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Christian agenda behind Telangana demand?


Telangana for Christ

Excerpts from a speech on Christmas by Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) chief K Chandrasekhara Rao. (The original is in Telgu).

Govt funds for building Churches.

While participating in the Christmas celebrations at the Methodist church in Hyderabad, K Chandrasekhara Rao said that Christians will get their due rights only in the new state. "I have alloted 25 lakhs for building a church in Mahboobnagar, and will be spending similarly every year," he said. "When the Telangana state is formed, I undertake to build churches with government money. There will always be one slot reserved for Christians in the state cabinet."

This is another proof that the demand for Telangana state is being orchestrated by the church to create a small state in which Christian Maoists can rule unchallenged and bump off all Hindu priests till only churches and bishops are left. This Chandrasekhara Rao dude is only a useful idiot for missionaries.

It is not a coincidence that the demand for Telangana suddenly grew when Andhra lost its Christian chief minister and who was replaced by a Hindu one. YSR's death was a big setback for missionaries — Telangana is their new strategy. The whole thing is being supervised by the American consulate in Hyderabad which is a den of CIA operatives.

If Chandrasekhara Rao is a Hindu, then it ony shows that greed for money and power is the basic weakness of the Hindu male and he will not mind compromising the future of his entire race to fulfill his lust .


Anonymous said...

Jayasree madam,

Thanks for posting this article.
I always had doubts that Telangana agitation is being funded by Christian missionaries.

K.C.R. has been organizing lot of Public meetings etc in a very elegant way. Where is he getting so much money ? A lot of Money is changing hands and no one should comment. If any one raises any genuine question Telangana People consider them as Telangana drohis.

TRS Party Politicians succeeded in creating hatred in the minds of telangana people, students, etc against people of Andhra and Rayalaseema.

Only Lord Vishnu can save people of Telangana, Rayalaseema and Andhra.

O Lord have mercy and save all of us.



Jayasree Saranathan said...

This particular post has received spams with Christian propaganda. Christians do seem to have an agenda and watch an ordinary blog like mine. Why did this post attract their attention? Already they have misused my blog ID. Just type my blog ID without 'b' in blogspot
You will be directed to a Christian propaganda site.
Shame on them .
கேவலமா இருக்கு.

surya said...

Namastay Mam,

First of all Congratulations for being recognized by God that your blog is on Dharma side by the fact that it got attacked.

Dont think I am taking a bit freedom, but just making an observation:

1. Your blog can be run redefining, discovering, or clarifing the greatness of Dharma. Then you will be part of 25% Dharma left in Kaliyug and will be untouched by any.

2. You can point out mistakes, scams, or greediness of Adharma that is 75% of this yuga and be a target of that 75% world.

Both ways as usual will have positive and negative fetchings.

In the first one, you will feel great bliss, but may feel why others are not taking part like you.

In the second one, you try to purify some Adharma by pointing out why it is wrong or how it is, that also will give you a kind of satisfaction that you are fighting for Dharma. But your fighting will be extrovert fighting, so as usual it will get some attack back.

Any way you take, there will be divine support for you for sure.

NVS Prakasam.

PS: Regarding Telangana and a specific religon's hand behind it:

Industrialists want people to have big necessities and desires, so that they will have good market.

Politicians want unstable government and narrow minded people, so that they can enlarge their image using them as pawns.

Over Africa, Europe, Middle East and now in India, a particular religion wants social disturbance, ethical turmoil, failure of law of the land, so that they can Enter, Establish, and Rule over gradually.

All The Best to Adharma, as you are also a part of ScreenPlay of God.

Let all those Who desire for Dharma Concentrate on Dharma ONLY, so that they can be protected by GOD in this Leelavinodam.

Kudanthaiamudhan said...

