Monday, December 13, 2010

Recalling talks with dead people is Karunanidhi’s tactic, Mr. Digvijay Singh

Barely a day after Mr Digvijay Singh spoke about Mr Karkare as having confided to him the terror threat from "Hindu fundamentalists", the truth is out that no telephonic conversation happened between him and Karkare at the time he had mentioned. The call records dug out by Mail Today shows that Mr Karakare had not spoken to him. (Details below).

Digvijay's talk reminds of Karunanidhi who is a habitual re-caller of some conversation that he claims to have had with leaders who died long long ago. Karunanidhi is a clever politician who has mastered the art of every kind of evil practice in politics. Certainly he would not recall the talks with people in recent past and that too which happened through the medium of telephone. He would rather say that such and such a person told him personally. You would not have any means to check such a  claim.

If Diggy is really clever like Karunanidhi, he must have said that Karkare confided it to him personally when he met him on such and such an occasion. Who can say what they did not talk in such a one- one conversation?

Unfortunately for Diggy, modern means of communication come with their drawbacks. Let him and his fellow congressmen think a little before opening their awful mouth.



Call records don't match Diggy claim


Digvijay Singh's claim of having spoken to Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare two hours before his death is getting disproved as the slain police officer's cell phone records show he neither called nor received a call from the Congress general secretary at 7 pm on November 26, 2008, when Digvijay ought to have spoken to him.

Singh had stirred up a controversy when he claimed that the ATS chief had called him to say he was worried as his life was under threat from Hindu fundamentalists. The next day, however, he claimed that it was he who had called up Karkare.

Karkare's wife Kavita denied the statement, saying her husband had not spoken to the Congress leader.

M AIL T ODAY has exclusive details of Karkare's 26/ 11 call records, on which Singh's number does not appear at the time mentioned. The records show that Singh couldn't have reached Karkare at his office at 7 pm, as the ATS chief had left before 5 pm.


When MAILTODAY accessed his records, it was found that Karkare had only spoken to two police officials for more than 2 minutes between 5 pm and 8 pm on 26/11. One was a 125-second-long incoming call at 5.42 pm from 98706088**, which belongs to senior IPS officer Vishwas Nangre Patil. There was no call received or taken by Karkare at 7 pm Karkare was also on the line with then DGP A.N. Roy (987017000) for 283 seconds.

Digvijay Singh didn't respond to repeated calls from MAIL TODAY. His response to SMS queries on the discrepancy was, "I have the call record too". Though he said he would speak to MAIL TODAY on the inconsistency, he refused to respond to calls and SMSes thereafter. Singh's claim is incredulous not only because of the call records, but also because those who knew Karkare well said he would not speak to a politician on such matters.

"The point is Karakre would not have spoken to him about all this even if he (Digvijay) had called him. How could he have told Singh he was worried about his life when he had not spoken to me?" said an IPS officer who was a close friend.

The officer, who preferred not   to be identified, said Karkare was threatened by all kinds of people." It was not just Hindutva fundamentalists. Karkare first got threats from the Indian Mujahideen when their cadres were arrested after the 2008 serial blasts. Yes, he did get terror threats from Hindutva fundamentalists.Someone called up the Pune police and told them that Karkare and Ajay Misar, the prosecutor who initially argued the ATS case against Lt Col Purohit, would be bumped off. But Misar is still alive," the officer said. Karkare had also been threatened by the Maoists as he had served a considerable period in Maoist- dominated Gadchiroli.


" Can we say tomorrow that the Maoists had a hand in his killing? The fact is, he did face an extraordinary amount of pressure and he felt it was unwarranted because the Hindutva terror case was just a normal case for him. But to say he confided all this to Digvijay Singh, a politician, is humbug," said the friend.


Karthiga said...

nice comparison...Karunanithi and Dig vijay Singh...actually, Wat Karunanithi said is happening now..once he said ,"Dravida iyakathin thakam nadu muluvadhum paravum"...paraviruchulla!!!!!!

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Karunanidhi holds copyrights on another important issue also.

His popular brand of answering charges of corruption is to counter-quote some corruption from Jayalaithaa's regime. Sonia is doing the same thing. She quotes BJP and Yeddy's corruption as a reply to the charges of corruption on 2G.

Nandkishor Wagh said...

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