Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Small car- big gains!

The responses published below, picked out from the Times of India online edition are enough to show what it means to have sensible governance.

One can not help comparing with Tamilnadu which failed to attract Nano.

The reason is Mr Karunanidhi does not want to compete with West Bengal.

What a strange logic!

Or is there any logic in this?

On the contrary, the one point agenda of the present government and its party is to plunder the state.

There is no time and mind to think about what is good to the state or what good must be done to the State.

There is darkness – in the literal sense too – due lack of any sense that is needed for governance.

The most unproductive expenses are in the name of freebies – with no money left for even buying electricity in time.

The most astonishing arrival of revenues are in the name of liquor –

ruining many a family whose earnings are robbed by the Tasmac.

Give them rice for one rupee, says the Chief minister.

When people complain how pungent it smells, the minister asks them to spray scent before eating.

This makes the poor, illiterate women who complained - to burst into laughter and expectedly (by the minister who made this remark), they forget their woes.

If someone complains how they could get money to buy the scent,

our benevolent CM may even supply scent bottles at ration shops.

If they complain again, the free TVs are there.

They will forget their woes by watching some serial.

This is the way Tamilnadu is being run.

The Tatas have a struck a deal in Gujarat – that’s is hailed by every Gujarati

Should we in Tamilnadu not be entitled to get – not just Tatas –

but a better governance?


The two responsive and responsible CEOs

TOI: From Bengal to Gujarat, it's the same country and two very different stories. What lessons do you draw as a senior business leader?

Tata: I don't know how much problem that we faced was really that of the farmers. I would just say that political opposition and political aspiration should always be subordinated to the better welfare of the country or the state. I don't know who would be the losers. You have talked about ourselves being one of the losers in the sense of losses owing to time overruns. But I wonder what we have left behind. I am sure West Bengal can attract other investments and will attract other investments and we will be as supportive as we can in attracting new investments. But what about the people who had aspirations for jobs? The people who have made this issue of land-for-land — will they prosper? Has anything been done to increase their yields, their income levels? Many of them are below subsistence levels — they say so themselves. On the one hand, they talk of drinking their money away or not having money, and on the other hand, they talk of having their land back. I mean are we doing anything to improve their lot? These are the questions that come to my mind. So, political opposition should hold the country first and not themselves. That's all I am saying.


MMK Rao, Bangalore, says: Congrats to Mr Modi, Mr Tata and our Gujarati brethren! The expeditiousness with which Mr Modi has welcomed Mr Tata is superb and is worthy of emulation by all politicians who conduct their affairs in the most un-business-like manner, as though to show that politics and 'business' are different. If - and ONLY IF - politicians get businesslike in governance, and not merely remain political that is, in the Indian context, petty-minded, selfish and unbridled when speaking of their rivals - India can prosper. Until that happens, politicians in India will have a heyday talking of social justice, secularism, poverty removal, and similar meaningless things just to cover their inability, nay refusal due to selfishness, to SOLVE the same problems. It is astonishing that even at this hour of relief and jubilation over a harassed project being given a nice kick start, one commentator flaunting his state Administrative Service credentials - as though that makes him an authority - is tempted to hang his head in sadness stuck in ocean-deep communalist fantasy. He must understand that all talk of secularism and communalism is precisely a mask to cover politicians' perpetual obsession with grabbing of power for favoring party functionaries as the major aim. When agriculture, industry, and other economic sectors are helped to flourish, the root causes of different segments of populations will cease to fight in the name of religion, plant serial bombs with al Qaeda guidance, demand communal quotas, and so on ...
[7 Oct, 2008 2121hrs IST]

Maulik Bhalodia, Vadodara, says: Jai Bharat!!! If u all closely watch the incident of singur, so called communist and secular leaders puts Bengol 100 years back...we do not need these kind of leaders... If we want to progress we should elect persons like Modi.. If he is not secular we don't want secular leader... And all who hates Modi please come to gujarat and see what is leadership, what is dedication of CM, What is Progress, What is Decision, why people of gujarat still love him... he is not a bad person... whole image is created by others. people will lose all projects due to the cheap politics, not only NANO. this is the small thing happened to them.. I salute my Chief Minister... and i am proud of that Mr Narendra modi is chief minister of my state...
[8 Oct, 2008 0207hrs IST]

