Thursday, December 16, 2010

DMK & Congress - the inseparable pair!

The reaction from the Congress and DMK on the CBI raids is on expected lines!!

There is no threat to the alliance and their ties are strong as ever before - This is the assurance we are hearing from the leaders of the 2 parties. As usual, Mr Thangabalu, the chief of TN Congress was the first to declare this. On the side of the DMK, Kanimozhi gave the assurance.

Theirs is perhaps the most amazing example of strong bond ever witnessed anywhere in the world. In Tamil literature, there is one example of a strong bond between a poet called Pisiranthaiyaar and the Chozhan king called Kopperm Chozhan. Till this date this pair has enjoyed the honour as the best friends in Tamil's history. From now onwards their position has been taken up by DMK-Congress friendship. Our poets can start quoting this pair in their compositions. We may not have to wait for long to hear such a composition. May be in a day or two, we can hear Karunanidhi paying rich accolades to the strong ties between DMK and Congress!

DMK has a reason to cling to the Congress. With elections coming near, it can not afford to lose a partner like the Congress.
But what has the Congress to lose?
Under normal circumstances any party in the position of Congress will keep silent or distance itself from the DMK. But no sooner the CBI officials have left the premises of the places raided by them, the Tamilnadu Congressmen have rushed out to express their solidarity with the DMK.

How confident they are that the vote bank that they seem to hold would be blind to the developments that are taking place now on corruption front!
Do they think that a section of  TN  people who have been traditionally inclined to vote for the Congress would continue to do so inspite of the mamooth scam coming to light?
Don't they think for a moment, that the present developments could wipe out whatever vote bank they have now - and even 'spoil' their  reputation as the palanquin bearer of the Dravidian parties in Tamilnadu?

So what gives them the confidence that they would win by staying with the DMK - now tainted badly with corruption charges?
A similar question remains unanswered in National politics as to - what / who gave A. Raja the confidence to disregard the prime minister's reservation in the 2 G allocation.

The answer is the same in both these cases.
There is a saying in Tamil,
கள்ளனும் தோட்டக்காரனும் ஒன்று கூடினால் விடியு மட்டும் திருடலாம்.
It means if the gardener and the thief join hands, they can steal until the day breaks.
The gardener makes sure that no one interrupts while the thief is busy at his job.
The Congress party is behaving in a typical fashion like this gardener.

The day has dawned and everyone knows that the loot has happened and everyone knows who has done that. But the gardener is doing everything possible to exonerate the thief.
The utterances of the Congress politicians are in the lines of the gardener.

Let the Congress remain with the DMK.
That would be the sure proof of their culpability in the loot.
Their leader might proudly proclaim that she wont tolerate corruption and take action against her party people who are accused of corruption.
But if she is serious about corruption, she can not have truck with a party that is corrupt. She can not have alliance with a party tainted by corruption. If she does, it has only one meaning - that she has some stakes in continuing that alliance.
It is the proof of her complicity in the loot as a gardener.

Every time a congressman speaks well of the alliance with the DMK, he / she must remember that such a talk diverts our attention to Sonia for her culpability as a gardener.

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BHASKARAN19 said...

Please note that - Pisiranthaiyaar and the Chozhan king called Kopperm Chozhan- they hv never met each other - only at the time of their death - Chozhan waited from his friend - I believe Pisiranthaiyaar never had any Grey Hair - Look at our friends - they meet everyday to discuss strategy as how to share the booty they have looted