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Digvijay – brand of minority appeasement.

Have no doubt about the veracity of the American gossip revealed in the Wikileaks  that the Congress party played minority politics. Mr Digvijay Singh had ‘risen’ to the occasion to prove that the Congress men do have a penchant for playing minority card at every opportunity. The Muslims had been sadly misled all along by the Congress’ opportunism in being led to imagine that Hindus are their enemies. The same tactic was applied to none other than a police officer who sacrificed his life for the nation. 

By saying that Mr  Karkare feared threat to his life, Mr Singh is doing maximum damage to the integrity of the Police officer. Anyone entering the police service would know that his life is in constant exposure to dangers and threats. Fully conscious of that fact they enter the service bravely and work towards scuttling that danger.  

That danger is an occupational hazard about which no sincere policeman would grumble. By saying that Mr Karkare spoke about it to him on the fateful day, Mr Singh is only undermining the caliber of that officer. In addition to doing this to him, Mr Singh has done a great service to the nation at this juncture by showing to us once again that Congress party is indeed engaged in minority appeasement politics rather than honest politics.


Digvijay Singh does what Islamists do!
December 12, 2010   3:56:49 PM


Kanchan Gupta

Controverting facts is integral to the negationism practiced by Islamists. A lie is repeated a million times so that the faithful, and those who are held in thraldom by bogus political correctness, come to believe the lie as the truth. It’s not for nothing that the forerunners of today’s radical Islamism, which is manifested in horrendous bloodletting in the name of Islam, were eager to make common cause with the Nazis. It wasn’t just hatred towards Jews that attracted them to Adolf Hitler and his supremacists in jackboots and with twisted minds. They were clever enough to sense potential in the art of Goebbelsian propaganda which over the decades has become one of the mainstays of Islamism.

Recall the campaign that was mounted after Mohammed Atta and his fellow terrorists struck terror in the heart of America on 9/11. Despite the mountain of evidence, the incontrovertible proof, the fact that a stunned world watched in horror as Mohammed Atta flew a hijacked airliner into one of the World Trade Center towers, the televised sight of the buildings imploding in a billowing cloud of dust to malign Muslims, that nothing happened on 9/11, leave alone 2,977 innocent , the ummah was told by the Islamists that it was all hocus-pocus, that it was a Jewish conspiracy people dying in that catastrophic assault on humanity. I am not referring to crass propaganda meant to persuade the illiterate and the ill-informed. At an international conference attended by scholars and writers in which I participated, a senior professor of Aligarh Muslim University insisted 9/11 was no more than a fantastic film shot in a Hollywood studio with toy planes and clapboard sets.

Similarly, even before Mumbai’s night of horror on 26/11 was over, Islamist websites were proclaiming that it had been stage-managed by Israel, that it was a Hindu-Jewish-Christian conspiracy aimed at defaming Muslims and tarnishing the fair name of Islam, “the religion of peace”. The Muslim Brotherhood’s website,, had an article on its home page which said, “It is clear that Mossad is involved in the whole affair. An entire city has been attacked by Mossad and probably units of mercenaries (sic). It is not possible for one single organisation to plan and execute such a sophisticated operation.” Tragically, that story had been penned by a ‘secular activist-historian’, a certain Amaresh Misra, lending credence to the Islamist bunkum.

It is not surprising that the refrain should have been picked up by the Congress. The party used the then Minister for Minority Affairs, Mr AR Antulay, to slyly suggest that there was a ‘Hindu hand’ behind the carnage in Mumbai, that it was “terrorism plus”. The Congress also allowed the then Minister of State for External Affairs and Muslim League leader E Ahamed (he has now found his rightful place as Ms Mamata Banerjee’s deputy in the Ministry of Railways) to omit all mention of Chabad House, where six Jews, including a rabbi and his pregnant wife, were tortured and killed, while presenting India’s case on 26/11 in the UN Security Council. Neither Prime Minister Manmohan Singh nor his political patron, Ms Sonia Gandhi, bothered to wag a finger in admonition: They saw merit in letting Mr Antulay’s abhorrent allegation and Mr Ahamed’s distorted version go unchallenged and uncorrected as it would help the Congress fish for Muslim votes. Sadly, Muslim organisations did not protest against the slur heaped by Mr Antulay on Hindus to deflect attention from the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba fidayeen who mercilessly slaughtered men, women and children, nor did they object to Mr Ahamed’s abhorrent omission in keeping with the highest traditions of Islamist negationism.