YD, Canberra, says: It might come as a surprise to some but I recently (about 7 months ago) visited India and went to Gujarat and found that Gujarat is the most secular, law abiding, hard working and corruption-less state. I stayed in a hotel owned by a Muslim but amazingly majority guests were Hindus. I tasted the best vegi meals in that hotel. I did not see any resentment among Muslims. I was told by many Muslims that their lot is far better in Gujarat than Muslims in other states. Please media do not dance to the tune of Congress and anti-nationals, give us the truth unless Indian media can not handle the truth. Gujarat today is equal to any European country, look where rest of India is.
[8 Oct, 2008 0347hrs IST]

Darshan, Ahmedabad, says: I am from Ahmedabad and have closely watched Modis style of working. Let me throw some light on how he clinched the deal. 1. Stayed in touch with Ratan Tata since problems begun at Singoor. 2. Before one year this land was acquired by government from university. How much farsightedness. 3. In two weeks time entire land acquisition was completed. Today it was transferred to tatas. 4.Connecting site with building six lane road work already begun. Land acquired for road and farmers happily gave it. 5. Now we will see how fast this project will be implemented. Its celebration time in gujarat. Gujarat chamber of commerce and industry is organizing fireworks near by and I am going to join thousand of proud Gujaratis ... Bye
[7 Oct, 2008 2019hrs IST]

Vishal, Ahmedabad, says: Lets keep it simple for business. The site is only 30 kms away from Ahmedabad city, its situated on a 4 lane (and greatly laid down) highway. A railway line runs parallel to the highway. Moreover, this highway connects Ahmedabad to Mundra and is soon going to be converted to 6 lane pretty soon. This land is not to be acquired from anyone, and the farmers, whole land is going to be acquired, would be happy to sell, and set up their own small businesses around the plant (the ever enterprising Gujju spirit). Add to this the great business environment in Gujarat, and you get the reason why Tata selected Gujarat.
[7 Oct, 2008 1735hrs IST]


Prabhu CLN said...

I happened to read one of your blogs forwarded by my friend. i think your views are completely biased. Please do not think Tamilnadu is whole world. When you comment so much on Kalignar why do you not raise voice against the carnage, the violent mob carried out during Godhra or violence that is encouraged by communal forces in K'nataka and Orissa .Even if Modi may be the best administrator he is still the epitome of autocracy. Even Hitler had non corrupt government and Germany regained its stature and attained greater heights during his tenure will you call Hitler a responsible leader for his nation.
I beg to differ on your views.

Instead of seeing only negative remarks on leaders like kalignar,please see many of the good qualities .Think of his age and his active work in politics,cinema,tamil literature , handling opposition, introducing innovative schemes ,letters to his party men, morning yoga and exercises and now TV channel overseeing etc..@ the age of 85 . He is an example of how to make best use of time and be active(suru surpu)for the gen X.
Coming back to point..
Rationalism is one of his principles. It’s like this I believe in God, he does not believe in God. It’s not important whther we like or dislike God. Our actions should be in such a way that God likes. Just b’coz a community did not get seat in Eng or medical college or Govt Job..they complain against a person. Take it from me today it’s kalaignar, tomorrow when is is not there. someone else will be your target. I bet.

If not Anna or Periyar or kalaignar were not there the Brahmanical league would have carried out un imaginable atrocities against the downtrodden and so called untouchables. I've seen the supremacy exhibited by the so called upper-class people in the society in other parts of India which is widespread on large-scale and in Tamilnadu it's on very low scale compared to other parts. Even today i know several of the bramanical people not taking even water from non-bramhins..stating Karma and theetu if the Holy Ganges is pure today they go take dip in ganges. But they don't take even water from other castes . Jus FYI, these kind of activities are the reasons why they are being ridiculed and

is a classic example
by people today and Gen X.

