Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hate India if you want to hate Hindus!

Macaulay's dream coming true?
Yes, it seems so.
Unless we know to identify the so-called intellectuals and secularists who  think as foreigners, we will not be able to safeguard not just our Indian interests but also Hindu interests. Because basically Indian interests are Hindu interests. Read this brilliant analysis by Jay Dubashi to know what the Macaulian merchants are doing to our country.


The hate Hindu brigade are the hate India brigade


Dr Jay Dubashi

THE French have a saying : Cherchez la femme, meaning, if there is a scandal, always look for the woman. In India, invariably look for the foreign hand. Whether it is Kashmir or Naxalites, terrorists or secularists, rest assured that the foreign hand is at work.

Right now, India is not only under siege, but is actually under attack. We don't actually see we are being attacked, because such things are always invisible to begin with. Who would have thought that Kashmir would become such a big nuisance, attracting not only Pakistan but China and even America. Despite all that we have done - and not done - Kashmir is now a certified international cause célébre with every major international power trying to meddle in what is simply a domestic problem, or should have been a domestic affair, before Nehru made it international, just to please his lady friend, Lady Mountbatten.

Even some Booker women, one-book wonders, and some secular journalists and busy bodies who call themselves interlocutors and who have otherwise nothing to do with Kashmir, are getting involved in it, and using the dispute to get some publicity in order to boost their flagging careers. Why have they suddenly become so active in Kashmir? It is obvious the Government is behind it. One suspects that the government, which means the Congress, has decided to get rid of Kashmir and hand it over to Pakistan, but doesn't have the guts to do it. Is the United States always involved in other countries' affairs, also involved in the conspiracy? And what is China up to - watching the show from behind the Himalayas?

The people who are shouting the loudest are basically Hindu-baiters, though they call themselves secularists. Scratch a secularist and you will see him seething against every thing Hindu. Immediately after the judgment on Ayodhya by the Allahabad High Court, these people went to town and came very close to denouncing the judgment, because they wanted the land to be handed over to Muslims - but the main aim was to snatch it from the Hindus.

These men - and women - the Bookerites as well as the interlocutors - are so full of hatred of Hindus that they do not mind India going down, if it will drag Hindus with it.

Unfortunately, they cannot do much about the Hindus, because there are too many of them. A billion Hindus is not a joke. Even Hitler, with an entire nation at his beck and call, had difficulty in destroying a few million Jews, a fraction of the total number of Hindus. So these Johnnies believe that if you destroy India, you will automatically destroy Hindus. The easiest way, therefore, is to destroy India, by hacking one part after another, just as America destroyed the Soviet Union. What is at stake, therefore, is not Kashmir or Arunachal or even the Maos, but the very future of Hindus, for without Hindus, there can be no India.

All the people involved in this genocide are people with foreign connections. Whether you get a Booker - and the cash that goes with it - or a scholarship to Paris and a title to go with it, ultimately you fall into the foreign net and do their bidding. This is how the foreign hand operates - the Soviet hand also operated the same way - and some of our people become its willing partners. Some of these victims are the same as Soviet poodles not so long ago. It used to be fashionable to be fellow-travellers then; now it is fashionable to be secularists. They are the same people who have substituted secularism for Marxism, without batting an eyelid.

You become so attached to these foreign hand-outs, you become a foreigner yourself. When you write, you write for your foreign patrons, and for foreign audiences, for that is where you earn your dollars. You run down your country - for that pleases your foreign masters. This is what most Indian writers and journalists writing in English have been doing. This is what a man called Rohinton Mistry did in his book when he ran down Mumbai's dabawalas - the hard-working men who sweat all day carrying your tiffin carriers - and this what the likes of Khushwant Singh do when they abuse Chhatrapati Shivaji as a mountain rat.

The more you abuse your own people, your own heroes and your own country, the more you endear yourself to your foreign patrons and the acclaim - from New York Times and Washington Post and favourable reviews in The Economist - makes you walk a foot above the ground and you become a hero in India, for that is what you seek all the time, a pat on the back from Westerners.

So you run down everything that is Indian, which, in the ultimate analysis, means Hindus. You run down Hindu Gods, Hindu temples, Hindu way of life, Hinduism itself. You start saying that Hinduism is only a way of life, not a religion. Actually, it is Islam that is not a religion, only a philosophy or ideology, like Marxism and Nazism, with which it has much in common. You run down Hindus and Hinduism in the name of secularism, because the West is secular and you can sell anything in its name.

But that is not the only reason; the main reason is that the West hates India. It has never reconciled to the fact that India broke away from the West and became free, and the people who did it were Hindus. It was the Hindus who fought for freedom, while the Muslims fought for Pakistan. The West has never forgiven the Hindus for snatching such a big prize like India from its clutches. This is the reason British leaders like Winston Churchill hated Indians like Gandhiji - not Nehru though, because Nehru was an Englishman in all but the name - and ultimately came to hate India herself.

This is also true of our secularists. They hate Hindus, but actually it is not the Hindus they hate, but India. They thought India would copy the West - as they themselves are a copy of the West - and become its carbon copy, aping its philosophy, its manners, its way of life etc. and ultimately become a part of the West. This is what Nehru also tried to do. I shall give a small example. Nehru used to wear dhoti, as long as Gandhiji was alive. The day Gandhi died, Nehru dropped his dhoti, literally, and was never seen in a dhoti again. Nehru himself said he was the last Englishman and he hoped that Indians would follow him. They did not. India is now more Hindu than ever, and this is precisely what the secularists detest about India.

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BK Chowla, said...

Even a blind man see the intentions of the Govt. More and more people are realising the REAL state of affairs in the country.It wont be long before the right set of people are brought in to govern this country.