefits at the cost of financially weaker MBCs, SCs and STs.

  •   Temple lands have vanished to a great extent and the maintenance of thousands of temples built by the ancient kings is in doldrums. Many temples are ruined and in dilapidated condition. The revenue from temples is diverted to other sectors.

  •  Churches have come up in maximum number of villages and conversion & evangelisation activities have increased at an alarming rate. There is an unholy nexus between Church and Dravidian parties leading to rampant evangelisation of the state. This nexus has extended to the North and East of Sri Lanka as well, as evidenced by the full backing given by the Church to LTTE from behind.

  • Naxalism, Islamic fundamentalism, and Tamil extremism have increased considerably notwithstanding the LTTE activities in the past.

  •   The cultured & disciplined Tamils have been transformed into uncultured and immoral 'Dravidians,' and the state, which was famous for its rich religious & cultural heritage has been reduced to a state of anarchy. Thanks to the Dravidian parties, People have become utterly corrupt and corruption has become a way of life in Tamil Nadu. People sell their votes for money!

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Unknown said...

Well said! The cultured and disciplined Tamilians... becoming a minority and thereby eligible for "backward" status now. Mami, when can we expect relief from Manja thundu? When will Dharma prevail for Tamilnadu.... I remember you talking of Jupiter in a vulnerable position for India as a whole, but what abt Tamilnadu's chart? Any relief at all from the looters?

jayasree said...

Tamil nadu will see better years as the upcoming Kara, Nanadana, Jaya and Vijaya will ensure prosperity to TN.

However at the time of elections, the planetary combination in Pisces shows that there might be some blood shed or trouble. In overall situation, Jupiter effect will diminish after it leaves Pisces in first week of May. Judicial activism will be less after that. However A.Raja will not be out of trouble. Alagiri also is likely to face charges and imprisonment next year.

In May- June (chiththiari maasam) some terror attacks are likely to happen in India - not now as feared during the Cricket matches.

In the 2nd half of 2012 when Rahu and Saturn will be crossing each other in Libra, some important political leaders of India will face trouble.

kppradeep said...

Just go through this interview of Dr Swamy and decide about JJ. Please understand she is under the control of MuKa/Sonia through Sasikala
This is for your info. As i dont know ur mail ID i am sending it thro comments.
Dr Swamy is India's pride and world's envy

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Pradeep,
Let Dr Swamy say anything, but we have to sift chaff form out of his accusations. Today the need of the hour is to oust MK. It does not serve well to attack JJ now. Any such attack will dilute the efforts to dislodge MK. If JJ acts wrongly once she comes to power, we will question her.

My astrological assessment of JJ is that she is a far noble person than any of the politicians here. She is not bad as she is being made out. Her 6th lord Mars in the 3rd with moon makes her actions look arrogant. But that is also her strength.

I find the accusations against her as a product of vilifying campaign as she is a woman and a brahmin. I for one, have also experienced such opposition when I wanted to assert myself in public and social activities. I gave up finally because I was too tired to fight this male dominated society with all its biases and ill will. Anyone who has closely followed me in net world also would have noticed that I preferred to shun when such voices raise their heads. People used to comment me on such occasions that I am rude and cold. So be it! I understand Jayalalithaa for what she is undergoing in a similar vein.

If she has had a choice like persons like me, she would have quit politics long ago and diverted her attention to spirituality. She didn't and she can't. I remember what I talked in a meeting about 18 years ago where TN Seshan was the Chief Guest. That was the time he was being suppressed by the then govt which resorted to appointing 2 more election commissioners. I was given the slot to give vote of thanks in that meeting. Seshan was disgusted and talked why he must continue in office. In my vote of thanks, I took up that talk of his, and justified that he must continue and not think of quitting - on the basis of Bhagavath gita slokas and an incident in Paramacharya's life. He seemed convinced. From the next day onwards we found him roaring as always. I don't claim that my talk changed his perception. But it did have an impression on him.

I find JJ in a similar position. She is a karma yogi. The mantle is on her. She will have to take it on and fulfill it until she finishes her Jupiter dasa. I understand her better than anyone else who accuses her. I am yet to come across an accusation against her which is convincing. She did make mistakes long ago. But she has learnt lessons and is keen on getting things right.