Sorry to say this ! But Felt like posting this. If you do not like or do not have enuf maturity to look from other perspective you can very well delete this comment.

jayasree said...

Thanks Mr Prabhu for your views.

Reply for your first para - I say the same thing about your views - biased.

There is desa- kala parimaNa (space - time nitty -gritties)in analysing any incident. I have analysed the earlier incidents on that basis which you can read published in the letters to Hindu column in those days and am analysing the current incidents in the same breath. Moreover, haven’t you read the Nanavati report?

About the 2nd para- all that you have listed have least relevance to governance and good governance.

About the 3rd and 4th para - you need to allot time and patience to read all my blog posts as my reply to this.

About 5th / last para - I can sense you to be having a promising perspective. I pray you evolve with inner wisdom so that you will know how to sieve chaff from the flour. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Good comment prabhu, I liked following.

"If not Anna or Periyar or kalaignar were not there the Brahmanical league would have carried out un imaginable atrocities against the downtrodden and so called untouchables."


jayasree said...

Dear Surya,

Knowledge removes darkness of ignorance. Better refurbish your knowledge of the past - kaNNal kaaNbadum poi, kaadaal ketpadum poi, theera aaraaindhu arivathE mei.

Dig out the past and analyze. You will know how a generation has been taken for a ride.

To help people like you to know, i have been posting such information in this blog.

Read the following:-

Before commenting, better read all the posts.

jayasree said...

On the accusation against "brahmanical league' by Mr Prabhu and anonymous.
I hope they must be going through the other posts and the links- particularly

Here are some thoughts for instant grasp.

According to columnist, Meenakshi Jain:
"The British were not wrong in their distrust of educated Brahmins in whom they saw a potential threat to their supremacy in India. For instance, in 1879 the Collector of Tanjore in a communication to Sir James Caird, member of the Famine Commission, stated that "there was no class (except Brahmins ) which was so hostile to the English." The predominance of the Brahmins in the freedom movement confirmed the worst British suspicions of the community. Innumerable CID reports of the period commented on Brahmin participation at all levels of the nationalist movement. In the words of an observer,
"If any community could claim credit for driving the British out of the country, it was the Brahmin community. Seventy per cent of those who were felled by British bullets were Brahmins".

To counter what they perceived, a Brahmanical challenge, the British launched on the one hand a major ideological attack on the Brahmins and, on the other incited non-Brahmin caste Hindus to press for preferential treatment, a ploy that was to prove equally successful vis-à-vis the Muslims.

In the attempt to rewrite Indian history, Brahmins began to be portrayed as oppressors and tyrants who willfully kept down the rest of the populace. Their role in the development of Indian society was deliberately slighted. In ancient times, for example, Brahmins played a major part in the spread of new methods of cultivation (especially the use of the plough and manure) in backward and aboriginal areas. The Krsi-parasara, compiled during this period, is testimony to their contribution in this field. Apart from misrepresenting the Indian past, the British actively encouraged anti-Brahmin sentiments.

Apart from misrepresenting the Indian past, the British actively encouraged anti-Brahmin sentiments.

A number of scholars have commented on their involvement in the anti-Brahmin movement in South India. As a result of their machinations non-Brahmins turned on the Brahmins with a ferocity that has few parallels in Indian history. This was all the more surprising in that for centuries Brahmins and non-Brahmins had been active partners and collaborators in the task of political and social management.

(source: The Plight of Brahmins - By Meenakshi Jain The Indian Express, Tuesday, September 18, 1990).