Hence, it is not surprising that Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh, whose proximity to the party’s first family is well known and who is the de facto mentor of the Prince waiting for the Regent to vacate the throne, should have so crudely insulted the memory of a fallen police officer, Hemant Karkare, who died fighting the terrorists on 26/11, by spinning a yarn about how he was killed not by the LeT’s Pakistani fidayeen but by Hindus. Implicit in his shocking lie is the suggestion that the attack on Mumbai was a ‘Hindu conspiracy’.

It is only natural that Mr Digvijay Singh should have found a soul mate in Amaresh Misra; the two now toil together to keep the tattered and torn flag of ‘secularism’ flying. It is also natural that he should have articulated such hideously malignant thoughts while releasing RSS ki Saazish — 26/11 (26/11 — An RSS Conspiracy), a book authored by Aziz Burney, editor-in-chief of Urdu Sahara, at the taxpayer-funded India Islamic Cultural Centre on December 6. His audience comprised notables like Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha K Rahman Khan, Mr Shoaib Iqbal, Chaudhry Mateen and Mr Asif Mohammed Khan (MLAs from Delhi), Maulana Mahmood Madani from the Deobandi sect, Maulana Touqir Raza Khan from the Barelvi sect and Shia leader Kalbe Jawwad.

He has since elaborated on his thoughts, such as they are, in an interview to the Indian Express published on December 11. Not so curiously Mr Digvijay Singh’s bilious outpouring follows on the heels of the Congress getting wiped out in the Uttar Pradesh panchayat elections, including in Muslim-dominated areas. Speculation on why he said what he did, therefore, is not necessary; the reason is no different from that behind his visits to Azamgarh to commiserate with the families of Indian Mujahideen terrorists arrested for bombing cities across the country, his denigration of Inspector MC Sharma who was killed when he bravely confronted terrorists hiding in Batla House in Delhi’s Jamia Nagar.

Hemant Karkare’s widow, Kavita,
who has been extremely dignified in her sorrow which we can only feel but not share, has rubbished Mr Digvijay Singh’s fanciful story, saying it’s “wrong to suggest that Hindu groups were linked to the 26/11 terror attacks”. She has put in words what millions of Indians believe: “Such statements will mislead people and benefit Pakistan... Mockery of my husband’s sacrifice for political gain should stop.”

But it won’t stop. Discredited politicians like Mr Digvijay Singh who seek to keep themselves in the news not through legitimate politics but by taking recourse to illegitimate means of heaping calumny and worse on Hindus in the hope of currying favour with Muslims and thus proving their relevance to their benefactors in the Congress will continue to offend and insult sensitivities. They gloat over their ability to shock and awe with words that are spiteful, venomous words that when strung into sentences add up to outrageous lies.

 This is not the first time Mr Digvijay Singh has sought to undermine the Government’s — and the nation’s — position and policy; in the past he has publicly denounced the Home Ministry’s approach to tackling the Maoist insurgency. This time he has reduced the Government, headed by the Congress, to a laughing stock: Even while he was giving Pakistani terrorists a clean chit for the Mumbai massacre, Mr Manmohan Singh was pleading with the EU to put pressure on Pakistan for bringing the guilty men of 26/11 to justice. Ironically, the author of RSS ki Saazish — 26/11 is a member of the media delegation accompanying the Prime Minister on his European tour, no doubt included to showcase India’s adherence to ‘secularism’ on a junket whose bill will be footed by taxpayers. Presumably, now that the most powerful general secretary of the Congress has repudiated India’s stand on 26/11, the Prime Minister will hurriedly eat his own words and toe the newly-laid party line. He knows that it doesn’t pay for a Regent to cavil against the Prince’s mentor.


Kavita Karkare rubbishes Digvijay Singh''s claim

 Mumbai, Dec 11 (PTI) The widow of slain Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare today slammed senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh for claiming that her husband feared for his safety from hardline Hindu groups, who were upset over his probe into the Malegaon bomb blast.