Look at her election manifesto. The freebies are to counteract MK's freebies. Apart from them, hers is totally a Gujarath -type development model. She is Modi in female form. It fits her in another way too. Like Modi, she also faces undue criticism.

Computer Junkie said...


I agree with your analysis on Jaya. In my view, Media plays a role in vilifying her and she is good person/administrator than what she is credited for. Every individual makes mistakes and I believe she learned from hers and we should give her chance.

What are her chances in joining hands with Narendra Modi and govern our country. If that happens, I see good prospects. What is your thoughts?

kppradeep said...

I agree to your view on throwing out the present govt. But what Dr Swamy is saying is even if JJ comes to power she will be a puppet in the hands of Karuna/SoniaG through Sasikala.
50% of TASMAC supplies is from ADMK breweries. Money is everything for them
We dont know who will win elections for sure but what we surely know is who will lose and that is people of TN
Even a illiterate person is now well informed and the freebies will not influence him.
JJ should not have announced freebies if she had wanted TN to prosper. This is also bribery

jayasree said...

//JJ should not have announced freebies if she had wanted TN to prosper. This is also bribery//

Hello, if JJ had not announced the freebies, MK would have had an upper hand. Tell me how many people are ready to say no to freebies? Did you watch JJ's election rallies? The maximum applause is heard only when she announces the freebies. People have been made to expect freebies by DMK's freebie culture.

முள்ளை முள்ளாளத்தான் எடுக்கணும். If we want to divert people from DMK, JJ also has to tempt them with freebies. But look at her election manifesto. Freebies are less in number compared to the detailed development programmes she has announced.

There is an integrated development model with a focus on rural economy. If rural economy is strengthened, income earning venues will multiply as a chain reaction and the stress on cities from migrating rural labour will be minimal. I will be shortly posting an article on Modi's speech in Indian Today conclave. I will write on how JJ's model resembles that. I would even say that she has copied Modi's model. But she was not in a position to say that she won't give freebies as Modi said. Because today's Tamilians are not like Gujaratis. They are still lured by the mirage of DMK culture.

First they must be brought out of that. Then they must be shown that life means many things and not freebies. They must be shown the value of standing on own feet and rejecting freebies. They must be taught what self respect (சுய மரியாதை) actually means. To do that JJ must be given the mandate and support by the media after she settles down to do the job. She is a doer. She will do. But it needs atleast 2 terms to make people realize the kind of actual growth that Gujarat saw.

DMK thugs must be smothered to make this happen. I am hopeful, because the king of thugs - the Thirumangalam hero will face the gallows in the near future. If he is brought to book, that means law and order will be in place in TN. Let us wait and see.

jayasree said...

//What are her chances in joining hands with Narendra Modi and govern our country. If that happens, I see good prospects. What is your thoughts? //

Modi's authentic time of birth is not available. (Sep 17, 1950) The worrying points in his horoscope are 3 planets - sun, mercury and Mars are in rasi sandhi at 0 degrees. Such planets can not give good results. But going by his current status vis a vis his present probable dasa, which is sun mahadasa, we can say that there is likely to be further growth for him from 2013 onwards when moon maha dasa begins. I have to check his palm to confirm this.

BJP's overall prospect is such that it will gain only when the opponent makes mistakes (2nd lord in 6th). However from April 2012 onwards its sun dasa begins. Sun is 3rd lord in 10th in good ashtakavarga points. It also happens to be 10th lord from Moon sign posited in the 5th. Generally the BJP had attained power in sun combinations. Ironically its Jupiter has played spoilsport, Jupiter being the Bhadak. So I expect BJP to do better and even capture power at the center in 2012 -13.

Around that time, Modi and JJ will have change of mahadasa. Personally for them, the new dasas are better than the existing ones. In JJ's case, she will definitely do pariharas to avert the bhadak nature of Jupiter. She is likely to play a role in national politics then. It must be remembered that JJ shares a personal rapport with Modi.

nutwit said...


One of my friend said that Ammachi (Amritanandamayi) predicted that the CON govt at centre will not last its full term. Infact, she said that there will be some disaster/mishap where many are likely to be killed in India. Just wanted to know ur take on this.

2 Also, what do you think will be the role of Baba Ramdev and the likes. You should forgive me, but I desperately want the Con govt to fall asap.