Gandhiji speaks :-

" Do you think you will gain anything by becoming non-Hindus, he told them, do not think you will gain anything by abusing, Brahmins or burning their homes. “Who were Tilak, Gokhale, Ranade and Agarkar?” he asked them. They were Brahmins, they were in the forefront of every nationalist struggle, they served the cause of non-Brahmins at the greatest cost to themselves, it is in many cases through the work of Brahmins that the non-Brahmins have been made aware of their rights, he told them. It is the Brahmins who exert for the uplift of the depressed classes, more than anybody else. Lokmanya Tilak is revered by all classes for his services to the country. The late Mr. Gokhale, Mr. Ranade and the Hon’ble Mr. Sastri have all done splendid work for the regeneration of the backward classes. You complain of the Brahmin bureaucracy. But let us compare it with the British bureaucracy. The latter follow the ‘divide and rule policy’ and maintains its authority by the power of the sword, whereas, the Brahmins have never restored to the force of arms and they have established their superiority by sheer force of their intellect, self-sacrifice, and penance. I appeal to my non-Brahmins brethren not to hate the Brahmin and not to be victims of the snares of the bureaucracy…”

(source: The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi vol. 20 p. 144)

(end quote)

It is a sad state of affairs that people of the Gen X have fallen prey to the machinations of the powers that be – that are bent on using Brahmin hatred for political mileage.

Think Gen X.
Think, explore, analyse and know for yourself.
This hatred is thrust on you.
This hatred is the continuation of the colonial policy of divide and rule.
This hatred is not going to do any help to you or me!

Prabhu C.L.N said...

Hi, was busy with some other work..happened to see a reply from mr Surya.. and found your reply amemore from an emotional standpoint. to me most of the the shastras which you or someone else mentions is misconstructed .I know history of dravidian movemnet and it's orgins or what gave birth to dravidian movement rather..tough will mention about if required coming back to the points you mentioned in your reply for my my comment ..first and foremost Thanks for the taking an effort to reply to my comment, I thought my comment would not be approved in the first place. and i was busy with some important work hence could not record my views on your reply.. immediately though my reply below is not intended to hurt your sentiments or beliefs.. i feel it's important to present the other perspective too..coz views on an issue would differ upon..the vantage point and it's very important have unbiased view in case if my view point hurts .. i'm sorry.But it's a solid fact, Here is my take your reply..

Your Response to 1st instates the fact that the select class of community invents its own reasoning according to its convenience and frames and reframes the rules as per the whims and fancies. quoting the holy texts(to be honest most of the Holy texts today are miscommunicated and misconstructed by the same sect of people several 100 years for their benefits today they change according to their convinence again to add a socialist flavour....Energy can be neither created nor destroyed what they did several years back is hitting them back today... when the mere comments paased upon this community is causing them so much pain and agony...think about the people who tolerated the suppression and attrocites this community had done to them..for 100's of years to be honest they are the people who have right to touch God.. not the people who discriminate, divide people.

So u are saying, it's wrong in Killing people based on class and creed is wrong in Germany before 1940's but after 2000's it is right in that is desa- kala parimaNa ..

A perspective that could be dumped to the people without stuff under skull but not to the rationalist's

By default i do not comment on any Judicial Investigation report . I prefer to stick to the same principle here too regarding nanavati report

Leader is an example,

Says thiruvalluvar..
living life by example is required for generations to stand for something.. like Gandhi,Periyar, Anna,MGR or Kalaignar did ..

Ok !Going by you own case assume they are not relevant qualities for Governance, may i pose a same question to you on the religious heads ..what would people say as the qualities a Sanyasi

Sanyasi should be a non violent person and spread the warmth of Love..but some Sanyasis declare Fatwa. And brainless creatures support it.. what’s the difference between them and some Islamic terror organizations,,,

Sanyasi should be Simple and should not seek material comforts - A sanyasi from Perarignar's place Kanchi, was a political power center , travels in Benz, Business Class Flight and has been allged on affairs..and murders in a vishnu temple..(A god who is said to be a savior)...and goes Court for signing bail petition...pathetic is the situation of those ignorant people who still fall on his feet.
Kalaignar is 1000 times better than the "Veshadari"
But still people will perceive the above mentioned are gr8 and honorable qualities required by sanyasi and fall in his feet but will say kalaignar is not fit to govern the state..coz he does not posses the the above mentioned leader of that religion