Talking to reporters here, Kavita Karkare accused Singh of playing votebank politics and denied that any conversation had taken place between her husband and the Congress leader, as claimed by the latter.
"When my husband was investigating the Malegaon blast and was looking for Hindu accused, there were reactions from Hindu organisations. Similarly, when earlier he was looking for Muslim accused, there was reaction from that community," she said, adding such reactions were natural.

Kavita said it was wrong to suggest that Hindu groups were linked to the 26/11 terror attacks. "Such statements will mislead people and benefit Pakistan."

"Mockery of my husband''s sacrifice for political gain should stop," she said.

Singh has said hours before 26/11 attacks, Karkare had called him to say his life was under threat. The Congress leader said Karkare was depressed and worried by threats and personal attacks made in newspapers of Hindu organisations.
"I had spoken to him three and a half was between 6 and 7 PM on 26/11....I was very shocked when I came to know that he was killed," he said.


Karthiga said...

It is not new for Congress to play such cheap vote bank politics..we must be surprised if they don't do such politics..but they must stop doin minority appeasement in our national security..actually by doing all these things,congress is insulting is sad that muslims couldn't identify it..

Manivannan said...

You can't expect anything better than these from the congress.Under Scammohan singh we are seeing more and more scams and more to come (stock market).

BK Chowla, said...

Congress has survived by playing divisive and minority politics.It is time they got rid of likes of Digvijay Singh.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

//It is time they got rid of likes of Digvijay Singh.//

They won't. Birth habits die hard..

Kudanthaiamudhan said...


Jayasree Saranathan said...

More than anytime in the past, now is the right time to disband Congress

surya said...

Namastay Mam,

I would like to see if you have written on the following one. If so, let me know, I would like to read.

First the "action" or "result" will be given a "word" and then once we start using it, it gets to a point where the "word" influences the "action" or "result."

See the politicians words or ours, we see lot of tremor being produced by the use of words.

In the same way, we can definitely convince a very wrong theory using soothing and pleasing words (thats what christian missionaries are skilled at in India) our physical identities are getting influenced swiftly to the words we use or hear at least temporarily to some extent.

So, until our language becomes purified (words can be categorized satvik, rajasik, tamasic !)we see the tremors being heavy...once we purify, we can mentally become waves-less Ocean in thinking, like that of Milky Ocean (on which we are told Sri MahaVishnu takes rest and that ocean is said to be waves less)....

Maybe that’s why particularly brahmins (no caste feeling…I used that word meaning purified persons who have more Satvik stock in their physical and mental stuff) give lot of importance to the language one uses. Of course, Kali can enter through such word usage too to spoil the purity afterwards (like Missionaries).

Now a days, we loosely use words – Great, Super, Love, Marriage, Friendship, Society, World…and so many….to the events or situations without taking their quantity and quality into consideration…so over a period of time such words lose effect and may look pale….For ex: if a Realized person says “God is Great”….for a commoner or for one who got spoiled by using that word “great” for everything right from Cinema actors, players, politicians, or professions who did well in their fields, the “God is Great” will not mean much…and may mean just like one of the Big Items in Super Market.

At one point, more purified, more scientific, and more balanced terminology should take place…or is it already taking place!!. Otherwise, we become slaves to the words.

Language can become bridge to share thoughts. It seems also it can become barrier to sharing of knowledge as we have different meanings to same word. Like, Human body can become great source or “temporary instrument” to know the supreme truth…also it can become “root” to cause bondages.

NVS Prakasam.

PS: Many reports there in Internet giving data regarding “how many Crores of Indian politicians or others is there in Swiss Banks or other tax-free heavens in the world.” I wonder is it really “Wealth.” It should be called “Money” only or “That which we can exchange for.” Why do not the Media says the Real Wealth or Money is truthfulness, purified thoughts, attempt to understand Nature inside and outside…..and we are losing it here itself. Whatever saved in Swiss or other banks is nothing but “exchangeable item” which will be of no use if nobody exchanges it. But with Real Wealth, we do not need to depend on somebody to live healthy and peaceful and more than all these with vigor that we can regulate at our wish and will.