Monday, October 13, 2008

Geologists plan to clear the air on Rama Setu

Geologists plan to clear the air on Ram Setu

DNA Correspondent
Monday, October 13, 2008  03:24 IST   

BANGALORE:  The Geological Society of India will come up with a white paper to clear the air on Ram Setu. Earlier, the government cited scriptures while the supreme court favoured exploration of a scientifically and "politically" viable solution to the controversy.

Speaking on the sidelines of the golden jubilee celebrations of the society in Bangalore on Sunday, society president Harsh Gupta said the report will cover all aspects of the bridge, its pros and cons, the science behind it and many sensitive issues. "Many interesting questions like did the stones float in water will also be answered. All such queries will be posted on the society's website in three months. People would be able to post their comments for five months, after which, a final version of the report will be prepared and released," he said. The society's centres across India will participate in the study.

Gupta added the department was also preparing a report on linking rivers in India to meet water scarcity.


White paper on Rama Sethu soon, says GSI

DH News Service, Bangalore(Oct. 13, 2008)

The Geological Society of India (GSI), one of the premier institutions of India to carry geological studies, will shortly release a white-paper on the river inter-linking project and Rama Sethu.

Talking to reporters on Sunday, at IISc where the GSI is holding a two-day international level seminar to commemorate golden jubilee, Society's president Harsh Gupta said these two issues become extremely difficult whenever they surface for discussion.

"The whole issue gets politicised the moment someone wants to give a fair judgment on it," said Gupta.

He added that the GSI will shortly release a white-paper on the subject and release it in Society's website. When asked to give a gist on the findings on Rama Sethu and river inter-linking project, the scientist asked media persons to wait for some more weeks.

On the query about the stones shown to people at Rameshwaram that float in water, he said there could be a trick. "The stone may be having bubble," said Gupta.

In curriculum

He added that the GSI is also trying to make geology a popular subject of the common man and is struggling to make it included in school curriculum. He was happy that in Karnataka geology is a subject in 10+2 but other states do not have geology in the curriculum.

The Geological Society of India also plans to bring out a book for small children titled 'Story Of The Ocean'.

This book will be brought out in 14 different languages including Hindi, English and Kannada.

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