3rd and 4th Para.. i do agree i haven't read all your post..but there is a Quote in tamil " Oru Panai Sotruku Oru Soru Padam" .. needless to say further..
Having said that i happened to read one of your posts on Kalignar's statement on Rama being drunkard. Though i don't know whether Rama was drunkarad or not.. Kamba ramayana clearly says Rama drinks alcohol and this reference is not from any versions by Dravidian leaders but the earlier versions before dravidian movement itself. Not only that. Kambaramayana is an amazing book, and of course needless to say it's amazing content on women, lust and sex..infact that's how the term "Kamba rasam" or kamba sastram came into verbage. .my submission is do not misinterpret what was mentioned as honey..infact those incidents clearly shows he was also a normal human but he lived a very noble life and drinking is no crime.If you accept it accept fully , and don't exclude some points just because you are not comfortable with it and build story according your convinience.

5th.. thanks for your prayer. To me prayer is a positive thought , a positive affirmation..thats why they say Sankalpa before chanting verses . Be it one does for himself or some once else.. it is good for both... and it might aswell help you too !!! to evolve with a wisdom of discrimination and rational thinking to stay out of a mad crowd that thinks itself superior by being born in community or by wearing some belt..and that tries to hide its ineffciencies and mistakes by blaming others

i write this convey a message do not praise a person coz he appears favourable for you or defame a person coz he does not endorse your school of thought..Always look for postive points..and how far the persons legacy stands...the merchant of death mentione in the article does not have any legacy. He does not have guts to face media and ran away from the media..he blacked out media in the state..but here kalaignar starts a media to manage the media attack and listens to the criticism..answers them..Jus to Quote from S.Ve Shekar himself..he has spoken in the assembly and in interview he has told what Govt can do they are doing for my could be noted he is from a opposition part and he is a person who is staunch and pro towards a religion he belongs to..

As I always say, In a democracy everyone is entitled for their perspective. Let it survive and do not pass communal feelings and communal superiority atleast to the next generation. Each religion is good, each caste is good. As it's said One Caste, One Religion, One God For Man..and never ever say only one religion is best..I do not undermine or understate sanathana dharma..but my humble submission is today sanathana dharma doesnot exist.. and do not use term Hindu as your own properietary.. even any RSS introduction document says anyone who lives in the banks of River Sindhu is Hindu..

Just to conclude in your own style..
"Shradhavan Lapadhey Gnana" .. if one has conviction to do what he has to do he will have the knowledge, Wisdom and power to do so. That says it all.. regarding people like kalaignar . They have a strong desire to serve people and work for their upliftment hence they had been bestowed the opportunity.
Btw He never threatened like someone. any one on another massacre and prevent anybody from voting to win in elections.


Prabhu said...

Btw if you think knowledge, wisdom & intelligence are the properietary of the brahmanical leaugue,i'm sorry.You are thouroughly mistaken.

It's only brahmins who discriminate people despite people like Ragavendra,Ramanuja,ramana and Kanchi Periyavar(early one..not the current businessmen who lead the mutt) and many others teachings.. they are the people who still follow the untouchablity. Touch your concience and say in what way the other people are lesser than the leauge, why the people from that sect alone don't have (Veg) food brought by the other person, why don't they drink even water @ other persons house. Why they are given 3rd category respect in temples and in society by these people. Don't sit comfortably in Mylapore or mambalam and reply this as what you say does not exist or happen, go to any place outside chennai you will understand whats happening even today. THe bramhinical supremacy still prevails.
have you ever seen the OC selection list year on year in all academic selection process like DOTE, MBBSetc , the % BC's,OBC's,SC's/ST's have been increasing in Open Competition Category. more than 30% of the people get selected in open competition scoring marks. I do not want to comment on reservation coz even they know it's politcs and you will hardly know how many people have been shunning reservation.Coz media does not write about it. Most of the media is owned by this community.some read only Hindu Paper and think that's world truth. Take it from me what you see in media is what media wants you to see and what they are convinient with. It's a business like any other profession or like an Hindu Temple where money speaks louder than anything else.need less to say who rus them.
I still remember in my class in Anna University One student really got irritated coz the PRof of a community quoted that this guy got a seat in reservation and when he later realized he was one of the top rank holders in state and he consistently faired well against all FC's in class his opinon changed . don't try to seed thought of aryan supremeacy and spoil the Gen X.
It's heading in right direction. If possible start advising the people of a leaugue who promote violence on the name of Hindu religion etc.bajrang dal, VHP or Shivsena.