Yr Judgement is correct.Christian missionaries want to create a state for themseleves like they succeeded in goa,nagaland,kerala and mizoram ect,You have exposed this.i found by tying ''
instead of blogspot after your name
it takes me to the website of desert man made fabrticated religion of materialistic faith without any spirituality.Hindus must be very vigilent now. you are doing great services to our dhama bhumi for sanathana dharma.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

The Christian intrusion into my ID came to my notice more than a year ago. I don't know when they did that. It seems I have regular Christian-readers :)

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Thanks for your support Mr Surya & Mr Kudanthaiamuthan

Sri Rama said...

Jayasree Madam,

I am a very avid follower of your blog. I really enjoy reading lot of articles about Sanathana Dharma. Coming to this article this is in very bad taste and totally away from ground realities. This gives an impression that the whole Telangana movement is funded by Christian propaganda. This is farther from truth. This has been going on right from the moment the Andhra and Hyderabad state merger was approved in 1956. One has to keep in mind that this was a conditional merger where safeguards were put in place to check exploitation of either regions and a divorce formula also put in place if the agreements are not honored.

Agreements were dishonored, water sharing accords broken, jobs priority to other regions and finally there was an all out insulting assault on the Telangana culture and dialect. This movement did not start recently. This is going on for 50 years and it peaked before in 1969 resulting in the deaths of 400 students. It was ruthlessly crushed. When you ask the older generation they say they got atleast some jobs in the government due to that old movement.

Telangana has been historically backwards due to rule by Nizam, exploitation by landlords and lack of education on par with Andhrites. Fazil Ali of first SRC commision also warned of these differences and possible exploitation and did not approve of the merger. You can google the history and the conditions of the merger. Exploitation has happened and hence you see this democratic revolt. You can go through the history of exploitation. Revolt against injustice is in every drop of blood in every Telanganite. We fought the razakars of Nizam, exploitation of landlords and now the latest is the total and unhindered pillaging of the few very rich industrialists from Andhra and Rayalseema. We have nothing against the common people. This is fight for self-respect and fight for water, fight for better representation in administration and fight for our survival.


Sri Rama said...

Coming to the religion aspect Christians have very minimal presence in Telangana. If at all they have huge clout and presence in the Andhra and Rayalseema region. Andhra has lot of masses who have converted to Christians and Rayalseema they have powerful clans. You can again google this. You might be knowing a person by the name YSR and his family who hail from Rayalseema region. It is them who are stopping the formation of Telangana. They have lot of interests in Telangana region. I will take the liberty in calling them Christian interests if you will. I have read in one of the forums that Andhra is a place waiting to explode in terms of religions tensions between Hindus and Christians. Historically Telangana has tensions between Hindus and Muslims. It has the history of vigorous participation of Kar Sevaks for the Ayodhya movement. MIM which is a local party believes if Telangana forms it will be a BJP state and opposes it out of fear. You can google this. I went beyond my lakshman reka to prove a point here. I do not like to view people from religious perspective. Every basket has good apples and bad apples. Our fight is for bread and butter, a better tomorrow and not whether we are Hindu, Muslim or Christian.

As for political history, last CM from Telangana was in 89 and that too he was removed in 90 due to communal riots. This again instigated by people from other regions. Then CM made a statement in the assembly saying it was YSR who instigated it. 400 people died in this. You can see how many CM's were from Telangana in this 55 year history and their term periods.

Culturally Andhra had British education and have very rich heritage. Unfortunately on the other side Telangana almost had no education or had urdu and culturally customs are not the same as Andhra. Their integration has never been complete even though we speak same language but different dialects. This led to the mockery behavior of Telangana people and treated like second class citizens with lot of prejudice.


Sri Rama said...

Revolutions happen when the aspirations of the people are trampled, special interest groups from hold priority over common people and more importantly the culture which they hold dear is mocked and insulted. Telangana is democratic aspiration which has its own history. Please do tie with commnual agendas. My sincere and humble plea.

