Thursday, January 10, 2008

Does Bharatha's Highway still exist?

Does Bharatha's Highway still exist?

There is a possibility it does exist.
Ayodhya became a deserted and abandoned city after Rama's departure,
according to Raghu vamsam of Kalidasa.

It was only after Muslim invasion, the city started bustling with settlements.
Since the Highway built by Bharatha seems to be a massive one connecting
the two rivers Sarayu and the Ganges,
it could have continued to be in use.

We should check whether it crosses Gomathi.
I am not sure whether the other rivers mentioned do exist in their olden names.

One may wonder how these topographical features can survive over lakhs of years.

That it is not in lakhs of years, but only in 1000s of years is what I am going to write shortly.

When SherShawSuri's Grand trunk road had existed owing to usage over the centuries,
this Road by Bharatha which would not have been disturbed for 1000s of years
until a couple of hundred years before ShershawSuri's time, can be traced.

But as long as we have a group of Secularists at the helm and
an Archeology Department that tows its masters
who refuse to accept
that we are the only nation on the earth having an unbreakable past for 10,000 years,
no bridge on the sea can be identified
and no road link on the land can be traced!

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