Why the hell you want to make the country bloodshed. If rama does not have temple does that mean one will not worship rama. I rember a story told to me by Sugi Sivam when i was talking to him emotionally on this.I'd like to share the same with untouchable was in tears since he was not allowed inside the temple, then God passed by and asked why you are crying. He say's i want to see you and perform prayers but i'm not allowed inside.God say's oh don't worry even if you go there you will not be able to offer prayers to me coz I'm not there these days.Tat will tell the plight and situation of the temple run by these people.

Rajarajan said...

I strongly disagree to your comments One can not help comparing with Tamilnadu which failed to attract Nano.
The reason is Mr Karunanidhi does not want to compete with West Bengal.
What a strange logic!
Or is there stated in your article. Do you mean to Say Yedurappa's Karnataka Govt failed to compete with West Bengal or Vasundraraje Sindhia's Rajasthan failed to compete with Bengal what do you mean or on the other hand When Nokia,Hyuandai,Ford and many more investments came to Tamilnadu then what happened to Narendra Modi.was he not competing with tamilnadu ? We will not ask such questions we know what should be compared with what. I agree with What Mr Prabhu & mr annonymous says say's. To add more,whatever you have quoted is theory but what we talk is practical living world. If the world had been like the utopia you have mentioned then there would not be requirement ofyour blog in 1st place.

jayasree said...

Propaganda-like stuff such as the ones found in the above responses will not be entertained in this blog henceforth.

Though they don’t merit any comment, in they being off-hand responses not related to the post, I am closing with the following observations.

How come these writers too, like Mr Karunanidhi, resort to Brahmin- baiting in the face of non-provocation, but when faced with an indefensible situation? The “avaaL namakku endrumE savaal thaan’ in his ‘naai’ poem on the Comrades by Mr.Karunanidhi is his most recent demonstration of what his defense mechanism is. His disciples are quick to follow suit.

But my advice is - don’t over-do this role.
Anything can happen at anytime.
Mr Karunanidhi’s ‘practical wisdom’ is such that he would not hesitate to shake hands with the saffron brigade if needs be, as he did earlier.
How then could you explain his recent remarks to Sonia in the face of demand to share power by the congress?
Why then should the recent meetings of his party blare out songs and dialogues praising Kalaignar in Brahmin language?

jayasree said...

To Mr Rajarajan,

Mr Karunanidhi has to explain why he made such a statement when asked whether he would invite Tatas to TN. He only said - I don't want to compete with West Bengal.

Prabhu said...

Just two observations:
1)thanks again for finally accepting the facts. I know you or any one will not have answers.Coz they are solid facts.

2)Forget what face Kalaignar or his followers will have.Where will this saffron brigade keep it's face when such a coalation happens.What will happen to people like you who have dedicated your blog to shed anti kalaignar propoganda. My strong advise is pl think before you ink.Somebody doesnot become a CM just because his palms lines or some guru saw mars boxes in astrology's sheer hardwork and effort. So if you insult such a person you are insulting hardwork .anyways it's nothing new but a habit for many( i'm not mentioning any one community..i'm saying in general)


jayasree said...

Prabhu said >> 1)thanks again for finally accepting the facts. I know you or any one will not have answers.Coz they are solid facts.<<<

The solid fact?

The fact that Brahmin- baiting comes in handy as defense –in- offence mechanism
and the fact that I am not alone, nor a particular community is alone in faulting the functioning of the CM, and that it is the opinion of many – and many people in general. Thanks for your frank acceptance.