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Secrets in Thiruppavai. Secret - 4 (Nappinnai -4)

Nappinnai in ayarpadi dancing kuravai with Krishna and Baladeva represents a Triad.

The Triad is a system of 3 which is found at every level of this created world.

This triad is known as Vyahruthi,
which was earlier mentioned in Yajur vedas,
and improvised with an addition called 'mahas',
by Rishi Mahasamasya (Taiitriya upanishad).

Mahas represents the Super lord of the vyahruthi.

One important feature of veads is that it is secret in nature.
That is, it contains in itself a number of meanings and symbolism
helpful in understanding Truth of this universe, Its creator,
the realtionship of the created with the creator and the means of attaining This creator.

This symbolism is required to be sought by varying levels of awareness and consciousness.
That is because we, the mortals are shrouded with varying levels of knowledge and consciousness.
And different symbolisms correspond to different levels of knowledge and consciousness,
thereby revealing different types of explanations.

The system of Traid represents the different planes of consciousness
and therefore different interpretations
as per one's knowledge and state of consciousness.

At the mundane level of understanding,
the Kuravai-k-kootthu represents a dance by
three individuals having distinct characteristics.

Krishna is the winner in the bull fight
and Nappinnai is one he has won.
The winner and the won get connected
in the open (kuravai is danced in the open)
sheathed by the blue sky!

Two things are to be noted here.

(1) Krishna, who is black in colour,
in the presence of blue,
merges with Nappinnai.
The mixture of black and blue gives Indigo.
That is what nILaa means in sanskrit!
Nappinnai is also said to be 'Karu-neidhal' in colour.

One symbolism from this is whenever blue and black co-exist,
the point of contact will be a shade of indigo or nILaa.

(2) Taking up this symbolism to the world around us,
the blue sky ends up at some height above the earth.

The sky or its blue-ness is available only up to a certain level.
Beyond that the dark (black) space spreads everywhere.

The area of demarcation of these two levels is NiLaa, or
the anthariskham at its higher realms, tinged with the colour, nILaa.

The symbolism here is
the winner Krishna who is everywhere in the space
and enveloping us - the earth below with its blue sky,
has the indigo-coloured nILaa clsoe to HIM.

This is sung in the Kuravai (refer Silappadhiskaram in secret 5)

-If our Nppinnai is with Thirumaal, He can not see Lakshmi who is in His chest!-

The Lakshmi is the Prosperity or Wealth of the earth
which we can find in the earth,
on the earth and around the earth
but not beyond the outer reaches of the earth!

At the area of demarcation of the blue sky and
outer dark space,
nothing can be seen below (if we look down on the earth).

This fact is indicated by the verse that when Nappinnai is close to Him,
or if we happen to reach this realm of nILaa,
we can not see the Wealth (Lakshmi) and the earth on which It gets showered.


To understand this symbolism better, we must know the Triads of some basic concepts.

The foremost Triad that vedas and upanishads talk about is
Bhu, Bhuvah and Svah.

This is based on the three concepts namely,
physical level, vital level and mental level.

Every Triad consists of these three levels,
the details of which are found in Chandhogya upanishad.

In our body,
the bone and skeleton constitute the physical level,
the fluids, blood, nervous fluids, enzymes, harmones etc stand for the vital level
and mind, thought force, knowledge etc represent the mental level.

The vedic Triad of Bhu stands for the physical world, the earth.
Bhuvah stands for anthariksham
and Svah stands for the heavens.

(as per vedas, the Triad again exists at 3 levels as 3, 5 and 7 too.
The Triad 3 taken at one level +1+1 = 5.
The Triad taken as this 5 at one level + 1+1 = 7.
But, for our discussion, we are concentrating on the basic 1+1+1 = 3 only.)

The offerings are done to all these three, say the vedas.
The three are controlled by the 4 th concept which will be its Lord.

For our body, our soul is the Lord.

For the Bhu, bhuvah and svah, Thirmaal or Vishnu is the Lord.

(interpreted as such by many texts and acharays which I am not elaborating on.
But for the sake of taking up this write-up further,
we accept the premise that lord of this Triad or vyahruthi is Thirumaal or Vishnu.)

The Bhu, Bhvah and Svah
are reprsented by Bhu devi, NILaa Devi and Sri Devi
who have Vishnu as their Lord!

It is a common sight to see the Lord Vishnu in temples
accompanied by Bhoo Devi and Sri Devi.

The NILaa Devi is not talked about.


It is like this.
Let us take up the example of our body explained above.

When we think or talk of our body,
we instantly recongnise only our physical body and the mind (mental body)
What we are physically is recognsied by us.
Also what we think, talk, know etc, are also instantly recognised as "me", the mental body.

But we hardly think about the Vital level of our being
which is in fact responsible for making the connectivity between the physical body and mental mind.

One reason is that it is hidden from our perception.

Another is it has no separate existance,
but acts as a medium between the other two,
connects the two
and plays a very important role in unseen ways.

Not only that,
it is the seat of all emotions, feelings, passions, hopes, fears, love etc.
Without these emotions a man is dead!
That means, without the Vital body of the Triad of any kind,
existence of that Triad will be a question mark!

Same is true of the world around us.

The earth is very much palpable,
so much so the wealth of the earth,
(Lakshmi is said to be "shraddha' or effort in a Rik vedic hymn,
indicating that with effort, wealth can be extracted from the earth.
All the riches of enjoyment are got from this earth. That is the meaning).

But the anthariksham tinged with nIlaa is not palpable.

Who is this NiLaa in earth's reckoning?

(to be continued in nappinnai-5)

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