This is a very tension time for every Telugu speaking person and more so for every Telanganite as this has been promised by every political party and are back tracking playing with their emotions. I would latch on to the lotus feet of Supreme Lord Sri Krishna and pray for patience and wisdom and every one is safe and prosperous.

I will take leave with this.
Sarve Jana SukinoBhavantu.

Jai Sree Ram.

Sri Rama said...

Telangana JAC Convenor: Prof. Kodanda Ram

Andhra JAC Convener: Samuel

Jayasree should I say more? I have detailedly posted everything in my previous post. Do not dream up things like this. This article is obnoxious to say the least.

Jai Sree Ram

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Jai Sree,

You have well explained the reasons for a separate Telangana. I understand your feelings.I think Ms Sarada and Mr Surya who hail from Andhra Pradesh would give their view points.

But I have some questions to you or anyone wanting a separate Telangana.

* Are you sure that your agenda is not hijacked by or backed by any Christian interests? Their presence may be small even negligible at the moment, but their track record had never been trustworthy as we have seen how they gobbled up North eastern states. How do you know that the political heads championing Telangana cause do not have a truck with them? Is there any politician worthy of trust today?

* I understand the problems of the people in Telangana region. I read them when I was writing on the astrological implications at the time of the fast and PC's assurance. My question is - can't you get your demands fulfilled within the United state of Andhra? I see this from a national angle. If the existing State is divided on the kind of grievance you have, then every state will start clamoring for a division on some reason. We have crass politicians at the helm who would whip up similar sentiments for their selfish ends. As a citizen of India I am concerned that the creation of Telanga must not become a precedent for similar divisions in future.

Andhra became a precedent for language based division. Is it braving itself now to become a precedent for another round of divisions?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

One clarification.
I wrote
//Thanks for your support Mr Surya & Mr Kudanthaiamuthan //

That is for the moral support they have given, denouncing the Christian attack on my blog.

Sri Rama said...

Jayasree Madam,

As promised my view points for the questions you posed.

Backed by Christian interest?
The article that got posted in the blog is very mischievious. I would'nt even be surprised if it got posted by an Andhrite. It suggests just because an Hindu CM took over Telangana agitation is raked by christian propaganda. This is not a recent movement that started an year ago it was there from past 50 years. If I were to apply same logic everyone knows YSR is the one that stopped the imminent formation of Telangana. Can I conclude it was Christian interests that were and are conspiring against the formation of Telangana. Madam all I can say is Telangana is an agenda of water, jobs, self respect. I do not know of any Christian backing or can speak for politicians.

Can the state remain United?
One thing we have to keep in mind for this issue is AP was formed in 1956. Andhra and Hyderabad state was merged with conditions and agreements. And it was exclusively stated that if the marriage does not work divorce can be applied. The demand is not about creating new state. The demand is about restoration of old state that existed prior to the merger. The existing belief among people is the demands cannot be fulfilled in the United state. The initial agreements were disregarded and when the movement peaked another set of agreements made and they were disregarded and this loop is on where we have reached a stage of second class citizens. All important posts in the Government machinery is occupied by people from other regions, Industrialists who hail from other regions recruit workforce and give important positions to people from their regions. Government and Industry together give undue benefits and projects for people from their regions. They become very rich and start influencing policies that favor them. This loop is on from top to bottom. Everything is getting occupied with every hope fading. What to do? We want a state were opportunity is there and prejudice not shown. Andhra had good education, culture and fertile lands. They had jump start and people from Telangana could not catch up and have been left behind and are being ensured they stay behind. When rights get suppressed people rise. Madam as for precedence the dice has been rolled in form of unfortunate and short sighted hunger strike taken up by Potti Sriramulu. What unfolds and is unfolding credit goes to him. We want the old state restored and want self rule.

Jai Sree Ram

surya said...

Namastay mam,

I dont want to make any comments on AP division issue any more.

These arguments never end and nothing is permanent.

NVS Prakasam.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

My latest article on Telangana:-